The 2006 Erin Awards

The 2006 Erin Awards
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5 Jul 2007 I've finally added the page for the 2006 Erin winners, with award graphics and descriptions.
9 Feb 2007 The award ceremony transcript has now been posted! Congratulations to all the winners, who were mostly GoblinBoy. The winners page will be up soon, as soon as the 'blurbs' are done and I've put together the page. The award graphics will be done soon too.
26 Jan 2007 The date for the Erin awards is now more or less final, it will be midnight Sunday, GMT (that's the start of the 29th, end of the 28th).
22 Jan 2007 The ballots are now closed, and the voting period is over. Thanks to everyone who voted, we've had a record turn out this year. Note that the awards ceremony will now most likely take place on the 29th of January. I will update this page as soon as I have a definite schedule.
3 Jan 2007 The ballot is now available! Votes will be accepted at the email address up until the 21st of January. That's 18 days from now. As well as adding the ballot, I have updated the nominees page, and added a FAQ.
29 Dec 2006 I (BBBen) am now running the Erin awards, and I have set up a new page for 2006. The 2005 page is now in the links section. Sorry it took me so long, but better late than never. I've also set up sections on the rules, the eligible games and the categories.

31 Oct 2007 Cut-off date for games to be released in time to be considered for the 2007 Erin Awards.

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