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The 2006 Erin Awards ceremony was held at midnight GMT on the 29th of January, 2007. The ceremony was hosted by 2006 Erins coordinator BBBen. There were various people in attendence at different times in the ceremony and it's hard to keep track, but here's what the room looked like at a point early in the ceremony:

Massive Auditorium
The auditorium has been nattily fixed up and the seats rearranged to form a semicircle around the stage at the front of the room. Over the stage hangs a freshly-painted banner reading "INTROCOMP 2006", while a podium and microphone stand in the spotlight at center stage.

You can see: READ THIS PLEASE, xyzzy drinking game, Note for the Xyzzy awards, a chalkboard listing the XYZZY Award winners
Players: 100marvin, stormchild, KnightErrant, jaish, fellatrix, Lucilla, DavidW, PurpleDragon, abomire, GoblinBoy2, KaosLord, matrixm, Integrity
Visible Exits: west

Of note were some authors who had not attended before because the previous ceremonies had taken place at times that were too inconvenient for the UK. Since Lucilla Frost went to the trouble of dressing up, here's her description:

Lucilla Frost is a thin woman with long platinum blond hair. Her eyes are a grey so pale it is almost white and she never seems to blink. Tonight she's wearing a backless ball gown in midnight blue velvet. Although smiling, you get a sense she is smiling near you, not smiling at you.

Also note that, as with last year, DavidW is not author and nominee David Whyld, but rather David Welbourn, who was present to document the ceremony for the ifwiki. Most of the pre-ceremony chatter concerned the issue of making a transcript, and since some people helped the hapless BBBen to figure it out, he was then able to begin the ceremony...

BBBen makes an "ahem" sound and the crowd begins to settle down. The lights begin to dim...
fellatrix admires GoblinBoy2's bowtie.
Lucilla says, "but I'm dressed up, on a normal sunday it's jeans, a t-shirt and a bad hair day"
GoblinBoy2 goes and stands near
Lucilla shuts up quickly and tries not to appear too drunk
matrixm looks around... "Oooh, nice effects"
GoblinBoy2 stands near Lucilla and fellatrix
KaosLord asks, "You mean we were supposed to get dressed for this event?"
Lucilla looks over GoblinBoy at fellatrix and raises her eyes
abomire exclaims, "See. Somebody is always pantless!"
GoblinBoy2 smiles cheesily
KaosLord exclaims, "Opps!"
BBBen snaps his fingers and upbeat music starts playing. A line of chorus girls enters on the stage and begins doing the monster mash before BBBen starts making suggestive gestures and they leave in disgust.
GoblinBoy2 applauds
abomire applauds for the dancing girls.
Lucilla joins in the applause, sarcastically
BBBen approaches the podium.
matrixm cheers for the girls, and laughs at BBBen
fellatrix shouts Encore!
KnightErrant applauds for BBBen
BBBen exclaims, "Welcome, one and all, to the 2006 Erin Awards!"
Lucilla exclaims, "yayayayay!"
DavidW claps.
abomire whistles.
GoblinBoy2 admires Lucilla's... dress
KaosLord:snaps fingers and a tuxedo appears on my body
100marvin cheers
BBBen says, "This year we have decided to experiment with incompetent management."
BBBen says, "So please excuse any hiccups along the way."
Lucilla politely suggests that Goblins should keep their eyes on the stage
matrixm asks, "who's accusing us of having been competent?"
fellatrix says, "i expect the management enjoys a bit of experimentation occasionally"
GoblinBoy2 looks embarrassed and pretends not to eye up the girls
KnightErrant admires Lucilla's ... necklace
DavidW whispers, "Everytime BBBen apologizes, drink."
abomire snaps his fingers and the Fairy appears. She gives him the finger and disappears.
Lucilla asks, "I'm wearing a neckalce?"
BBBen says, "Sorry, but I won't be apologising."
KaosLord exclaims, "WOOHOO!"
Lucilla says, "cool! must have been my fairy godmother"
Lucilla says, "no, bring the fairy back! I fancy her something special"
KnightErrant says, "I think we all do."
KaosLord exclaims, "you and me both!"
KnightErrant exclaims, "XYZZY!"
BBBen tries to ignore the lesbian remark, looks down, then steps behind the podium again.
GoblinBoy2's gaze begins to wonder back to the girls...
BBBen exclaims, "So, without further ado, let's get on with the awards!"
Lucilla clips Goblin Boy
100marvin cheers
GoblinBoy2 says, "Ouch"
fellatrix exclaims, "No, more ado!"
abomire holds up a contract showing the Fairy will respond only to him. The Fairy appears and flips abomire the bird again, lifts her dress and moons everybody. Then she disappears again!
matrixm cheers and claps wildly
GoblinBoy2 exclaims, "hey, its a compliment, Lucilla!"
Lucilla cheers the fairy
KaosLord hands Lucille a set of blinders for Goblin boy
Lucilla considers mooning abomire as well, but decides that they've already been intimate enough
KnightErrant starts Dexter Dixon so he can see more of the Fairy
Lucilla says, "thanks Kaos"
Lucilla says, "maybe I should just wear them myself so I don't notice, Goblin Boys will be Goblin Boys"
BBBen sends a security official to have a quiet, but firm, word in Goblin Boy's ear about proper behaviour.
GoblinBoy2 tries to behave
fellatrix says, "quite right. we don't want any proper behaviour in here."
Lucilla tells the security official to leave Goblin alone, he's her mascot
KaosLord says, "you might miss a fairy appearance that way"
PurpleDragon says, "I thought that was proper in AIF."
Lucilla says, "I'm sure they're like Zaphod's, only turning black when theres' something I don't want to see"
BBBen says, "The problem is that he didn't try to strip her down and do her on the table."
PurpleDragon says, "Ahh, gocha."
Lucilla says, "hey, anyone who tries 'rub Lucilla's tits is asking for a right hook from British Fox"
BBBen says, "Note my reluctance."
matrixm says, "lol"
GoblinBoy2 looks around for a suitable table
PurpleDragon asks, "Is she here too?"
KaosLord says, "now that is a tempting offer"
BBBen says, "Still, I'm sure I could come up with a ray to disable her powers..."
Lucilla says, "sadly, no, she's still working on the verDoSmackMathildainMouth(actor) code"
BBBen says, "It seems everyone can do that kind of thing..."
KnightErrant rubs British Fox's tits
matrixm asks, "what about 'pinch Lucilla's ass'?"
Lucilla says, "try it and see..."
Lucilla asks, "though wasn't there an award to be handed out somewhere?"
KaosLord says, "I think she is"I think she is wearing an iron skirt..."
KnightErrant says, "Maybe if we all shut up, someone will get an award."
BBBen says, "And the nominees for "Best Female Player Character" are..."
KaosLord does drum roill
BBBen says, "Magpie, from "To Cage a Magpie""
Lucilla exclaims, "go magpie!"
fellatrix cheers
DavidW claps.
BBBen says, "Dania from "The Gifts of Phallius 2: Key to Eternity""
Lucilla asks, "damn, where's my wallet?"
fellatrix cheers.
KaosLord asks, "who?"
Lucilla exclaims, "yay for Dania!"
KnightErrant hands Magpie a box of nicotine patches.
DavidW says, "yay Dania"
fellatrix asks, "Do they show clips of the nominees?"
BBBen says, "Jessica from "Crossworlds Part 0: The Girl Next Door""
fellatrix cheers.
Lucilla says, "Magpie would only try to smoke them..."
DavidW applauds.
BBBen says, "Melissa from "Consequences""
Lucilla says, "go Jessica"
BBBen says, "And Clair Veranda from "Shamelessly Slutty: Teacher""
fellatrix cheers.
Lucilla says, "loved her"
100marvin sits quietly and listens to the host
DavidW says, "heh. yay Clair."
abomire does a drumroll....
Lucilla says, "after she got out of school of course"
BBBen exclaims, "And the runner up is... Magpie!"
KnightErrant rolls a drum
fellatrix applauds
</GoblinBoy2> GoblinBoy2 has disconnected from ifMUD.
<GoblinBoy2> GoblinBoy2 has connected to ifMUD.
Lucilla swoons
KnightErrant applauds
abomire exclaims, "Congrats Lucilla!"
GoblinBoy2 asks, ""stupid wireles... who won??"
Lucilla says, "thanks you everyone"
fellatrix watches Lucilla collapse
KaosLord exclaims, "WHAT! But she was the best!"
BBBen exclaims, "And the winner is... Dania from Key to Eternity!"
DavidW says, "woo!"
fellatrix applauds.
GoblinBoy2 looks amazed
Lucilla exclaims, "go Dania, well done Goblin!"
KnightErrant exclaims, "Woo! Go Goblin!"
abomire applauds for GoblinBoy!
Lucilla says, "I voted for you"
KaosLord says, "damn...now I have to play that game..."
GoblinBoy2 says, "gosh..."
Lucilla says, "just as well you won, Magpie stole my acceptance speech"
fellatrix says (to GoblinBoy2), "Well done"
BBBen presents a statuette to GoblinBoy.
KnightErrant exclaims, "Speech! Speech!"
DavidW says (to Lucilla), "heh"
GoblinBoy2 pats Lucilla's rear as he heads up to the podium
Lucilla lets him get away with it, he'd better not win any more...
KaosLord says, "see I told you it was an iron skirt"
GoblinBoy2 admire the statue
fellatrix asks, "Shouldn't he wait to give a speech until after the rest of the awards he's going to win?"
Lucilla says, "good point"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Ummm... thanks for voting for me"
Lucilla says, "we don't want to hear the same speech six times"
GoblinBoy2 doubts he will win anything else
fellatrix says, "Just give one sixth of a speech"
KnightErrant exclaims, "Don't forget to thank your director!"
Lucilla says, "good call fellatrix"
BBBen says, "Next up... the nominees for "Best Male PC" are..."
GoblinBoy2 says, "I'd like to thank Dania"
KaosLord exclaims, "and your beta testers!"
GoblinBoy2 says, "she's a great little actress"
Lucilla says, "me too, can I thank Dania too"
Lucilla says, "in person"
GoblinBoy2 says, "ure you can"
Lucilla says, "in private"
GoblinBoy2 will see what he can arrange
fellatrix asks, "on videotape?"
PurpleDragon asks, "Can I thank Dania and Lucilla in private?"
Lucilla says, "lol, don't think the have video recorders on Dania's world"
GoblinBoy2 looks at the statue
GoblinBoy2 notices the statue is a but naked
fellatrix says, "Surely the wizards can knock something up"
Lucilla says, "oh, alright, here's my room key..."
BBBen says, "The first nominees for "Best Male PC" is the player character from "Malaise"."
GoblinBoy2 takes the room key, an evil twinkle in his eye
KnightErrant hands Erin a tiny dress
fellatrix cheers.
Lucilla exclaims, "yay!"
GoblinBoy2 says, "go Malaise"
DavidW says, "claps for Malaise"
KnightErrant exclaims, "Go PC!"
BBBen says, "Then, the Captain from "Key to Eternity"."
Lucilla exclaims, "woo woo!"
KnightErrant claps
BBBen says, "The PC from "The Camping Trip"."
fellatrix cheers.
GoblinBoy2 smiles
DavidW says, "My Captain, my Captain."
fellatrix cheers.
Lucilla whistles, then remembers she can't whistle
KaosLord snores
KnightErrant hands Lucilla a whistle
fellatrix asks, "You know how to whistle don't you?"
BBBen says, "Ron Weasley from "Ron Weasley and the Quest for Hermione"."
Lucilla exclaims, "good one fellatrix!"
DavidW says, "yay Ron!"
Lucilla blows whistle for Ron
KnightErrant says, "Lucky whistle"
Lucilla exclaims, "pervert!"
BBBen says, "And the PC from "Paradise Hotel.""
DavidW says, ">Accio Hermoine"
fellatrix cheers.
KnightErrant asks, "Isn't that wht why we're all here?"
Lucilla says, "lol David"
fellatrix asks, "Are we making jokes in Latin now?"
Lucilla says, "though the guy who plays Harry is a lot cuter than the one who plays Ron"
BBBen exclaims, "The runner up is... the PC from the Camping Trip!"
fellatrix cheers.
KnightErrant cheers
Lucilla exclaims, "go PC!"
DavidW applauds
GoblinBoy2 smiles and claps
fellatrix says, "Don't make a speech yet"
abomire applauds GoblinBoy.
say And the winner is... the Captain from "Key to Eternity"!
BBBen exclaims, "And the winner is... the Captain from "Key to Eternity"!"
GoblinBoy2 gasps
Lucilla exclaims, "yayayayayay!"
KnightErrant applauds Goblin!
abomire applauds GoblinBoy...again!
100marvin claps loudly
DavidW says, "hooray!"
PurpleDragon asks, "Has a game ever won for both male and female PC?"
fellatrix gasps sarcastically
Lucilla says, "well done Goblin, 2 for 2"
BBBen hands another statuette to GoblinBoy.
Lucilla says, "although I consider it cheating to have both a female and a male PC"
KnightErrant pats Goblin on the back.
BBBen says, "No, this is a first."
GoblinBoy2 gives Lucilla's ass a quick slap as he goes up to the podium again
Lucilla pats Goblin boy somewhere else
abomire says, "I don't think so. Not many have you switching characters like K2E did."
DavidW says, "It was very clever."
GoblinBoy2 bows and waves
GoblinBoy2 says, "Thanks again everyone"
Lucilla says, "Sam Shooter did it, but he was competeing against Eleanore"
fellatrix asks, "Are there going to be any awards that GoblinBoy isn't elligible for?"
GoblinBoy2 says, "And special thanks to Dania and the Captain for all their work"
Lucilla exclaims, "yay for Dania and the Captain's work!"
BBBen says, "He's not eligible for "Best Short Game""
abomire says, "Yes, best short game.""
GoblinBoy2 says, "They rehearsed often"
abomire says, "Jinx!""
Lucilla asks, "can I congratulate the Captain personally and in private?"
fellatrix says, "So he won't win everything."
BBBen says, "Okay, well, you'll have to do the rest of the awards, Mr Bomire."
GoblinBoy2 smiles and goes back to the audience
abomire exclaims, "Uh...I take it back!"
fellatrix says (to Lucilla), "You're going to have a busy night then"
Lucilla says, "hold on, I need another drink after all the excitement"
BBBen exclaims, "Okay then. Next up, best female NPC!"
fellatrix asks, "Is Dania elligible for this one cos she was an NPC as well?"
GoblinBoy2 shakes his head
KnightErrant says, "No, it's Kalia"
Lucilla says, "now that really would be cheating, but fortunately Goblin Boy had a perfectly good female NPC to go with"
GoblinBoy2 says, "she counts as just a PC"
<Bitterfrost> Bitterfrost has connected to ifMUD.
GoblinBoy2 wonders what he gets to rub if he wins this one...
KnightErrant says, "Whatever you can get away with."
BBBen says, "The nominees are, Kalia from "Key to Eternity""
DavidW claps.
fellatrix asks (of GoblinBoy2), "You are going to buy a round for every award you win, right?"
Lucilla exclaims, "woo woo!"
fellatrix cheers.
KnightErrant says, "Her pictures were really hot"
GoblinBoy2 looks scared
BBBen says, "Lady Windsor from "To Cage a Magpie"."
DavidW claps.
Lucilla exclaims, "damn that woman scares me!"
fellatrix cheers.
BBBen says, "Becky from "The Camping Trip"."
Lucilla says, "she's thereatened to pull my arms off if she doesn't win"
fellatrix cheers.
DavidW applauds
BBBen says, "Melissa from ""
Lucilla says, "Mathilda, not Becky"
BBBen says, "The Camping Trip"
BBBen says, "Pressed enter at the wrong time."
Lucilla says, "damn they have a loud menu here"
abomire exclaims, "Potatoes? Oh, you mean potatos!"
Lucilla says, "hello Bitterfrost, if you've made it into the auditorium yet"
BBBen says, "And Queen Morghanna from "Malaise"."
DavidW says, "ooh"
fellatrix cheers.
KaosLord says, "sorry everyone, accidently hit the caps lock key"
Lucilla says, "potatoes which doesn't rhyme with tomatoes"
GoblinBoy2 looks nervous
abomire exclaims, "It does in my neck of the woods!"
BBBen asks, "Maybe someone could show Bitterfrost to the auditorium, if he hasn't found his way here?"
</Bitterfrost> Bitterfrost has disconnected from ifMUD.
BBBen says, "Never mind."
Lucilla says, "lost him"
fellatrix says, "No, it rhymes with Plato's"
abomire asks, "I will! Wait...hwere'd he go?"
Lucilla says, "probably just as well, he'd write one sentence which would take up a screen and a half"
abomire says, "oops - I me"
abomire exclaims, "Dang keyboard!"
BBBen says, "And the runner up is... Becky from "The Camping Trip"."
KaosLord exclaims, "I don't care how you spell them, they taste good!"
GoblinBoy2 claps
KnightErrant exclaims, "Go Gobin!"
DavidW says, "yay"
fellatrix cheers.
Lucilla asks, "which, potatoes or tomatoes?"
abomire congratulates GoblinBoy.
KnightErrant says, "Although I thought Melissa was hotter."
BBBen says, "I don't know how to "go gobin""
GoblinBoy2 smiles
fellatrix says, "Potatoes"
abomire says, "Both"
BBBen exclaims, "And the winner is... Kalia from "Key to Eternity"!"
GoblinBoy2 gasps
fellatrix cheers.
Lucilla exclaims, "well done Kalia!"
KnightErrant exclaims, "Congrats again!"
abomire whistles wildy for GoblinBoy again!
DavidW says, "woo!"
fellatrix gasps sarcastically again
abomire says, "oops - wildly""
BBBen hands a third statuette to GoblinBoy.
Lucilla says, "someone find me a suit of armour, and tell Lady Windsor I've left the country"
KaosLord chews loudly
DavidW hands whiskey to GoblinBoy.
GoblinBoy2 cops a feel of Lucilla's left breast as he gets up to the podium
BBBen hands Lucilla a chainmail bikini.
KnightErrant says, "I guess this means he's sure to get best new author."
Lucilla gets on her mobile phone and rings the Institute
GoblinBoy2 says, "Ummm thanks again everyone"
Lucilla exclaims, "what do you mean you can't be here for thirty minutes!"
GoblinBoy2 says, "really, thanks to all my beta testers and everyone else"
abomire exclaims, "Poundings in thirty minutes or less - or you're next one is free!"
Lucilla says, "no, that's ok, he'll be picking up his seventh Erin right around then"
KaosLord hands Lucille a rerally nasty looking knife
Lucilla says, "I'll stall him if it looks like he's going to get away"
fellatrix says, "If your pounding only lasts thirty minutes you should get a refund"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Thanks again."
GoblinBoy2 sits back down, admiring his threesome
matrixm says (to lucilla), "just start slowly stripping your clothes off and he won't be able to leave"
Lucilla says, "well done Goblin, have a drink, drink it slowly..."
GoblinBoy2 starts putting his Erins in rude postiions
BBBen says, "Next up, "Best Male NPC""
BBBen says, "(Though who really cares, after best female npc?)"
KnightErrant exclaims, "Lucilla does!"
KaosLord says, "Lucille if you do strip, could you wait until I finish eating, so my food doesn't get cold"
fellatrix puts her hand up.
BBBen says, "Okay, so everyone but me."
GoblinBoy2 says, "hey, Lucilla, Fellatrix... which of you is beigger/"
Lucilla says, "hey, if I strip, everyone's food gets cold, it's only my gown which keeps the cold in"
BBBen says, "Again, I'm in a minority of one."
GoblinBoy2 asks, "bigger, I mean?"
KnightErrant says, "I don't care about male NPC"
Lucilla says, "I'm taller"
KnightErrant says, "We can skip that one."
fellatrix is hardly beige at all.
Lucilla says, "but thinner"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Well, I didn't exactlly mean height...."
abomire laughs at fellatrix
BBBen says, "First nominee: Smythe from "To Cage a Magpie""
fellatrix cheers.
DavidW claps
BBBen says, "Mike from "The Camping Trip"."
GoblinBoy2 claps
Lucilla says, "a sweet natured man if ever there was one"
DavidW says, "ooh"
fellatrix cheers.
BBBen says, "Morchek from "Gifts of Phallius: The Baron's Plot""
<Bitterfrost> Bitterfrost has connected to ifMUD.
fellatrix cheers.
</Bitterfrost> Bitterfrost has disconnected from ifMUD.
BBBen says, "Mildew from "Key to Eternity" (three nominations for GoblinBoy)"
abomire exclaims, "Hey Bitterfrost...This way-ooops!"
GoblinBoy2 looks embarrassed
Lucilla says, "poor Bitterfrost, having a hard time"
GoblinBoy2 says, "sorry...."
BBBen says, "And Vince McMahon from "WWE: Raw's new GM""
fellatrix cheers.
Lucilla says, "well, may split the vote"
matrixm says, "I think technically that's more than three nominations for GoblinBoy, since he had multiple entrants in some of the other categories hehe"
GoblinBoy2 is very surprised Mildew was nominated
fellatrix asks, "What, a sex-symbol like Mildew?"
BBBen says, "The runner-up is... Mildew Saggins from "Key to Eternity"."
KnightErrant says, "I would have preferred the Dragon"
GoblinBoy2 received an ambarrassing 29 nominations...
Lucilla checks Goblin Boy out to see if it's true about the endowment of Goblins
BBBen says, "Go figure."
GoblinBoy2 says, "Oh, its true, Lucilla"
GoblinBoy2 winks
BBBen exclaims, "And the winner is... Mike from the Camping Trip!"
Lucilla says, "yep, I really would need a magnifying glass"
DavidW says, "yay Mike!"
GoblinBoy2 asks, "what the...??"
fellatrix says, "Yes, Goblins all have huge bank accounts."
abomire congratulates GoblinBoy2 again.
Lucilla says, "Well done Mike"
BBBen hands ANOTHER statuette to GoblinBoy.
GoblinBoy2 is starting to get embarrassed
Lucilla says, "at least it was a different game"
GoblinBoy2 feels Fellatrix's left breast as he gets up to the podium
PurpleDragon asks, "Someone want to get that man a bigger table for all those things?"
fellatrix says (to GoblinBoy2), "You did bring a wheelbarrow didn't you"
Lucilla says, "s'ok Fellatrix, I'll ask Eleanore to give him one for you too"
GoblinBoy2 smiles, embarrassed
GoblinBoy2 says, "Ummm... thanks"
GoblinBoy2 says, "again"
GoblinBoy2 says, "You are all very very kind indeed"
GoblinBoy2 waves and smiles
fellatrix says, "You can't touch fellatrix's breasts through her clothes."
abomire says, "Mike was very well done. Good job!""
Lucilla says, "lol fellatrix"
GoblinBoy2 says, "oh, but I can... ;)"
KaosLord says, "Darnit Lucille, pull your dress down my corns getting cold..."
KnightErrant wonders if he'll ever get an Erin
Lucilla says, "oops, sorry Kaos, all this excitement...."
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BBBen exclaims, "Next category in the GoblinBoy awards... uh... the Erin awards, is "Best m/f sex scene"!"
Lucilla asks, "well done Goblin, writing games is hard work - can you keep it up for next year? or will the rest of us get a chance?"
GoblinBoy2 says, "ahh, no way I will win this category :)"
fellatrix laughs
Lucilla says, "you're having a Peter Jackson of an event"
GoblinBoy2 can keep it up for a surprisingly long time
BBBen says, "the Captain and Kalia from "Key to Eternity"."
Lucilla exclaims, "ha ha!"
fellatrix asks, "Are there any other nominations?"
DavidW says, "ha ha"
BBBen says, "Yes, the Captain and Dania from "Key to Eternity""
Lucilla says, "someone go get Bitterfrost before he runs off again"
GoblinBoy2 wonders if writing 3 games in the year was cheating....
Lucilla says, "yes, it was"
BBBen says, "The PC and Morghanna from "Malaise"."
KnightErrant says, "It's only cheating if one of them is as huge as Gifts 2"
GoblinBoy2 apologizes
abomire exclaims, "Nope. Chris Cole wrote quite a few in 2002. Hey...thtat rhymes!"
Guest1 arrives from the west.
DavidW claps for Morghanna
Lucilla says, "and at the Institute we have a series of punishments designed just for you"
matrixm says, "something for all the other writers to aspire to lol"
BBBen says, "the PC and Kim from "Malaise"."
Lucilla says, "in fact, in the next British Fox game you just might get a cameo"
GoblinBoy2 says, "really?? cool :)"
GoblinBoy2 thought Kim was hot
KaosLord go Kim!
BBBen says, "And the PC and Melissa from "The Camping Trip"."
KaosLord who?
abomire asks, "Did someone let an owl in?"
Lucilla says, "abomire, no it doesn't, or if it does it scans really badly"
BBBen exclaims, "The runner up is... The Captain and Dania from "Key to Eternity"!"
KnightErrant says, "The word 'owl' is not needed in this story."
DavidW claps
Lucilla says, "you need it to be "Chris Cole in 2002 wrote quite a few""
GoblinBoy2 claps
GoblinBoy2 smiles happily
BBBen exclaims, "And the winner is... The Captain and Kalia from "Key to Eternity" (don't blame me, blame the voters)!"
abomire says (to Lucilla), "I was thinking of 'quite a few in 2002'"
GoblinBoy2 faints
Lucilla says, "well done captain"
Lucilla says, "again"
GoblinBoy2 is running out of bodyparts...
abomire says, "Congratulations GoblinBoy."
DavidW says, "It was destiny"
BBBen hands yet another statuette to GoblinBoy.
Lucilla says, "you're going to need Fox's help to get all those trophies home"
GoblinBoy2 wonders what Lucilla or fellatrix want him to touch next....
Lucilla says, "hope she hasn't brought Magpie or none of them will make it to your mantle piece"
GoblinBoy2 says, "thanks again everyone"
GoblinBoy2 exclaims, "The Captain and Kalia are really grateful!"
</Bitterfrost> Bitterfrost has disconnected from ifMUD.
<Bitterfrost> Bitterfrost has connected to ifMUD.
KaosLord asks, "alright, who took, that piece of steak?"
</Bitterfrost> Bitterfrost has disconnected from ifMUD.
GoblinBoy2 says, "In fact, I might actually give Kalia a part in Gifts3 now"
Lucilla says, "poor Bittefrost"
BBBen exclaims, "Next up, best lesbian sex scene!"
<Bitterfrost> Bitterfrost has connected to ifMUD.
Lucilla says, "yay for lezzers"
fellatrix cheers.
BBBen joins in Lucilla's cheer.
abomire leaves the auditorium to the west.
DavidW says, "It's like Bitterfrost can't find a parking space and is eternally circling the block."
GoblinBoy2 looks at Lucilla and fellatrix
matrixm asks (of goblinboy2), "So how many times did they have to rehearse their scene?"
Lucilla says, "and..."
GoblinBoy2 wonders if they want to give a demonstration for this category
BBBen laughs with DavidW.
KnightErrant laughs at GoblinBoy
abomire arrives from the west.
GoblinBoy2 says, "oh, they rehearsed hundreds of times"
Lucilla exclaims, "you wish!"
GoblinBoy2 says, "In fact, they still seem to be rehearsing, which is odd..."
fellatrix asks, "Is there a gay male category you intend to demonstrate, GoblinBoy?"
Lucilla gets out her mobile phone again
Lucilla asks, "what do you mean you're stuck in traffic?"
Bitterfrost arrives from the west.
Lucilla says, "he's just won another couple awards"
GoblinBoy2 shakes his head
matrixm greets Bitterfrost
Lucilla exclaims, "hurrah bitterfrost!"
DavidW says, "hi Bitterfrost"
KnightErrant exclaims, "Bitter! You made it!"
fellatrix says (to Bitterfrost), "Hello there"
abomire says, "Welcome Bitterfrost! Glad you could make it!""
Lucilla exclaims, "welcome! welcome! welcome!"
BBBen welcomes Bitterfrost.
GoblinBoy2 says, "Hi bitter. Don't worry, you haven't missed much"
Lucilla runs over and gives Bitterfrost a big hug and kiss
BBBen says, "So far, GoblinBoy's won everything."
KnightErrant wishes Lucilla would give him a big hug and kiss.
Bitterfrost says, "Hello, everyone! Sorry I'm late. Couldn't find my keys.""
GoblinBoy2 hides in Lucilla's cleavage
GoblinBoy2 says, "Mmmm...nice and warm in here :)"
Lucilla fishes Goblin from her cleavage and gives him to Knight Errant
BBBen says, "So, the first nominee for "Best Lesbian Sex Scene" is, Jessica and Susan from "Crossworlds Part 0""
jaish says, "note the silence there"
Lucilla says, "it's not a hug and kiss, but it's close"
GoblinBoy2 claps
KnightErrant says, "Not very close."
DavidW says, "Jessica and Susan sittin' in a bed. B D S M I N G."
BBBen says, "Dania and Yulia from "Key to Eternity""
Lucilla sadly doesn't have a lot of cleavage, she's much more Navy Fox than British Fox
fellatrix cheers.
Lucilla says, "ok, not very close, no, but can you deal with him for a moment"
GoblinBoy2 isn't actually very big, so its ok
BBBen says, "Dania and Kalia from "Key to Eternity"."
GoblinBoy2 asks, "Gee, Kalia gets around, huh?"
Lucilla says, "quite hard to get a beautiful ball gown tailored for a flat chested woman"
GoblinBoy2 thinks Lucilla's curves are just great
Lucilla says, "well, send her to my room afterwards, please..."
BBBen says, "Magpie and Lady Windsor from "To Cage a Magpie"."
fellatrix asks, "That's what padding is for, innit?"
Lucilla says, "my last chance to avoid my arms being pulled off..."
GoblinBoy2 asks, "what cup size?"
GoblinBoy2 will protect Lucilla
Lucilla clouts Goblin over the head
fellatrix slaps GoblinBoy2
KaosLord exclaims, "HEY! that was my plate!"
Lucilla says, "damn it's his lucky night isn't it"
KnightErrant hands fellatrix a whip.
GoblinBoy2 grins wickedly
fellatrix would prefer a walnut whip
BBBen says, "And Melissa and Susan from "Consequences" (incidentally, To Cage a Magpie is nominated for a few more categories)."
Lucilla says, "that's true, but Mathilda isn't..."
BBBen says, "True."
Lucilla says, "she doesn't care about me, she cares about her"
abomire exclaims, "Some people are so selfish. By the way, let's get to the awards for which I was nominated!"
Lucilla says, "though if you promise not to tell her I'll admit she didn't really deserve to win either of them"
KaosLord signals invisible waiter to bring me coffee
PurpleDragon says, "She's not bad. She's just written that way."
BBBen exclaims, "The runner up is... (I promise I didn't tamper with the ballots), Jessica and Susan from "Crossworlds Part 0"!"
Lucilla says, "true, and in the next game, she's even worse..."
GoblinBoy2 claps and whistles
fellatrix says, "i'm sure Goblin will part with a few awards if Mathilda needs one that badly"
Lucilla grins
abomire exclaims, "Congrats BBBen!"
DavidW says, "yay"
fellatrix cheers.
Lucilla exclaims, "woowoo!"
GoblinBoy2 wants his own little Erin orgy
Lucilla says, "Jesscia works for me"
Bitterfrost cheers, makes a beeline for the bar.
abomire exclaims, "CLANG! Sorry, couldn't help it!"
Lucilla joins Bitterfrost at the bar and buys hiim a drink
BBBen exclaims, "And the winner is... well, why am I giving a farce of suspence here? Dania and Yulia from "Key to Eternity"!"
Guest1 says, "clap"
Lucilla says, "lol abomire, I'm going to regret that joke..."
GoblinBoy2 whoops for joy
abomire says, "Congrats GoblinBoy."
DavidW applauds
Lucilla claps politely
GoblinBoy2 says, "I didn't think I would win that one ;)"
Lucilla says, "well done again"
Guest1 goes home.
BBBen hurls a statuette at GoblinBoy violently.
abomire exclaims, "I think I'm just going to COPY/PASTE congratulations to GoblinBoy to make it easier on my keyboard!"
GoblinBoy2 feels Lucilla up as he heads for the podium
Lucilla says, "lol"
fellatrix says, "Maybe at next years you could just announce the awards GoblinBoy didn't win, and the ceremony would be 95% shorter"
KnightErrant says, "At least Gifts 2 isn't nominated for the senext award"
Lucilla gets her phone out
KnightErrant slaps his software
GoblinBoy2 says, "thanks again everyone"
Lucilla says, "well run the red light! he hasn't left yet"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Yulia is especially glad to win, as this was her first game"
BBBen says, "Gotta announce the runners up, a few of them Weren't GoblinBoy."
Lucilla says, "short ceremonies are like short endowments..."
GoblinBoy2 waves and sits down again quickly, hoping nobody noticed
fellatrix asks, "Quickly spent?"
Lucilla says, "lol"
GoblinBoy2 has lost count of his Erins
BBBen says, "The next category is best threesome/orgy. The way this ceremony is going it could get nominated for next year..."
GoblinBoy2 says, "goblins can only count up to 3"
Lucilla says, "Goblin Boy probably has to undo his fly to count about four"
KnightErrant asks, "After that, you run out of fingers?"
KaosLord starts checking the action on his 9mm
fellatrix asks, "Blimey. Goblin's are different anatomically, aren't they?"
Lucilla says, "s'ok Kaos, Eleanore's nearly here"
GoblinBoy2 nods
BBBen says, "First up, the PC, Morghanna and Kim from "Malaise"."
fellatrix cheers.
GoblinBoy2 cheers some more
Lucilla exclaims, "Go Ninny!"
abomire says, "Too bad Ninny couldn't make it."
GoblinBoy2 asks, "Is Ninny here, by the way?"
KaosLord says, "I know but she couldn't figure out how to smuggle in the gun"
Lucilla asks, "he's not here?"
GoblinBoy2 says, "ok, I guess not"
BBBen says, "The PC, Morghanna and Fanny from "Malaise"."
fellatrix cheers.
GoblinBoy2 cheers again
Lucilla exclaims, "another one for Morghana!"
BBBen says, "The PC, Morghanna and Ilsa from "Malaise"."
fellatrix cheers.
KnightErrant exclaims, "Lucky PC!"
Lucilla exclaims, "hurrah for PC and Mortghana!"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Morghana sounds like a bit of a slut"
abomire asks, "Has a game ever swept the nominatins?"
Lucilla exclaims, "and Ilsa!"
abomire says, "ooops - nominations""
fellatrix says, "Not as much as this "PC" bloke"
BBBen says, "The PC, Mike, Becky and Melissa from "The Camping Trip"."
KaosLord starts screwing the silencer onthe end of the 9mm
Lucilla says, "make sure you put the silencer on the right end"
DavidW says, "woo, foursome"
GoblinBoy2 looks nervously at Kaoslord
<BritishFox> BritishFox has connected to ifMUD.
GoblinBoy2 wonders how you screw a silencer
fellatrix says (to KaosLord), "You must be pretty desparate"
BBBen says, "And Ron, Paverti and Padma from "Ron Weasley and the Quest for Hermione.""
BritishFox arrives from the west.
BritishFox strides over to Goblin Boy and clouts him
fellatrix cheers.
GoblinBoy2 exclaims, "Ouch!"
KnightErrant exclaims, "BritishFox is naked!"
BBBen exclaims, "Aargh! British Fox! I wasn't planning to disable your powers!"
abomire laughs outloud!
GoblinBoy2 runs away and hides
KnightErrant takes a picture
KaosLord puts clip in gun and tosses it to British Fox
BBBen starts fumbling slyly with an odd looking device.
Lucilla says, "ok Eleanore, just keep an eye on him"
BritishFox takes the gun and stores it in her utility belt
BritishFox blows Goblin Boy a kiss
Bitterfrost says, "You'll be safe here. Drink up!""
fellatrix says, "Oh, it's a utility belt."
abomire asks British Fox for her autograph - and her phone number.
BBBen points the device at British Fox, then realises everyone is watching him, and stashes it under the podium.
KaosLord exclaims, "WWOW! Did you see that, belt just appear on her waist!"
BritishFox gives abomire her mobile phone number
look at britishfox
You see nothing special.
fellatrix coughs "slut"
GoblinBoy2 says, "apparentlty British Fox is nothing special to look at..."
abomire grins until he ses the Fairy appear. The Fairy waves her wand, causing British Fox's number to disappear. She disappears again.
BritishFox says, "sorry, sorry, Lucilla was in such a hurry for me to arrive I forgot to dress"
BritishFox summons her costume from n-space
BBBen exclaims, "The runner up for best threesome/orgy is the PC, Morghanna and Kim from "Malaise"!"
KnightErrant oogles BritishFox
GoblinBoy2 says, "yay"
fellatrix cheers.
GoblinBoy2 asks, "oogles?"
look at Britishfox
You've played the game, you know what she looks like. She's wearing British Fox's costume.
KaosLord exclaims, "WOOHOO!"
BritishFox blows a kiss at Goblin Boy
GoblinBoy2 scratches his head
DavidW claps for Malaise
GoblinBoy2 catches the kiss
abomire exclaims, "It's like 'ogles', only more so!"
Lucilla says, "oh, yeah, there were some awards going on weren't there"
GoblinBoy2 blows a kiss back at the Foxy British chick
BBBen exclaims, "And the winner is (sigh), the PC, Mike, Becky and Melissa from "The Camping Trip"!"
abomire exclaims, "Which foxy british chick? I count three!"
fellatrix cheers.
Lucilla says, "well done Goblin Boy"
BBBen beats GoblinBoy over the head with a statuette.
DavidW says, "wow"
GoblinBoy2 goes up the podium the back way....
KnightErrant says, "Maybe you should just stay up there."
GoblinBoy2 wonders if he anyone else will let him....
abomire exclaims, "Again, when around AIFers, don't use phrases like 'the back way'!"
Bitterfrost claps
BritishFox says, "hey, if you give me a couple of those awards I'll drive you home in the Britmobile"
GoblinBoy2 says, "What would I get for 3 awards? ;)"
BBBen exclaims, "Hey, I could give you some of the awards, I'm the coordinator!"
GoblinBoy2 blows kisses to all the girls as he picks up his award
KaosLord exclaims, "I thinkfor three awards you get theback way!"
BritishFox says, "a ride home in the Britmobile and a night with me and Welsh Fox"
abomire starts rooting around for last years awards for TNC. He quickly starts scratching off the names.
BBBen winks at British Fox.
GoblinBoy2 drools
fellatrix counts Goblin's awards. There is a multitude.
Lucilla exclaims, "hey! you slut! you're here to beat him up, not chat him up!"
BBBen asks, "What do I get for the lifetime achievement award?"
BritishFox blows Lucilla a kiss
Bitterfrost says, "He's pretty well protected behind all of those awards.""
GoblinBoy2 sidles over to British Fox
jaish asks, "everyone knows he leaves all the awards on the table when he goes for the next one yes?"
Lucilla says, "ok, ok, I'm going to have to ring Grace, if I can find where I've stashed her code"
fellatrix says, "He's a sidler. What a surprise."
GoblinBoy2 says, "I can sidle you later, trixy babe"
GoblinBoy2 winks
KaosLord says, "THose were armour piercing rounds in that pistol..."
Lucilla eyes up the award for best female PC which she thinks she deserved
BBBen says, "Anyway, next up is "Best Overall Sex"."
GoblinBoy2 thinks all the girls here deserve that award
BritishFox checks the pistol, but remembers this is a superhero game so if she tries to fire it something will prevent it having any useful effect
BBBen says, "The nominees are... Malaise."
DavidW says, "yay"
BBBen says, "Key to Eternity."
GoblinBoy2 applauds
fellatrix says, "No thanks. Sidling is for crabs, and i make it a policy not to pick up crabs."
Lucilla exclaims, "Go Malaise!"
KaosLord says, "Woohoo"
Lucilla exclaims, "Go Key to Eternity!"
DavidW cheers
BBBen says, "The Camping Trip."
fellatrix cheers.
Lucilla exclaims, "Go Camping Trip!"
KnightErrant exclaims, "Go home!"
DavidW says, "campin', tra-la-la"
BBBen says, "Paradise Hotel."
KaosLord exclaims, "DOH!"
Lucilla says, "lol"
Lucilla exclaims, "Go Paradise Hotel!"
abomire laughs at KaosLord
BBBen says, "And To Cage a Magpie."
Lucilla exclaims, "Hurrah for me!"
DavidW says, "mmmagpie"
fellatrix cheers.
GoblinBoy2 says, "Go magpie"
KaosLord says, "Yeah MAgpie"
Lucilla says, "but only if you like corporal punishment"
BritishFox rubs her backside thoughtfully
fellatrix asks, "You mean some people don't like it?"
BBBen exclaims, "The runner up is, "The Camping Trip"!"
GoblinBoy2 rubs her backside thoughtfully too
abomire asks, "Is he in the same unit as Seargent Slaughter?"
Lucilla says, "and Major Disaster"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Wow, thanks everyone :)"
fellatrix says, "And Private Parts"
Lucilla says, "well done again again again again again again again Goblin"
abomire holds his applause - knowing what's coming...
BBBen exclaims, "And the winner is... what a shocker! Key to Eternity!"
Lucilla says, "and General Emergency"
KnightErrant applauds.
GoblinBoy2 says, "Wow :)"
Lucilla exclaims, "woo!woo!woo!"
DavidW says, "Key to All the Awards"
Lucilla says, "well done Goblin"
abomire applauds now for GoblinBoy.
Bitterfrost says, "Yeah. Congrats once more, Goblin."
fellatrix cheers.
GoblinBoy2 asks, "!Best overall sex is the important one, right?"
BBBen reluctantly hands over another statuette to GoblinBoy.
BBBen says, "It is one of the big ones."
KnightErrant says, "Just wait for Gifts of Phallius 3: The Quest to Win More Awards."
fellatrix says, "i think winning 20 awards is the important one"
GoblinBoy2 fondles all the girls as he goes to pick up his award
Lucilla says, "mind, my plan is to release the next British Fox game one month before the Erins"
Lucilla says, "so watch out everyone"
KaosLord looks at awards, then at Goblin boys butt, then back at awards...
BritishFox catches Goblin when he tries to fondle her and dangles him for a bit
GoblinBoy2 says, "Eeek"
BBBen exclaims, "Ah, but you'll have to compete with Crossworlds Part 4 next time, and nobody else will stand a chance!"
DavidW says, "hee hee"
KnightErrant says, "And I'm planning on releasing at least two this year."
GoblinBoy2 knows next year he will lose. And lose badly
Lucilla says, "that's what you think, fortunately I have Frost Industries already infecting your computer with a virus which will delete any code more complicated than "open drawer" or "fuck girl""
GoblinBoy2 is working on 3 games simultaneously right now. Bad idea
abomire exclaims, "The Erins coordinators will see to it Goblinboy!"
fellatrix says, "That sounds quite complicated enough already."
GoblinBoy2 looks shamefaced, takes his award and tosses it on the heap
Lucilla says, "lol"
Lucilla admires Goblin Boy's pile
BBBen says, "That's as complicated as part 4 gets, Lucilla. In fact, have you seen the beta, because that's a little suspicious."
GoblinBoy2 says, "lets face it, those are the only commands you really need"
fellatrix says, "Some drawers are bloody hard to open."
GoblinBoy2 would love to open fellatrix's drawer
Lucilla says, "well, Frost Industries are masters (mistresses) of industrial espionage"
GoblinBoy2 says, "err... drawers"
abomire says, "Actually, I think you've got one too many command there.""
BBBen says, "Oh, go have a cold shower, GoblinBoy."
Bitterfrost turns the hose on GoblinBoy.
fellatrix asks, "Ever had a drawer slammed shut on your hand, Goblin?"
BritishFox picks up Goblin Boy in the interim between receiving awards and dunks him in a cold shower
GoblinBoy2 asks, "Sure! If one of these lovely ladies would care to join me....??"
BBBen throws a bucket of cold Erin statuettes over GoblinBoy.
BritishFox doesn't join him, but prods him with a stick whenever he tries to get out
GoblinBoy2 calms dow
GoblinBoy2 says, "n"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Brrr. Cold"
KnightErrant hands GoblinBoy a lifetime achievement award.
BBBen says, "Next up, best writing."
KaosLord says, "probably should have prodded him with an award..."
GoblinBoy2 apologises to everyone for his crass, caddish behaviour
GoblinBoy2 wonders what would have happened if he hadn't turned up tonight
BBBen says, "The nominees are... Malaise,"
KaosLord exclaims, "YEAH!"
abomire exclaims, "Been a very quiet ceremony!"
BBBen says, "I would have looked like a damn fool, that's what."
fellatrix says, "The same, but with more insults directed at you Goblin"
KnightErrant says, "We wouldn't have had enough random fondling."
GoblinBoy2 asks, "more?? Is that possible?"
BBBen says, "That's why I was nagging you to show."
Bitterfrost says, "The ballots wouldn't have been tampered with.""
abomire exclaims, "Damn Diebold!"
GoblinBoy2 asks, "Diebold?"
KnightErrant thanks GoblinBoy for buying his vote
KaosLord says, "wher's my damn coffee"
BBBen says, "Shut up and play with your awards, GoblinBoy, I've only ever won two in my career! Anyway..."
GoblinBoy2 says, "you're welcome, KnightErrant"
abomire says, "Sorry - Diebold makes Electronic Voting Machines. Been in the news a lot for faulty coding."
Lucilla buys Kaos a coffee
GoblinBoy2 isn't an American :)
KaosLord says, "Thank you, my dear"
GoblinBoy2 buys everyone a round
Lucilla says, "ah, we don't use electronic voting machines over here"
KnightErrant says, "Lucky."
BBBen says, "The next nominee for best writing is "Key to Eternity","
Lucilla says, "after the Fiasco in Florida we stuck with paper and pen"
GoblinBoy2 says, "No, people can actually count here in UK ;_"
BBBen says, "To Cage a Magpie,"
GoblinBoy2 applauds
fellatrix says, "Yeah but we can't use technology"
Bitterfrost exclaims, "Go, Magpie!"
BBBen says, "Falcon: Mean Streets"
GoblinBoy2 says, "well, no, that;s true"
fellatrix cheers.
KaosLord says, "Woohoo, Magpie"
KnightErrant thinks England is beautiful.
BBBen says, "And Crossworlds Part 0"
jaish says, "we aussies don't need to, just put a one in one box"
Lucilla exclaims, "hurrah for me!"
GoblinBoy2 hopes someone else wins something soon
Lucilla says, "me too"
fellatrix says (to KnightErrant), "you obviously haven't been to Birmingham"
BBBen exclaims, "The runner-up is... Malaise!"
abomire exclaims, "Ain't no ham like Birmingham!"
GoblinBoy2 asks, "haha. Birmingham! What about Hull??"
GoblinBoy2 well done malaise!
DavidW says, "woo Malaise!"
Lucilla exclaims, "go Malaise!"
fellatrix cheers Malaise
BBBen exclaims, "And the winner is, "Key to Eternity"!"
GoblinBoy2 says, "..."
Lucilla exclaims, "and go Key to Eternity!"
fellatrix yawns
Lucilla exclaims, "and go Key to Eternity!"
DavidW says, "ta da!"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Ummm.. oh. Sorry"
Bitterfrost claps enthusiastically.
abomire says, "Congrats GoblinBoy!""
GoblinBoy2 walks up to the podium, trying in vain to hide the gleeful spring in his step
BBBen refuses to hand the statuette to GoblinBoy, but a chorus girl snatches it off BBBen and hands it over.
KaosLord slurps his coffee, to keep from doing anything nasty to Goblinboy
jaish asks, "whats the odds on the next one then?"
Lucilla heartbroken at not winning the one she wanted changes her dress
GoblinBoy2 fondles the chorus girl and gets the award from her
fellatrix asks, "Why is that statuette vibrating?"
KaosLord shivers
GoblinBoy2 gives the chorus girl a quick one
matrixm admires Lucilla as she changes clothes in front of everyone
GoblinBoy2 says, "Thanks again for everyone who voted for me! :)"
fellatrix consoles Lucilla. It's all politics, you know
abomire uses cell phone to video tape Lucilla changing
KaosLord asks, "we voted for you?"
Lucilla says, "well done Goblin"
BBBen sighs as the chorus girl, his date, runs off with the more successful GoblinBoy.
GoblinBoy2's eyes go wide as he watches Lucilla
BritishFox says, "we'd better get you out of here before the end of the show Goblin, or you're for the high jump"
GoblinBoy2 says, "oh sorry, BBBBBBBEn.... didn'ty know she was your date"
100marvin it will improve Lucilla's votes
BBBen says, "Yeah, sure you didn't."
GoblinBoy2 picks another chorus girl for his attentions
BBBen exclaims, "They're all my dates! Hands off!"
Lucilla says, "thank you Marvin, I'll hold you to that"
GoblinBoy2 says, "a bit greedy... but ok. Sorry"
BBBen exclaims, "Next up, best technical implementation!"
KaosLord inflates a doll and hands it to GoblinBoy
fellatrix says, ""A bit greedy? sorry, /who's/ got all the awards?""
GoblinBoy2 notes the doll looks a lot like Lucilla
KnightErrant says, "Blah blah, Key to Eternity."
Lucilla says, "don't be silly Goblin, no one makes blow up dolls with small tits"
BBBen says, "The first nominees is Malaise."
Lucilla says, "they have big tits for big tits"
GoblinBoy2 wonders why BBBen had a blowup Lucilla...
fellatrix cheers.
Lucilla says, "Me and BBBen, we're very close"
BBBen says, "That wasn't me."
fellatrix wonders why anyone doesn't have a blowup Lucilla
BBBen says, "You've never spoken to me before, Lucilla."
BBBen looks sulky.
KaosLord says, "Yeah Malaise"
Lucilla bows to fellatrix, she'd curtsey, but she lost her dress somewhere
BBBen says, "I always try to be friendly and just get a... wait for it... frosty reception."
Lucilla says, "hey, you can be close without speaking"
GoblinBoy2 has a blowup Lucilla, Fellatrix and British Fox
Lucilla says, "lol, hah very hah"
Lucilla has a very shapr pin
GoblinBoy2 asks, "anyway.. what award were we on??"
Bitterfrost hands GoblinBoy a patch kit.
BBBen has a blow up One-Eyed Jack, but that's a different story...
KnightErrant says, "The one you win."
DavidW says, "Technical implementation"
Lucilla asks, "can I blow up Goblin Boy?"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Well, that could be any of them..."
GoblinBoy2 hands Lucilla some dynamtie
Lucilla asks, "do you have any of the explosives from TNC left abomire?"
BBBen says, "The second nominee for best technical implementation is Key to Eternity."
GoblinBoy2 applauds wildly, to stark silence
fellatrix cheers.
abomire exclaims, "I'm sure they're around here somewhere...BANG!"
fellatrix asks, "did someone bring crackers?"
BBBen says, "To Cage a Magpie."
fellatrix cheers.
GoblinBoy2 exclaims, "woohoo!"
Lucilla claps in a good sportswoman type fashion and looks daggers at Goblin
KnightErrant exclaims, "Yay!"
KaosLord listens to the rickets
BBBen says, "The Camping Trip."
KaosLord says, "erm crickets"
abomire thinks KnightErrant should eat more citrus. That will cure rickets!
DavidW says (to KaosLord), "bit of a difference"
BBBen says, "And Crossworlds Part 0 (a rare occasion of an ADRIFT game getting nominated for this award)."
fellatrix asks, "do crickets get rickets?"
Lucilla says, "well, crickets are a good source of calcium"
KnightErrant is glad he didn't release his first game this year.
BBBen says, "I'm kind of proud of that."
Lucilla says, "yes indeed, one of the future British Fox games has Morgan getting infected with Adrift"
abomire exclaims, "Good job BBBEn!"
KaosLord wishes he hadn't released his first game last year
Bitterfrost says, "I'm with you there, KnightErrant! I'm looking forward to sweeping the awards... in 2015."
BBBen exclaims, "The runner-up is... Malaise!"
Lucilla says, "I'll vote for you Bitterfrost"
fellatrix says (to Lucilla), "sounds like a fate worse than death"
Lucilla says, "well done Malaise"
fellatrix cheers.
DavidW says, "C0 did some clever things, it must be said."
Bitterfrost hugs Lucilla.
BBBen says, "Please hold off until then, Bitterfrost, I want the chance to win some next year."
Lucilla says, "yep, the playtesters of the original BF will have an easy time of it, everyone else will be wondering why turning on the vibrator opens the door"
KaosLord asks, "Can we give the awards to the ruinners up?"
KnightErrant asks (of goblinboy), "How did you have the time to code such a complicated game?"
Lucilla says, "we can if we beat Goblin Boy to death before he gets out the door"
BritishFox puts her arm around Goblin protectively
BBBen exclaims, "And the winner is, you guessed it, Key to Eternity!"
GoblinBoy2 senses the crowd turning on him
DavidW says, "woo Key!"
fellatrix cheers.
abomire exclaims, "Congrats GoblinBoy!"
BBBen leaves the statuette on the podium for GoblinBoy to collect.
Lucilla says, "hey, if you have super powers maybe the Institute will want to run tests on you"
KaosLord stands up...
GoblinBoy2 slinks up to the podium, embarrassed
Lucilla says, "well done again again again again agian again again again again again"
fellatrix says, ""Key To Eternity? i haven't heard of that. is it good?""
KaosLord claps
100marvin boo GoblinBoy
Bitterfrost congratulates GoblinBoy.
BBBen says, "Not really."
GoblinBoy2 says, "No, it isn't that good"
abomire says, "meh...""
KaosLord sits down
GoblinBoy2 picks up his statue, mumbles some sincere thanks, and goes and hides
Lucilla says, "we haven't had best game yet..."
KnightErrant takes a drink
BBBen says, "Next up, most innovative game."
GoblinBoy2 asks, "Ummm.. do you know how many I jhave won so far, BBBen?"
abomire exclaims (at KnightErrant), ""hey that was my drink!"
KnightErrant says, "We should've had a drinking game for the Erins ... Every time GoblinBoy gets an award, take a shot."
BBBen asks, "No, who cares?"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Ummm, I would have bought everyone a round of drinks each time I won"
Lucilla gets a drink for herself, a drink for abomire, and another drink for herself
Bitterfrost laughs.
stormchild goes home.
GoblinBoy2 says, "But you'd all be dead of alcohol poisoning now...."
KaosLord offers Lucilla a Martini, stirred, not shaken
abomire says, "Thanks Lucilla (glares at KnightErrant)"
BBBen says, "The first nominee is... Key to Eternity (just buy the bar, GoblinBoy)."
Lucilla grabs the barman by the lapels and he just gives her the bottle
GoblinBoy2 says, "so its for your won good, really"
GoblinBoy2 says, "err... own good"
BBBen says, "To Cage a Magpie"
GoblinBoy2 says, "I think 'won' was a Freudian slip"
Lucilla drinks the martini happily and blows Kaos a freezing kiss
fellatrix cheers.
GoblinBoy2 cheers
jaish says, "one and a half hours and one persons got an award so far"
BBBen says, "Bob's Garage"
Lucilla exclaims, "yay for Magpie!"
fellatrix cheers.
KaosLord says, "Hooray"
GoblinBoy2 Bob's Garage will win :)
KnightErrant says, "At least he didn't sweep all the Runner Ups too."
Lucilla exclaims, "woo woo Bob's Garage!"
BBBen says, "WWE: Raw's new GM"
GoblinBoy2 asks, "Ummm.. what award was this again?"
fellatrix says, "No well he didn't want to look greedy"
Lucilla says, "which despite having an advance copy of I never played"
KaosLord the kiss melts from that Texas heat
Lucilla exclaims, "sorry!"
abomire says, "Most innovative""
GoblinBoy2 says, "ahh yes"
BBBen says, "And The Camping Trip (this is most innovative)"
GoblinBoy2 says, "definitely none of my games them"
fellatrix scoffs
GoblinBoy2 smiles, sure he is safe this time
BBBen exclaims, "The runner up is... WWE: Raw's New GM!"
DavidW says, "yay"
GoblinBoy2 exclaims, "Woohoo!"
abomire exclaims, "Congrats Goblin...Hey, that's me!"
Lucilla says, "Texas heat in January? If that can melt my kiss I'm losing my touch"
fellatrix faints
BBBen exclaims, "The winner is... Key to Eternity!"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Oh"
GoblinBoy2 says, "right"
GoblinBoy2 says, "sorry"
abomire exclaims, "That's better. Congrats GoblinBoy!"
Lucilla says, "well done Goblin again * 12"
GoblinBoy2 says, "But... Yay me! :)"
KnightErrant changes his name to GoblinBoy3
KaosLord says, "we had a spell of decent weather down here"
GoblinBoy2 dances up to the podium in an innovative fashion
fellatrix says (to abomire), "well done"
Lucilla says, "maybe I should move"
BBBen inserts a statuette into one of GoblinBoy's available orifices.
Bitterfrost exclaims, "Congrats again!"
fellatrix says (to BBBen), "try the mouth"
GoblinBoy2 looks down at the Erin
Bitterfrost exclaims, "Well, I've got to say I've enjoyed the 2007 GoblinBoy Awards, but it's time to head out. Good evening/morning to you all!"
Lucilla asks, "how many orifices does a Goblin Boy have? is it more than a Goblin Girl?"
abomire exclaims, "See ya' Bitterfrost!"
GoblinBoy2 exclaims, "cheerio Bitter!"
fellatrix waves to Bitterfrost
Lucilla says, "glad you could make it Bitter"
Lucilla says, "talk to you soon"
BBBen waves to Bitterfrost.
Bitterfrost exclaims, "Thanks! Take care, all!"
jaish says, "see ya"
GoblinBoy2 says, "No, goblin girls have more"
KnightErrant waves to Bitterfrost
Lucilla sends her phone number to Bitterfrost
GoblinBoy2 sits down - remobving the Erin beforehand
KaosLord says, "Take it easy BF"
Bitterfrost winks, heads out...
Bitterfrost goes home.
</Bitterfrost> Bitterfrost has disconnected from ifMUD.
GoblinBoy2 smiles
GoblinBoy2 thought winning awards would have made him more popular with the ladies
BBBen says, "Next up, best multimedia. This category has seven nominees, because I made a mistake in the nominations process."
BritishFox says, "You're popular with me"
GoblinBoy2 hugs British Fox
BBBen says, "It would have, if you hadn't kept feeling them up."
fellatrix says, "i think you've become so popular that everyone hates you for being so popular"
BritishFox says, "after all, you woudn't trap me in a cell with an infinitely repeating series of supervillains with one thing on their mind, would you"
GoblinBoy2 asks, "Oh right. Ummm.. I thought girls liked that??"
Lucilla says, "only some of them"
jaish says, "winning awards for being able to write sexual situations isn't something most females find attractive"
GoblinBoy2 wonders if he shouldn't base his tactics with girls on AIF games
Lucilla says, "good call"
BBBen asks, "British Fox, what if some of the supervillains were substitued for grotesque monsters?"
GoblinBoy2 shrugs. Ah well
BritishFox asks, "how grotesque are we talking?"
fellatrix asks (of GoblinBoy2), "did you bring a giant banana then?"
GoblinBoy2 asks, "Best multimedia?"
KnightErrant says, "Better luck next year, GoblinBoy."
BBBen asks, "Tentacles, maybe some slime?"
Lucilla says, "lol Knight"
GoblinBoy2 pulls a giant banana out of his pocket and winks at fellatrix
KaosLord shakes head
GoblinBoy2 says, "Thanks, KnightErrant"
abomire asks, "That was a banana? I thought you were just happy to be heere?"
BritishFox says, "did tentacles and slime in the dungeon, would have taken ages to get it out of my costume, except she only left me my boots, gloves and mask"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Both"
GoblinBoy2 notes how late it is getting...
BBBen asks, "What about mandibles and carapeces?"
KaosLord says, "It's still early here"
Lucilla asks, "yeah, I have children to take away from their parents tomorrow, can we give the rest of the awards to Goblin now and all go home?"
BBBen says, "Better move along..."
fellatrix asks, "Good point Goblin.. how many awards are you planning on winning?"
BritishFox says, "oooh, now you're talking"
BritishFox exclaims, "shiny!"
jaish says, "Ithink I might write a game entirly involving goblinboy trying to get it on based entirly on his experiences in games"
Lucilla says, "now that's a really good idea for a post-modernist game"
BBBen exclaims, "I'll just do the runner up and winner for this one... The runner up is WWE: Raw's new GM!"
GoblinBoy2 thinks that would be a great game
Lucilla says, "might be a bit short of good sex scenes though"
GoblinBoy2 glares at Lucilla
jaish says, "yeah I dunno if it would be AIF of just IF"
abomire exclaims, "Thanks everyone who voted for WWE!"
KaosLord says, "Maybe we should write a game in which GoblinBoy doesn't win all of the awards"
Lucilla stares frostliy back at Goblin
DavidW says, "yay WWE"
GoblinBoy2 says, "well done abomire"
Lucilla goes over and gives him a kiss (if she can find him behind those awards) to show there's no hard feelings
KnightErrant exclaims, "Horray for everyone!"
fellatrix asks, "Where's the realism in that?"
jaish says, "said point is it probly wouldn't be fiction so it doesn't apply"
BBBen says, "And the winner is "Key to Eternity""
GoblinBoy2 says, "*gasp*"
GoblinBoy2 exclaims, "thanks everyone!"
Lucilla asks, "which award was that?"
abomire pastes "Congrats GoblinBoy!"
DavidW says, "yay again. Multimedia."
fellatrix says, "all of them, i think"
GoblinBoy2 doesn't remember... but its an award
BBBen spits a statuette at GoblinBoy.
GoblinBoy2 catches the statute
Lucilla says, "well done again again again again again again again again again again again again again again"
Lucilla says, "again"
jaish asks, "you had it in your mouth?"
BBBen says, "That was multimedia."
KnightErrant exclaims, "On to humor!"
KaosLord asks, "What's next?"
DavidW says (to GoblinBoy2), "You must have a baseball team by now."
GoblinBoy2 gives a moving thankyou speech, reducing everyone to tears
fellatrix asks, "did you have humour in your game, Goblin?"
abomire says, "This year, it is 'humour'""
Lucilla weeps into her gin
Lucilla says, "hurrah for extra vowels"
GoblinBoy2 exclaims, "humOur!"
KnightErrant buys Lucilla a fresh gin.
BBBen exclaims, "I'll try and wrap this up a little faster... the runner up for "Best Puzzles" is... Malaise!"
fellatrix cheers.
KaosLord says, "Yeah Malaise"
GoblinBoy2 asks, "what happened to best humour???"
abomire exclaims, "Good job Ninny...wherever you are!"
Lucilla says, "I couldn't solve any of them without the hints, had to learn my alphabet backwards"
BBBen says, "And the winner is... yes, Key to Eternity (next time, voters, mix up your votes a little!)"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Hey, no! Vote for what you like best..."
BBBen drops a statuette in GoblinBoy's pants.
fellatrix says, "Yeah, vote for some good games and some bad ones"
abomire pastes "Congrats GoblinBoy"...again.
Lucilla says, "well done Goblin, though I dont' remember there actually *being* any puzzles"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Even (or especially) if its for me ;_"
KnightErrant votes for himself.
KaosLord Takes out flame thrower
GoblinBoy2 says, "Well... define puzzled..."
BritishFox ducks, "you're on your own Goblin" she says
GoblinBoy2 says, "or even puzzles"
DavidW says, "I look forward to seeing how this all gets written up in the newsletter."
BBBen exclaims, "And now, the runner up for "Best Humour" is... The Baron's Plot!"
GoblinBoy2 asks, "Did we miss out humour??"
fellatrix says, "well you had to figure out all the different sex to have. that's like a puzzle"
GoblinBoy2 exclaims, "woohoo!"
DavidW says, "GO BARON!"
Lucilla says, "Goblin Boy won everything, then everyone got very drunk"
GoblinBoy2 says, "That means I won't win this one :)"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Baron's was easily my funniest"
abomire exclaims, "Good job GoblinBoy!"
DavidW says, "Baron was great"
fellatrix says, "To think BBBen thought he'd need a transcript of this."
BBBen exclaims, "And the winner is, that's right... TO CAGE A MAGPIE!!!!!"
KnightErrant cheers
GoblinBoy2 dances around
Lucilla exclaims, "No shit!"
DavidW says, "WOO!"
fellatrix cheers loudly
Lucilla woo woo woo
GoblinBoy2 exclaims, "Woohooo!!!!"
abomire exclaims, "WooT! Congratulations to Lucilla!"
DavidW says, "Speech!"
KaosLord Dances a jig
Lucilla exclaims, "Thank you thank you thank you#!"
KnightErrant exclaims, "Go Lucilla!"
GoblinBoy2 exclaims, "Speech!!"
KaosLord exclaims, "Wooho!"
BBBen reverentially presents a statuette to Lucilla.
jaish says, "congrat, not ust on winning but on beating him"
fellatrix dances a gavotte
Lucilla plans to strip of in celebration, but realises she's already buck naked
GoblinBoy2 lets Lucilla fondle what she likes, as she won an award
KaosLord exclaims, "S{EECH!!"
look at lucilla
Lucilla Frost is a thin woman with long platinum blond hair. Her eyes are a grey so pale it is almost white and she never seems to blink Although smiling, you get a sense she is smiling near you, not smiling at you. Disappointed at her poor performance tonight shes stripped naked in the hope that it will improve her chances next year.
Lucilla kisses BBBen, then abomire, then Goblin Boy, the fellatrix, then Kaos Lord, then Knight Errant
KaosLord says, "erm SPEECH"
GoblinBoy2 exclaims, ":)"
abomire exclaims, "Great. Sloppy seconds!"
Lucilla kisses them all back in reverse order
KnightErrant exclaims, "Yay! Thanks Lucilla!"
GoblinBoy2 doesn't feel so bad now
fellatrix says, "i always thought that this whatever it is was the most important award"
Lucilla kisses Jaish and anyone else she missed
KaosLord warms self with flame thrower
jaish says, "YAY"
Lucilla says, "thank you all, I did have a faint hope of this one, but I can't remember any of the jokes so wasn't sure I had any chance"
100marvin says (to Lucilla), "thank you VERY much for that"
GoblinBoy2 smiles happily
Lucilla says, "I'm glad enough people found my laconic english humour funny"
KnightErrant says, "Next award is Best New GoblinBoy."
Lucilla says, "sorry marvin"
BBBen exclaims, "Prepare to feel worse, GoblinBoy, the runner-up for best New Author is... Girion Voeros!"
Lucilla gives marvin a special kiss because she missed him the first time
fellatrix asks, "when was it laconic?"
GoblinBoy2 thinks it may be possible he might win this award
Lucilla says, "that's just a word I like, I don't know what it means"
abomire applauds for Girion Voeros.
GoblinBoy2 liked Girion's game
KnightErrant says, "It means you don't say much."
BBBen exclaims, "And the winner (this vote was literally almost unanimous) GoblinBoy!"
KnightErrant says, "Or you're from Spara."
Lucilla says, "and thanks to my playtesters, and abomire for helping me with the programming"
KnightErrant says, "Sparta."
Lucilla says, "bugger, so it doesn't apply to me at all"
abomire says, "You're welcome, Lucilla! Was a pleaure."
100marvin exclaims (at Lucilla), "thank you VERY VERY VERYmuch for that!"
KaosLord says, "he said almost because Ididn't vote for him..."
BBBen sticks a statuette up GoblinBoy's nose.
GoblinBoy2 goes up to get his next award, trying not to get in Lucilla's way as she continues speaking
BritishFox hugs Lucilla and gives her a change of clothes now she's a winner
abomire says, "Congratulations GoblinBoy. You truly deserve this award. (which I guess implies you didn't deservee the other awards...)"
Lucilla ignores the clothes and nips up to get her award before it gets mixed up with Goblin Boys
KnightErrant says, "Next, best Short Game, which GoblinBoy can't win."
GoblinBoy2 says, "Ummm, thanks abomir. I think"
abomire exclaims, "Just kidding!"
BBBen says, "Two people didn't vote in the category, one voted for Girion Voeros and then GoblinBoy second. Everyone else had GoblinBoy at no 1."
fellatrix asks, "is there award for Most Awards Won?"
GoblinBoy2 wants that award
Lucilla says, "very well done Goblin Boy, and clearly extremely well deserved"
DavidW says, "congrats GB"
GoblinBoy2 bows, happily, glowing in the adulation of his peers
KaosLord says, "yes"
Lucilla grabs Goblin's latest award and tosses it to him so he doesn't have to run the gauntlet again
BBBen exclaims, "The runner up for best short game is... A Dream Come True!"
KaosLord taps flame thrower
GoblinBoy2 catches the award
fellatrix asks, "has Goblin won more awards then anyone else has ever won throughout history?"
Lucilla asks, "my place or yours Goblin?"
KnightErrant exclaims, "Go Purple Dragon!"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Hmmm... Seems I need to write a short game next year..."
Lucilla says, "yes, Go Dragon"
GoblinBoy2 says, "How about both, Lucilla? ;)"
DavidW says, "yay Dragon"
KnightErrant says (to GoblinBoy), "Come on, let me have a chance at one award next year."
Lucilla asks, "which side of the atlantic are you on?"
BBBen exclaims, "And the winner is... Bob's Garage, by A. Bomire!"
KnightErrant exclaims, "Horray!"
fellatrix cheers.
GoblinBoy2 exclaims, "Yay Bob!"
Lucilla exclaims, "well done abomire!"
abomire exclaims, "Holy crap!"
DavidW says, "wow. The Inform 7 game."
GoblinBoy2 is in the uK
Lucilla exclaims, "woo woo!"
KaosLord says, "Yea A. Bomire"
Lucilla says, "we can do both then"
abomire exclaims, "Thanks everyone. I was just meant as an experiment. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!"
KnightErrant cheers for A Bomire
DavidW says, "congrats A Bomire"
GoblinBoy2 says, "I liked the detention game"
BBBen says, "Close to the finish now, we're on to "Best beta tester""
fellatrix says, "me too"
Lucilla says, "although I might try and catch a plane to abomire's so he and I can compare lonely Erins"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Of course, Bob's Garage was way cool too :) Loved the train part"
abomire asks, "Hey! How come my award has GoblinBoy's name on it?"
Lucilla says, "I'm going to have to unzip it an play it now"
GoblinBoy2 says, "I won't win this one eitehr :)"
Lucilla says, "Bob's Garage, of course, not anything else that might be unzipped and playe dwith"
fellatrix says, "careful you don't get it caught in the zip"
abomire exclaims, "ouch!"
GoblinBoy2 says, "I think they just bought a job lot of awards with Goblinboy on. Probably got a discount"
BBBen says, "Everyone who got a nomination for this award deserves to be mentioned, so here is a list of all those who got a nod from an author as their best beta tester of 2006, but didn't win or come as runner up: Thelonis Porksword, Purple Dragon, GoblinBoy, Sean O (lyingbastard), Lumin, Makoto Kino, Xcaliberium, TEW, Kalen Miyan, A. Bomire, Scott Carlisle, Ehlanna Forrest and joey joey."
Lucilla says, "ah, but fellatrix, ffm doesn't work very well, too many sockets, not enoguh plugs"
DavidW says, "cheers to all the beta-testers. much love."
GoblinBoy2 says, "I did some beta testing, but others are *WAY* betetr than me :)"
Lucilla says, "beta testers are more important than authors"
fellatrix asks, "can't you just connect two sockets?"
KaosLord says, "Great bunch of people"
abomire says, "Beta-testing is very rewarding in an odd way."
KnightErrant says, "You just need a double-ended plug."
GoblinBoy2 congratulates all the beta testers
Lucilla says, "lol Knight"
BBBen exclaims, "The vote was very close (it came down to one vote, in fact) but the runner-up is the ever witty, ever thorough, ever enthusiastic Richard Gillingham!"
GoblinBoy2 is very grateful to all his lovely beta testers
BritishFox says, "Bev has a couple of those in the drawer by her bed..."
abomire exclaims, "Congrats Richard!"
GoblinBoy2 says, "I loved Richard Gillingham's testing :)"
Lucilla says, "huzzah for Richard"
BBBen exclaims, "And the winner is... A. Ninny!"
Lucilla asks, "where is he tonight?"
GoblinBoy2 exclaims, "It made me laugh out loud!"
DavidW says, "woo Ninny!"
Lucilla says, "well done A Ninny"
Lucilla exclaims, "where is he tonight!"
fellatrix cheers.
KnightErrant exclaims, "Go NinnY!"
KaosLord Hooyah for Richard
GoblinBoy2 says, "Well done Ninnyn, in absentia"
abomire says, "Ninny is one of the best I've ever worked with."
BBBen says, "A. Ninny couldn't make it."
fellatrix says, "i expect he's got a life."
KnightErrant says, "I don't."
Lucilla says, "as if, he writes AIF..."
KaosLord exclaims, "Alright A Ninny!"
fellatrix says, "There's a line between writing AIF and going to the award ceremonies..."
GoblinBoy2 applauds beta testers everywhere
BBBen says, "But I know he was honoured to receive this award and would have been very *polite* about not winning anything for Malaise."
Lucilla says, "it's true, and we're both on the wrong side of it"
GoblinBoy2 says, "I suck"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Malaise should have won stuff"
GoblinBoy2 feels bad now
KaosLord says, "That was a very dangerous thing to say GB"
BBBen exclaims, "The penultimate award: Best Game. The runner up is... Malaise!"
DavidW claps
fellatrix cheers.
GoblinBoy2 cheers malaise
abomire exclaims, "Congrats to A. Ninny. Perennial bridesmaid!"
KaosLord says, "hooray for Malaise"
GoblinBoy2 asks, "why dangerous?"
abomire asks, "Didn't he come in second for a bunch of awards last year, too?"
KaosLord says, "someone might say suck this"
Lucilla changes clothes again
fellatrix asks, "how about we have two sets of awards next year and don't let Goblin in one of them?"
BBBen says, "Well, A. Ninny does have more awards than I do, now."
Lucilla says, "well done Ninny"
Lucilla says, "well done Key to Eternity"
GoblinBoy2 says, "well, if it was one of the ladies that said it, that would be ok"
KnightErrant admires Lucilla's body
Lucilla says, "hic, I'm derry vrunk"
say And of course, the winner of the Best AIF Game of 2006 is... Key to Eternity!
BBBen exclaims, "And of course, the winner of the Best AIF Game of 2006 is... Key to Eternity!"
GoblinBoy2 joins KnightErrant in admiring
DavidW cheers loudly
Lucilla exclaims, "hooah!!!!!"
GoblinBoy2 smiles happily
abomire exclaims, "Congratulations GoblinBoy. All kidding aside - Key to Eternity was a fabulous game!"
fellatrix admires the bin bag and wishes she could afford to dress fashionably.
GoblinBoy2 bounces up to the podium
Lucilla asks, "is Key to Eternity the best AIF game ever written?"
Lucilla says, "the fans must know"
jaish says, "congrats, don't write next year"
BBBen presents a giant statuette to GoblinBoy.
Lucilla says, "there's a ball gown lying around here somewhere if you want it fellatrix"
100marvin congratulates all nominees and winners
GoblinBoy2 says, "Thanks everyone for making this such an embarrasssing evernt for me"
fellatrix says, "Well that's not as classy as a bin liner"
Lucilla says, "you love it really"
GoblinBoy2 says, "I'll try to do worse next year"
KnightErrant says, "Just don't burn out."
KaosLord exclaims, "well crap, now I'll have to play Keys to Eternity!"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Although, the seqel to Camping Trip is looking embarrassing"
Lucilla says, "I'll have to finish it - I voted for it after playing half of it"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Ummm.. yes. You should all play it. It's great. Apparently"
Lucilla says, "lol"
BBBen says, "And finally, the most significant award of the evening. This year we are inducting two AIF legends into the Badman Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame."
KaosLord says, "By the way GB the gold foil comes off and there's a choclate bunny inside"
GoblinBoy2 says, "And people must have likes it to vote for it over some of the otehr great games out this year :)"
fellatrix puts on the ball gown
KnightErrant exclaims, "Ooh, two lifetime achievement awards!"
DavidW asks, "Two?"
Lucilla says, "I'm sorry, I'd love to stay for the after awards party, but it's 2AM and I have work tomorrow"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Me too"
Lucilla says, "you look beautiful in the ball gown"
KnightErrant admires Fellatrix's body.
Lucilla looks around for British Fox who she hopes will give her a lift home
GoblinBoy2 admires fellatrix as well
GoblinBoy2 wonders who the 2 are
abomire admires everybody.
BBBen exclaims, "The first is a legend we were reminded about in recent times by the game Malaise. The author of Moist... Scarlet Herring!"
BritishFox tries to avoid Lucilla as she's busily kissing BBBen behind the now empty podium
GoblinBoy2 says, "woohoo"
fellatrix exclaims, "Yay!"
DavidW says, "woah"
GoblinBoy2 applauds loudly
fellatrix cheers excessively
KaosLord exclaims, "Very deserving!"
KnightErrant exclaims, "Yay!"
100marvin great author
abomire exclaims, "Couldn't happen to a better guy! The game that is at the top of everyone's list - Moist!"
GoblinBoy2 wonders if anyone will give him a hand with all these trophies
KnightErrant wishes Scarlet Herring would write another game.
jaish says, "my first and favourite"
BritishFox will give him a hand, but not with the trophies
GoblinBoy2 asks, "oh?"
Lucilla says, "yeah, me too, would never have written a game without Moist"
KnightErrant asks, "Dismimbering your victims now, BritishFox?"
fellatrix says (to GoblinBoy2), "if you're having trouble holding all that money in your wallet, i can help you carry that."
BritishFox says, "lol, I have no victims, only ex- es"
GoblinBoy2 has no money, sadly
GoblinBoy2 says, "just awards...."
abomire asks, "Is that the same as excess?"
KaosLord says, "So who's the other winner"
KnightErrant says, "You could make money by selling awards."
GoblinBoy2 asks, "yeah, who??"
BritishFox says, "no, different. I have excess as well"
fellatrix glares at Goblin ... "It's not you, is it?"
BBBen exclaims, "And the second inductee is someone in our audience tonight, certainly one of the most deserving candidates to ever receive this award. He has won an array of Erins, he has created a large number of the community's top games, he's been active in the community and assisted many authors in designing their own games... A. Bomire!"
DavidW says, "woo!"
fellatrix Cheers loudly
GoblinBoy2 cheers
abomire exclaims, "shit!"
KnightErrant exclaims, "Go A. Bomire!"
Lucilla staggers over to Abomire and throws her arms around him
KaosLord Stands and applauds
KnightErrant cheers,
abomire exclaims, "I don't know what to say...literally!"
BBBen is weighed down by the giant award that he presents to A. Bomire.
GoblinBoy2 claps abomire on th back
jaish says, "now that was deserved"
Lucilla says, "I love you, well done"
fellatrix exclaims, "Woo!"
KaosLord points flame thrower at anyone not standing
GoblinBoy2 smiles happily
KnightErrant buys A. Bomire a drink.
abomire says, "To everyone who voted for me...thank you. From the bottom of my heart..thank you."
GoblinBoy2 says, "You're welcome ;)"
abomire exclaims, "Also, from the heart of my bottom as well!"
BritishFox strides over to abomire and shakes him warmly by the hand, pressing her phone number into his palm surreptitiously so that the Fairy doesn't see it
GoblinBoy2 says, "Yuck."
DavidW says, "ha ha"
GoblinBoy2 starts piling all the trophies into his pants
KaosLord asks, "Hey David, did you bring your cannon?"
BBBen says, "Thank you to all who showed up and hanged around, in some cases into the wee hours of the morning."
GoblinBoy2 says, "(obviously my pants lead to another dimension - how else would I fit my treasures in there??)"
Lucilla takes advantage of the proximity of British Fox and leans on her
Lucilla says, "lets go honey and I'll write you a good scene in the next game"
DavidW asks, "uh, different David, perhaps?"
jaish says, "untill you did that I was going to steal one of those"
abomire exclaims, "Oh yeah..I forgot...I grope GoblinBoy's left breast on the way to the podium!"
GoblinBoy2 says, "And thanks to BBBen for organising it all :)"
KaosLord uncrosses eyes
KaosLord says, "Oh yeah"
fellatrix cheers.
GoblinBoy2 bats his eyelids at abomire
abomire says, "Yes, thank you BBBen. I know this is a pain."
BritishFox supports Lucilla and shrugs
GoblinBoy2 applauds BBBen
DavidW cheers all the winners and organizers.
BBBen says, "It was a surprising pain, yes."
GoblinBoy2 says, "sorry."
BritishFox says, "what am I suppose to do? she's my writer, I've got to look after her"
jaish says, "yeah thanks man this was quite... entertaining"
KnightErrant says, "And thanks to everyone here, who makes this a real community."
100marvin asks, "now that the ceremony is over, I will say farewell until next year's awards. I am looking forward to all the new games for 2007. Maybe a new author will come forward to challenge GoblinBoy?"
KaosLord asks, "So who do I e-mail this transcript t?"
BBBen pinches Lucilla on the bottom, as if daring British Fox to retaliate.
GoblinBoy2 says, "Challenge Goblinboy/"
GoblinBoy2 asks, "CHALLENGE GOBLINBOY???"
KnightErrant says, "It's great to finally get to chat with some of the top people in AIF."
GoblinBoy2 asks, "Who would dare??"
matrixm says, "Well all, I'm off to work now... so long"
GoblinBoy2 winks
jaish says, "I'll dare"
BBBen says, "Email it to me."
BritishFox pinches Lucilla on the bottom too, and gives BBBen another kiss
matrixm kisses the ladies as he leaves
100marvin certainly not me!
fellatrix says, "maybe there should be a new award next year "Best new author to challenge GoblinBoy". and then Goblin can win it."
GoblinBoy2 says, "Good! Hopefully everyone ewill dare"
matrixm goes home.
KaosLord asks, "Your g-mail address?"
BBBen giggles like a school boy.
BritishFox picks Lucilla up under one arm, waves to the crew and trundles out
abomire kisses everyone. He's an equal opportunity molester.
BBBen says, "Yeah, my gmail address."
GoblinBoy2 says, "hehehe"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Well, I have to go to bed"
Lucilla says, "I love you all, thank you for a wonderful evening, hey, put me down"
KnightErrant exclaims, "Good night!"
Lucilla leaves the auditorium to the west.
BritishFox leaves the auditorium to the west.
jaish says, "night all"
GoblinBoy2 says, "Cheerio everyone. Thanks for your votes"
abomire exclaims, "See ya Lucilla!"
GoblinBoy2 says, "ANed tahnsk to the ladies for the gropes"
fellatrix waves a black rod with a rusty star on the end, and says "Xyzzy!"
GoblinBoy2 waves
fellatrix goes home.
GoblinBoy2 goes home.
abomire exclaims, "Goodbye, anyone who is left!"
abomire leaves the auditorium to the west.
100marvin goes home.
BBBen says, "Well, back to work on Pervert Action Crisis, I suppose."
KnightErrant says (to BBBen), "Thanks for setting all of this up."
BBBen says, "No problem. I've got to try and win some next year."
PurpleDragon goes home.
KaosLord says, "I'm out of here"
KnightErrant goes home.
jaish says, "well thanks for a most enjoyable morning guys, guess I should actualy finish something for next year"
BBBen waves to everyone.
KaosLord leaves the auditorium to the west.
DavidW says, "good show"
Integrity goes home.
BBBen says, "I would have made it more of an event, but I was caught up beta testing CW4."
DavidW says, "it happens."
BBBen says, "Anyway, tata all, thanks for showing up."
jaish says, "it was quite fun anyway"
DavidW says, "yeah"
jaish says, "bye bye"
jaish goes home.
BBBen goes home.

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