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2005 Erin Winners

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Game of the Year
Badman Memorial Award

blurbs by A. Bomire, A. Ninny, One-Eyed Jack and BBBen

Best Male Player-Character

PC (Tomorrow Never Comes by A. Bomire)

The hero of Tomorrow Never Comes is not James Bond. Instead he is simply a tech, working for Q and helping to build the gadgets that Bond is famous for. Just like any of us he wants to be like Bond, and the game gives him (and us) the chance. This helps to immerse the player in the game and identify with the character, as we discover the mission and find our feet just as the hero does.

Runner-up: Buzz (The Sex Artist by A. Ninny)
We are taken along on Buzz’s journey as he struggles to make it in the art world, while coping with his love life as well. We feel his pain as he sits through a boring opera, or spends his last dime for an expensive dinner in a French restaurant, while reveling in his joy when he finds willing participants to draw. While not every player may be an artist or currently have a girlfriend, the experiences of Buzz are very familiar to every one of us, and A. Ninny draws and paints them in a realistic manner.
3rd Place: David Fever (Fever Cabin by GoddoG)

4th Place: PC (Ideal Pacific Coast University by NewKid)
5th Place: PC (Crossworlds Part III – The Final Far Far Away Frontier by BBBen)

Best Female Player-Character

Lauren (Lauren's Awakening by TotalDirt)
Lauren earns this award for being the teenage schoolgirl we can relate to, even if we're not teenage girls.  Who doesn't remember what it is like to break out of our childhood shell, after all?  The quintessential girl-next-door, Lauren brings a latent desire to make that passionate break for freedom, and through her adventures in this game, she accomplishes just that.

Runner-up: Melissa (Choices, Decisions and Options by David Whyld)

Melissa’s story is the story of a girl caught up in circumstances beyond her control. A lesbian, she has fallen in love with her teacher only to discover that her teacher is involved with some rather unsavory characters. On top of this, she has problems with her home life as her parents are definitely against her alternative lifestyle. Set in a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style, the three stories outlining Melissa’s journey do a wonderful job of telling her story.

3rd Place: PC (Casting by fellatrix_uk)
4th Place: Rachel (Rachel’s Bad Day by Sly Dog)

Best Male Non-player Character

Calamaro (Tomorrow Never Comes by A. Bomire)
This fabulous James Bond villain has it all.  He's got the secret underwater lair, the evil (and incompetent) henchmen, the ultimate bad-guy weaponry, and the attitude (along with a certain degree of inferiority complex) to put it all together.  He's a great mixture of comic and frightening in Tomorrow Never Comes, which helps add character and interest to the climatic scenes of the game.

Runner-up: Sir Richard (Weekend by Pierre)

Sir Richard is the guy you love to hate. Manipulative and scheming, he epitomizes the callous big-business man – even down to sleeping with his secretary. It is this down-right nastiness that helps relate the story-line of Weekend in a way which isn’t morally objectionable. After all, your goal in the game (besides saving your father’s business) is to score with Sir Richard’s wife, his daughter and his secretary – all in the man’s own house. In the end, it feels not right but just that you get back at him in this manner.

3rd Place: Jim (The Sex Artist by A. Ninny)
4th Place: Professor Stone (Ideal Pacific Coast University by NewKid)

Best Female Non-player Character

Gertrude (Ideal Pacific Coast University by NewKid

NewKid’s depiction of the preacher’s daughter turned stripper (turned hot, steamy, sexual dynamo) is the latest in his presentation of tantalizing sexual encounters. Gertrude’s personality shift from haughty, hateful opposition to wanton sexual partner builds slowly over the course of the game. As a player, you find yourself getting agonizingly small tastes and bites of the full experience, always finding the next bit frustratingly out of reach until a little later in the game. NewKid is well known for his teasing characters, and Gertrude is a masterful representation.

Runner-up: Debbie (Crossworlds Part III – The Final Far Far Away Frontier by BBBen)
Debbie is by far the most popular character in the Crossworlds series, and BBBen brings the buxom sexpot (or should I say “sexbot”?) to life in this latest installment in a manner that we’ve all come to expect. Her bubbly personality is as infectious as her overt sexuality is hot.
3rd Place: Claire (The Sex Artist by A. Ninny)
4th Place: Lori (Fever Cabin by GoddoG)
5th Place: Cathy (The Reunion by Moriarty)
6th Place: Heidi (Pool Party by Christopher Cole and A. Bomire)

Best m/f Sex Scene

PC with Gertrude (Ideal Pacific Coast University by NewKid)

Gertrude is this year’s best female character (see Erin above) for a good reason – NewKid’s masterful use of tantalizing build-up leading to the final sexual encounter between the PC and Gertrude. NewKid leads you closer and closer to the ultimate exploration of your relationship with this hot temptress, keeping her charms just out of your reach until the denouement. It is this long, teasing build-up that makes this sexual encounter so hot, so steamy, so damned satisfying!

Runner-up: Buzz with Claire (The Sex Artist by A. Ninny)

Similar to NewKid’s long, slow build-up to the final sex scene above, A. Ninny also turns in an excellent teasing build-up to the final sex scene between the PC and Claire. An early encounter between the PC and Claire and the hot, sexy Toni gives you glimpses into how rawly sexual the final encounter will be, and it is no wonder that A. Ninny’s portrayal of this climactic scene finished so high in this category.

3rd Place: PC with Mona (Ideal Pacific Coast University by NewKid)
4th Place: PC with Janet (Tomorrow Never Comes by A. Bomire)
5th Place: PC with Heidi   (Pool Party by Christopher Cole and A. Bomire)
6th Place: PC with Amanda (Weekend by Pierre)

Best Lesbian Sex Scene

Betty with Veronica (Archie's Birthday - Chapter 1: Reggie's Gift by Purple Dragon)

Walk up to any American male and ask him “Betty or Veronica?” and he will instantly know who you are talking about. These two gorgeous archetypes have been the basis of almost as many arguments as “Ginger or Mary Ann?” In Purple Dragon’s first installment in his exploration of Riverdale, he does an excellent job of bringing these two girls to life. The scene is a well done voyeuristic exploration of these hot student’s exploration and discovery of each other.

Runner-up: Heidi with Alanna (Pool Party by Christopher Cole and A. Bomire)
Picture two of your best female friends.  Now picture standing outside a window and 'accidentally' looking through, only to witness the two of them going at it.  Surprise would be your obvious reaction, followed by your  arousal at seeing two hot babes having sex.   Both of these reactions are woven carefully into a scene that presents exactly this scenario.  It's a scene partially about how the PC feels at witnessing this and partially about the can't-look-away-too-horny details of a well done sex scene.
3rd Place: Lauren with Ashley (Lauren's Awakening by TotalDirt)
4th Place: Lauren with Hannah (Lauren's Awakening by TotalDirt)
5th Place: PC with Anna (Casting by fellatrix_uk)

Best Orgy Sex Scene

David with Lori and Kim (Fever Cabin by GoddoG)
Wow! – that is the word that best sums up this amazingly complex and varied scene by GoddoG. If you can imagine a sexual interaction, it is covered in this scene – as well as many, many more you would never imagine! Beyond the usual suspects, this scene involves sex with hair, feet, hands, toes, fruit, candles, hair brushes, a stuffed toy, chocolate…the list just goes on and on (and on, and on). This scene could easily become an epic milestone in AIF history – one of those things that simply has to be witnessed and experienced.

Runner-up: PC with Tina and Tonya (Ideal Pacific Coast University by NewKid)

One of author NewKid’s many talents is his ability to take what is otherwise a seemingly overdone topic and make it fresh and new. In this scene, the hero encounters (and, of course, conquers) two bored cheerleaders. The magic that is NewKid turns this overworked fantasy into something new as you slowly work up the girl’s libidos in an erotic striptease.

3rd Place: Malcolm with Verrin and Hensley (Escape Pod by LoveLettersToLove)
4th Place: Buzz with Liz and Jim (The Sex Artist by A. Ninny)
5th Place: Buzz with Toni and Claire (The Sex Artist by A. Ninny)

Best Sex Overall

Ideal Pacific Coast University (NewKid)

With two nominations in Best Heterosexual Scene (winning for the PC with Getrude) and being a runner-up in Best Threesome/Orgy, is it any wonder that NewKid’s latest epic won the category of Best Sex Overall? His combination of tantalizing tease and scintillating sex sizzles in scene after scene – the shower scene with the tennis pro, the erotic reading with the literary teacher, the sorority girls…just to name a few!

Runner-up: The Sex Artist (A. Ninny)

In this game, A. Ninny brings us the unique perspective of an erotic artist who gets caught up in his work – literally! The author brings Buzz (and you) along on the journey as he entices models for his art, and shows them just how fun modeling can be! The twosome/threesome/twosome between Jim, Liz and Buzz is just one example of the hot and steamy scenes that can be found in this game.

3rd Place: Pool Party (Christopher Cole and A. Bomire)
4th Place: The Reunion (Moriarty)
5th Place: Crossworlds Part III – The Final Far Far Away Frontier (BBBen)

Best Writing

Tomorrow Never Comes (A. Bomire)

The writing in Tomorrow Never Comes is so deft and so immersive that you almost forget you are playing a game.  The scenery is incredibly rich, the characters vibrant and the story so suspenseful that we get carried along with the action.  A. Bomire really captures the essence and sensuality of the Bond genre. This is palpable in scenes like the one where Janet and the PC are hiding together in a hospital bathroom while their interview subject is being murdered right outside.

Runner-up: Ideal Pacific Coast University (NewKid)
What makes NewKid’s games so wonderful to play are the memorable characters he creates. There are no rubber-stamped buxom bimbos in his games. The southern belle Veronique speaks in a style reminiscent of magnolia trees and plantations, while the straight-talking feminist Denise takes charge. It is a tribute to his writing skills that even the minor characters (such as the infamous sun bathing chick or the bookstore clerk) are written in a way that make them interesting – we truly want to know who they are.
3rd Place: The Sex Artist (A. Ninny)
4th Place: Fever Cabin (GoddoG)
5th Place: The Reunion (Moriarty)

Best Technical Implementation

Tomorrow Never Comes (A. Bomire)

A. Bomire practically owns the "Best Technical Implementation" award for his polished games, but Tomorrow Never Comes was particularly exceptional. TNC is so ambitious and at the same time so crafted that almost seems inappropriate to put it on the same level with ordinary AIF, rather than professional production.  Of particular interest are several unprecedented and technically precise scenes: a car chase and a mid-air freefall, both done perfectly and with great interactive feeling.

Runner-up: Ideal Pacific Coast University (NewKid)

The true test of a bug-free game is that players don’t even notice it. They don’t realize the hours of frustration and sweat that goes into making some of the seemingly simplest scenes – which is exactly how it should be. The strip club scene in Ideal Pacific Coast University comes off exactly how a strip club should – dancers appear on stage, they wander the crowd, you can even buy a little time for yourself with them. But no-one plays those scenes and thinks of just how complicated bringing all of that off in realistic way truly is. This is what marks a truly great technical game.

3rd Place:  Fever Cabin (GoddoG)
4th Place: Escape Pod (LoveLettersToLove)
5th Place: The Sex Artist (A. Ninny)

Most Innovative Game

Tomorrow Never Comes (A. Bomire)
Tomorrow Never Comes contains clever game sequences rarely seen in AIF that are straight out of a Bond film. Jumping out of planes, racing along in car chases, disarming bombs, all these things are dealt with in game rather than simply in text. As a consequence of this extra attention to immersivity and interactivity, the game is an involved, action-packed Bond game rather than just a piece of fan-fiction.

Runner-up: Choices (David Whyld)

With the release of Choices (and its sequels: Decisions and Options), David Whyld re-introduces the world of AIF to a new style: CYOA, or Choose-Your-Own-Adventure. There was one game released several years ago in this style, but other than that this is virtually untouched territory. Not only does David Whyld bring a new type of game to the scene, but he does it in a memorable manner -Melissa’s story is captivating and intriguing.

3rd Place: Fever Cabin (GoddoG)
4th Place: Weekend (Pierre)
5th Place: Ideal Pacific Coast University (NewKid)
6th Place: The Reunion (Moriarty)

Best Use of Multimedia

Tomorrow Never Comes (A. Bomire)
The limited but ingenious use of multimedia in Tomorrow Never Comes perfectly compliments the story.  The game begins with an opening graphic/music sequence (the Bond spotlight and gunshot) and then each subsequent change in major scenery (when the PC travels to a new location) is accompanied by an appropriate graphic and sound, like a photo of Monte Carlo from the air.  This works perfectly with the linear construction of the game, helping us punctuate and separate the various settings and scenes.

Runner-up: Fever Cabin (GoddoG)

GoddoG’s story of a man trapped inside his own TV is a surreal journey, and the story is only made even more surreal by the inclusion of several pictures and sounds. The pictures don’t overwhelm the player, while the sounds are enhancing without being distracting. And who doesn’t hear the opening sound without being transported back to earlier days of television? (Well, for those of us old enough to remember it!)

3rd Place: X-Men: First Day at the Institute (Captain_Cranky_Pants)

Best Puzzles
Ideal Pacific Coast University (NewKid)

NewKid is the author of some of the most challenging games in AIF. He comes through yet again with his latest offering. Each girl in the game has her own challenging “solution” to experience her charms, and it is all blended together into the overriding story to create a tapestry of puzzles that is uniquely NewKid’s style. Who else besides NewKid would create puzzles such as which girl is actually available?

Runner-up: Tomorrow Never Comes (A. Bomire)
The strength of the puzzles in Tomorrow Never Comes is how tightly they are integrated with the story.  They are exactly the puzzles that James Bond would have to defeat in order to survive this game.  In this, they are not so much puzzles - rather they are instances of heightened suspense.  Disarming a bomb, defeating the menacing bad guy in cards, surviving being abandoned in a crashing aircraft, surviving the murderous attentions of Ms. Big, and finally, destroying the underwater lair of Calamaro.  These are all examples of  what the player must do to win this game, and all these puzzles are designed and written to enhance the suspensefulness and interest in the game.
3rd Place: The Reunion (Moriarty)
4th Place: Fever Cabin (GoddoG)
5th Place: Weekend (Pierre)

Best Humor

Crossworlds Part III – The Final Far Far Away Frontier (BBBen)

This game is reminiscent of some of the great spoofs done by Mel Brooks. There are references to many classic science fiction themes such as "Star Trek" and  "Star Wars." What makes it even better is that author BBBen doesn’t hit you over the head with the references – they are subtly interwoven into the story in a way that you may not even notice them. All in all, a very funny game.

Runner-up: Ideal Pacific Coast University (NewKid)

The comedy in NewKid’s game (like most other aspects of the game) is presented through the character dialogues. These characters are reminders of people we have met and/or known throughout our lives, presented as comedic caricatures. From the bored cheerleaders, Tina and Tonya, to the muscle-bound football jock, Diesel – these are familiar people to us. But they aren’t over-the-top versions, just subtle reminders of their real-life counterparts.

3rd Place: Crawler's Delight (A. Trolll)
4th Place: Fever Cabin (GoddoG)
5th Place: The Reunion (Moriarty)

Best New Author


GoddoG has long been a part of the AIF community. Then he seemed to disappear a few years ago, only to burst back onto the scene in a major way with his epic tale Fever Cabin. The game is well-written and polished, while also providing a very innovative story. Let’s not forget the truly epic orgy scene at the end – destined to become an AIF classic!

Runner-up: Moriarty

In Reunion, Moriarty starts us off with a different take on a familiar theme. Usually, it is the boyfriend who wants to play the field in AIF games, but this time it's the protagonist's girlfriend who is getting the “seven year itch”. This is just one of the twists and turns this game takes during a very odd weekend at a beach resort, a weekend that includes pirates, jungle maidens, “Girls Gone Wild”-like auditions, as well as the usual sorts of activities you find at a high school reunion.

3rd Place: fellatrix_uk
4th Place: Captain_Cranky_Pants

Best Beta-Tester

A. Ninny

Beta-testing is easy; any player can tell you when your game has problems. Good beta-testing is finding those bugs and problems that your typical player will seldom find. Great beta-testing is finding those bugs and problems that no-one notices and presents them in clear and easy to follow formats. This is the work of A. Ninny. As runner up A. Bomire noted during the Erin’s ceremony “Working with A. Ninny is like working with one of those guys from CSI. I swear he has special lights and powders that lets him peer into the corners of your game to see problems no one else can see.”

Runner-up: A. Bomire
A. Bomire's great strength as a beta-tester is his amazing ability to isoloate the causes of bugs.  This is especially invaluable in games with complicated and layered cause-event-result structures like NewKid's Ideal Pacific Coast University.  What A. Bomire can do is to piece-by-piece, element-by-element, eliminate potential causes of the bug until the true cause is exposed.  Besides this, he offers great constructive criticism and smart, useful suggestions as well.
3rd Place (tie): Richard Gillingham, Germ Waster, Rob Loggie, Emily James

Best Game of the Year

Ideal Pacific Coast University (NewKid)

Nominated in just about every other category, and winner of 4 other Erins including Best Sex Overall and Best Puzzles, it is truly no wonder that NewKid’s triumphant return has taken AIF’s top honor – Best Game. This game truly has it all – humor, story, wonderful characters, brain-teasing puzzles and, of course, hot, steamy sex! For those players who were around when NewKid wrote other great titles like Generic New York Apartment Building and Ideal New England High School, this is a return of the master. For the rest, you will definitely see why NewKid is considered a founding father of modern AIF.

Runner-up: Tomorrow Never Comes (A. Bomire)
Quite a bit has been said in the blurbs for this game in lots of other categories.  It won in six of those categories, making it the most decorated game this year.  The best thing that can be said about it is that it combines great sex writing with amazing storytelling and fantastic technical achievement.  A. Bomire is one of the premier AIF authors and he shows with Tomorrow Never Comes why that is the case and why he deserves the kudos and awards he has received.
3rd Place: Fever Cabin (GoddoG)
4th Place: The Sex Artist (A. Ninny)
5th Place: Pool Party (Christopher Cole and A. Bomire)

Badman Memorial Award

Christopher Cole

It's one thing to be prolific, another altogether to be both prolific and GOOD, which is exactly what Christopher Cole is.  His writing is sharp and inspired, evoking powerful images with just the right amount of words to let the imagination run wild while the eyes lay riveted to the screen.  His characters are vivid and the situations he creates sit just on the edge of fantasy, here everything feels like it really could happen to you on some very, very fine day.  There was a time when Chris Cole carried AIF on his back. A time when he was essentially the only person writing AIF, keeping the genre alive when evil unnamed forces would have buried it beneath steaming piles of ineptitude.  And he also helped usher in a "new age" of AIF by creating numerous support and discussions communities where the scene has thrived ever since.

<>So congratulations to Christopher Cole, a true AIF stud.


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