The 2007 Erin Awards

The 2007 Erin Awards
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13 Mar 2008 After letting things sit for a bit too long, I have uploaded the winners page, with the awards and acclaim for each winner of the 2007 Erin Awards.
1 Feb 2008 The awards ceremony transcript is now available on this site, and the results are available separately in the latest edition of Inside Erin. They will be put up in the "Erin Winners" page here as soon as the award graphics are done.
16 Jan 2008

The Erin Awards have been decided and the results are in! The Erin Awards ceremony, held at the ifMUD on the night of Friday the 18th Greenwich Mean Time/early morning of Saturday GMT. The exact time the ceremony begins will be 1AM GMT (0100) on the morning of Saturday the 19th (which is of course Friday night, and in the US it will still be Friday both effectively and technically). If you want to check your time zone in relation to Greenwich Mean Time check out this website: and it will help you coordinate what time to turn up. Here are some major time zones and the starting time of the ceremony:

* Sydney (GMT +11 including daylight savings) = 12PM (noon) Saturday
* London (GMT +0) = 1AM (early morning/late night) Saturday (Friday night)
* New York (GMT -5 (Eastern Standard Time)) = 8PM Friday
* Chicago (GMT -6 (Central Standard Time)) = 7PM Friday
* Denver (GMT -7 (Mountain Standard Time)) = 6PM Friday
* Los Angeles (GMT -8 (Pacific Standard Time)) = 5PM Friday

9 Jan 2008 Voting is now closed! The results will be announced in the Erin Awards ceremony on the ifMUD on the 15th. The exact time is currently being discussed.
8 Dec 2007 The website has been updated and voting can finally begin! Thanks very much to Knight Errant for setting up the new online ballot for me, and to Bitterfrost for designing the graphic at the top of the page. Anyway, please vote - just go to the ballot and you can do it online, right now!

Tentative schedule:
8 Jan 2008 End of voting.
15 Jan 2008 Awards to be handed out at the 2007 Erin Award Ceremony on the ifMUD.
1 Feb 2008 Results published in the AIF newsletter Inside Erin.
31 Oct 2008 Deadline for games to be released to be considered for the 2008 Erin Awards.

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