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Best player character:


1. Goblin (A Goblin's Life)

Picture your usual AIF hero: tall, good-looking, and smooth with the ladies. Now picture the exact opposite: four-foot tall, green skin, pointed ears and ragged fangs, and you have the oddest AIF hero ever created. Yet for all of his faults, and believe me there are many, Burnout (with BBBen) has created a lovable character you can't help root for as he attempts to complete his goblinhood quest and score with an 'oomie breeder.

2. PC (Crossworlds Part 4 – Scream for Me!)

BBBen continues his compelling story arc in "Crossworlds 4 - Scream for Me", and with it he brings the player character that he has created and refined over his previous games. This character has developed from a virtually blank slate to having a distinct personality over the course of the games, and the troubles he faces in CW4 bring these to the fore.


Best non-player character:


1. Clara (Second Guest)

In “The Second Guest”, GoblinBoy (writing as ShadowDance88), creates the enigmatic and attractive Clara. The game won the 2007 AIF mini-comp category for “Best Characters”, due in no small part to the role Clara plays in the game. She enters the game surrounded by an indefinable air of mystery and maintains a dual role of aloofness and provocativeness that draws the player into her web of intrigue.

2. Ana (HORSE)

Ana is the type of girl you wished you worked with (or maybe you do work with her, in which case - lucky you!). She's hot and sexy, and she knows it, but not in the stuck-up way. In fact, she has no problem at all flirting with the player, and the playful sexual interaction she engages with in the course of the game of HORSE makes the game that much more fun to play.


Best one on one sex scene:


1. PC/Ana (HORSE)

A. Ninny has long proved himself a notable writer in the AIF field, often finishing at, or near, the top of mini-comps and the Erins. His wonderful full game sexual encounter with Ana begins with playful teasing during the game of HORSE, which becomes more and more intense as the game progresses until the ultimate final encounter between the two. The actual game of HORSE is part of the sex scene, with both characters attempting to use sex to throw the other off their game, and the integration of sex and gameplay is very enjoyable.

2. PC/Lisa (CW4)

BBBen's character of Lisa is one of the reasons that the game has done so well in this year's awards - finishing first in writing, second in best game, and nominated for several other awards. The interactions between the PC and Lisa are some of the most compelling of the game, and the final encounter between the two is satisfying on many levels, not the least is the sexual hotness of the scene. The scene also manages to create a sexual puzzle by inverting the traditional arousal system and creating a contest between the two characters to see who can hold out against an orgasm the longest.


Best threesome/orgy:


1. PC/Molly/others (School Dreams 2 – Forfeit Fantasy)

2. PC/Becky/Mike (SD2)

Every author will tell you - writing threesomes or orgies is one of the hardest things to do in any AIF game. Just adding an additional character to a scene more than doubles the amount of descriptions you need to write. Yet GoblinBoy, in typical fashion, thumbs his nose at convention and practically fills “School Dreams 2: Forfeit Fantasy” with threesomes, combining just about every character in the game with every other character in the game. It is no wonder this game came in first and second in this category.


Hottest game:


1. SD2

Forfeit Fantasy had an enormous amount of sex, with a dramatic new level of sexual interactivity being introduced by allowing multiple sex acts to take place at once, in combination. The game also explores several kinks that meant School Dreams 2 explored sex in a way that no other AIF game out there has, or could.

2. Second Guest

As has come to be expected of GoblinBoy (even though here he is writing as ShadowDance88), this game is full of hot, racy sex. The multiple endings that you can experience have their own sexual encounters as well, with just makes the game that much more enjoyable.


Best technical implementation:



A. Ninny won this category for the same game in the 2007 AIF mini-comp, and was a shoe-in for it in the Erin's as well. His implementation of playing a game of HORSE with a hot, sexy co-worker is smooth and seamless, with plenty of opportunity to play the game in different ways. Whether you play straight-up, or try to distract your opponent, it all interacts very well.

2. CW4

In “Crossworld 4: Scream for Me”, BBBen has once again written an excellent game. He brings about the feelings of horror and hazy uncertainty in a manner that is not in your face, something that isn't easy. The scene changes and character encounters are all done smoothly, without any jerky feelings that you sometimes get when things just don't fit right, and the game attempts and achieves many subtle complexities that are not normally seen in ADRIFT games.


Most innovative:



Writing stories in games is hard; writing puzzles in games is hard; but writing games in games is harder still. Writing a game within a game without making it seem mechanical and stiff is very challenging, yet A. Ninny shows off the same skills he used in writing the craps game in “Malaise” to create the game of HORSE. The game play is smooth and easy, and it doesn't feel at all forced and awkward as such things can sometimes be.

2. Time in the Dark

For sighted people, picturing the dark world of the blind can be difficult, even impossible. Yet Purple Dragon attempts just that in his game “Time in the Dark”. You, the player, are forced to live in the world of the blind, at least for part of the game. This bold step is one reason why this game did so well in this category – the fact that Purple Dragon pulls it off very well is the other reason.


Best Use of Multimedia:


1. Ghost

Using the program “Daz3D” GoblinBoy actually created his own 3D animated sex pictures for Ghost. Being one of the rare examples of original erotic artwork made for an AIF game, this was sure to guarantee Ghost a win in this category.

2. Casabian Virus

The Casabian Virus repeated GoblinBoy's popular feature of including picture "hooks" to allow players to include pictures of their own selection to be used by the game. Though it didn’t include any actual multimedia, this category is “best use of multimedia”, after all.


Best writing:


1. CW4

The epic adventures of Janey, Lin, Debbie and the PC come to conclusion in this very well written fifth entry in the series. This game has probably the best atmosphere of all the games released in 2007; you feel as hazy and uncertain as the main character as you try to find out just what is going on, what is real and what is only imagined. The sense of unease and creeping horror you feel is present but not overbearing, culminating in a climax that ties together themes and plot threads from throughout the series.

2. A Goblin's Life

How do you make a short, slimy, disgusting goblin likable? Well, take a look at “A Goblin's Life” and you'll see. Burnout (with BBBen) does a great job of writing the dialog and interactions of the Goblin. You get to see the world through his eyes, and the phrases, descriptions and dialog in the game are all written with just that hint of “goblinese” that lends it credence.


Best Humour:


1. A Goblin's Life

It is no secret why “A Goblin's Life” won the award this year for best character and was runner up for best writing – it is quite simply the funniest game to have been written in a long time. Burnout (and BBBen) have quite capably captured the troubles of the goblin, with laugh out loud scenes as the goblin attempts to complete his quest to score with an 'oomie breeder.

2. The Last Hurrah

In “The Last Hurrah”, Priapus Rex presents us with a long-time philanderer who has sworn off straying to his fiancé, but is presented with a seemingly never-ending stream of temptations. The situations are tired and clichéd, but that is exactly the humour of them. They are so over-used that Priapus Rex presents them in a totally outrageous manner, embracing the cliché and then going so far beyond it that you can't help but laugh.


Best new author:


1. Burnout

Burnout's first game came in second in the 2007 mini-comp, only beaten by GoblinBoy's winning entry. The adventures of the horny little goblin showed great passion and enthusiasm in the writing, and showed the promise of a lot more hot, amusing and distinctive adventures from this new author.

2. Knight Errant

Who would think of translating a 2000-year old Greek play into modern AIF? Knight Errant, that's who. Knight Errant's treatment of Aristophanes' “Lysistrata” is one that sent many a player to the pages of their encyclopedia (okay, Wikipedia), a step in the direction of establishing Knight Errant as a thinking man's author.


Best beta-tester:


1. A. Bomire

A. Bomire is probably the smartest beta-tester in the community.  He has great ability to find bugs in a game, but more than that he is able to apply his knowledge of programming to make a guess at what the cause of a problem is.  More often than not his guess is right on the money. Also, he brings a sense of humor and willingness to work to really 'get' the games he tests.

2. A. Ninny

What can be said about A. Ninny's beta-testing that hasn't already been said? Despite not winning this year, he is probably the best beta-tester to have worked in the world of AIF.


Best short game:


1. Second Guest

After winning the 2007 AIF mini-comp, winning the Erin for “Best NPC” and coming in second for hottest game, is it any wonder that “The Second Guest” by GoblinBoy (writing as ShadowDance88) has won the award for “Best Short Game”? If you are wondering, then you probably haven't played the game!


A. Ninny's “HORSE” has already won the award for “Best One on One Sex Scene”, “Best Technical” and “Most Innovative”, and came in second for “Best NPC”. His portrayal of the flirting that goes on between the PC and Ana as they play HORSE (leading to the obvious ending encounter between the two) is well done and enjoyable, displaying why this game did so well in this category.


Best game:


1. SD2

In “School Dreams 2: Forfeit Fantasy”, GoblinBoy continues showing the rest of AIF just exactly how it's done – hot, fun sex in a playful atmosphere. This fantasy romp explores more sex than any game since GoddoG's “Fever Cabin”, and does so with GoblinBoy's usual combination of wit and heat. The game pushes the boundaries of the traditional format of sex scenes in AIF and, in true ‘game of the year’ style, attempts and achieves things that no other game would dream of doing.

2. CW4

The Crossworlds series may be the most underrated series of games in AIF. Each builds upon the continuing story of Janey, Lin, Debbie and the player – yet each stands alone. “Crossworlds 4: Scream for Me” is undoubtedly the best written of any of the series (as indicated by the Erin award for “Best Writing”), and finishes the compelling story arc begun way back in “The Sleepover” (now re-released as part of “Crossworlds Part 0: The Girl Next Door”). Yet it still contains the humour and whimsy we've come to expect from BBBen's works, despite its dark nature.


Badman Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award:



When BBBen burst onto the scene in early 2004 with “The Sleep Over” and “Janey's Diary”, who knew that the AIF world would see the introduction of one of the longest and compelling story arcs in AIF. For most authors, that would be enough, but BBBen also threw himself into other pursuits – winning the 2004 mini-comp; helping to found a “review group” that would take on the daunting task of reviewing all of the games released into the AIF field; becoming a constant contributing author to the AIF newsletter; providing lots of ideas and suggestions for the improvement of the field, including writing many helpful articles on writing AIF; and finally taking on the somewhat daunting task of coordinating the annual Erin awards. He has proven himself to be something of the AIF Renaissance man, and truly deserving of this award.

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