2005 Home Page
The following is the edited transcript of the Erin Awards ceremony held on the 30th of January, 2006. This ceremony was hosted by One-Eyed Jack on the ifMUD. We pick up the action at the official beginning of the ceremony. Before this point there was a bit of chatter between some of the early guests; OEJ mentioned that he was not wearing pants, BBBen mentioned that he was getting ready for work and that Debbie had stood him up, Grimm Sharlak mentioned that he was at work and hence might go quiet for periods, and Chris Cole mentioned that he was watching Raw in the background. Note: Guest2 is NewKid, and DavidW is not David Whyld, but a totally different David W.

One-EyedJack says, "Alright, I'd like to officially welcome everyone to the 2006 AIFA Awards"
BBBen applauds.
Guest2 says, "applaud"
DavidW claps
GrimmSharlak cheers.
Guest2 applaud
abomire claps wildly and whistles.
chriscole nods languidly
One-EyedJack says, "The Erin's are the legacy of the AIF world, like a monument
or a really nasty case of herpes. Something that will stay with us forever"
At this point there was an odd, lengthy bit of MUD chatter that distracted from OEJ’s intro and has been edited out.
Guest2 asks, "emote<NewKid>goes WTF?"
One-EyedJack says, "I actually prepared an erotic song and dance number to open the show, but it got just a little TOO hot and now the pages of my notebook are all stuck together"
GrimmSharlak says, "The timing of that was a little strange..."
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>No Kidding."
GrimmSharlak is suddenly glad he's not in the running... Ew.
abomire scratches his head.
One-EyedJack dances in an erotic manner
DavidW says, "ha ha"
BBBen wolf whisltes at OEJ.
abomire throws dollar bills at OEJ
GrimmSharlak hoots and hollers!
Guest2 is mesmerized.
PurpleDragon says, "take it off."
BBBen says, "He never put it on."
One-EyedJack says, "please, don't throw the money, stick it in the G-String"
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>Ewww."
chriscole exclaims, "doh!"
abomire exclaims, "Some things I *will* not do. But that's not one of them!"
GrimmSharlak says, "Uhhhh, I left my money in my other pants..."
PurpleDragon says, "I wish I had"
BBBen says, "I left my money in OEJ's other pants."
One-EyedJack says, "The player character is an incredibly important part of AIF.
In an interactive envirnment, you are the PC and the PC is you. Immersion is everything"
One-EyedJack says, "and so that's why a good PC is so important"
DavidW says, ">immerse PC"
One-EyedJack says, "which leads to our first award, for Best Male PC"
One-EyedJack asks, "hmmm, should I name the nominees or just say the winners?"
GrimmSharlak says, "I wouldn't mind hearing the nominees again..."
BBBen says, "Runner up and winner was what we did last year."
BBBen says, "But it's your show."
chriscole says, "I'm gonna load up the nominees in another window"
Guest2 asks, "<NewKid>Where is a good list of nominees?"
One-EyedJack says, "ok, the full list will be released after anyway, so I'll just say the top three or so"
DavidW says, "The ballot is what I'm looking at."
PurpleDragon says, "If you voted you know anyway."
BBBen crosses his fingers.
One-EyedJack says, "coming in third place, we have David Fever of Fever Cabin"
GrimmSharlak applauds.
BBBen says, "http://erins.aifcommunity.org/"
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Woot!"
BBBen applauds.
DavidW claps
One-EyedJack says, "Placing second, we have the Man with no name, from Ideal Pacific Coast University"
chriscole says, "I got a fever, and the only thing that can cure it is more cowbell"
BBBen cheers.
DavidW applauds.
abomire claps for GoddoG (or is it -3-?)
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Missed it by THAT much!"
One-EyedJack says, "an the WINNA is"
One-EyedJack says, "oh wait"
GrimmSharlak hushes in anticipation.
abomire claps NewKid on the back.
One-EyedJack says, "err I mess up already"
chriscole laughs
PurpleDragon says, "that's ok, we still love ya."
One-EyedJack says, "Newkids guy was actually 4th place, sorry about that"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "That's a shame!"
GrimmSharlak says, "Not a bad PC at all..."
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>Missed it by THAT THAT THAT much....<g>"
One-EyedJack says, "in Second place, is Buzz from the Sex Artist"
abomire takes hand away from NewKid's back and looks sheepish.
BBBen says, "I came last."
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Ah, of course, Buzz!"
One-EyedJack says, "and the WINNA is"
abomire says, "Good job, Ninny, whereever you are!""
DavidW says, "yay"
riishl arrives from the west.
chriscole says, "that's what my girlfriend always says BBBen"
One-EyedJack exclaims, "The REAL man with no name, from Tomorrow Never
BBBen says, "I didn't know you knew about the two of us..."
One-EyedJack says, "Congratulations A Bomire"
chriscole laughs
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Huzzah!"
DavidW claps!
BBBen cheers for A Bomire.
chriscole claps
GrimmSharlak hums the Bond theme.
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Hoorah!"
abomire exclaims, "Good grief! Are you kidding? I thought I'd get creamed by
David Fever or IPCU!"
BBBen says, "Well, you didn't."
PurpleDragon says, "Look and that, talented and humble."
chriscole says, "it's the Bond factor"
BBBen says, "I did."
abomire says, "Thanks a lot everyone who voted for me."
One-EyedJack says, "and hung like a gorilla"
DavidW says, "congrats A Bomire"
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>I wouldn't think so. Your guy had a genuine character. Mine was intentionally vanilla, so I was surprised to be nominated."
One-EyedJack says, "nothing wrong with vanilla, they are easy to identify with, but Bomire's character was great"
BBBen says, "Mine was intentionally vanilla too - I was surprised to be
GrimmSharlak says, "Nothing like a world-travelling, woman-bedding super spy to epitomise our favourite type of NPC."
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Ooops, PC!"
abomire says, "A lot of that goes to Lucilla Frost, who helped make sure my guy was 'British' enough."
BBBen says, "Especially since I didn't nominate myself at all this time round."
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>My kinda guy in general."
One-EyedJack says, "Okay, the second award is for the best FEMALE Player Character"
BBBen exclaims, "Woohoo!"
Guest2 says, "Hubba hubba"
GrimmSharlak says, "Here we go..."
One-EyedJack says, "In third place, we have the girl with no name, from Casting"
BBBen says, "I liked her."
GrimmSharlak says, "Multiple costumes = thumbs up."
One-EyedJack says, "by Fellatrix_uk by the way"
abomire exclaims, "Great job for a first game!"
BBBen says, "And in an unusual platform."
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Much love for Inform from me!"
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>I'm not sure I played any of these. But with a name like fellatrix_UK, I'll have to give it a whirl."
GrimmSharlak says, "Not that I'd ever actual program in it..."
One-EyedJack says, "The runner-up is Melissa, from Choices, Decisions, and Options"
One-EyedJack says, "By David Whyld"
GrimmSharlak says, "Ah, a character I'm quite familiar with..."
BBBen asks, "You've reviewed all those games, haven't you Grimm?"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "I think everyone identified with her need to bed hot women!"
GrimmSharlak says, "I think I skipped Decisions, but returned for Options."
One-EyedJack says, "And the WINNER is..."
One-EyedJack says, "Laura from Laura's Awakening"
abomire chews his nails.
GrimmSharlak says, "Applauds."
One-EyedJack says, "by TotalDirt"
BBBen cheers for TotalDirt.
GrimmSharlak oops, applauds.
chriscole claps
DavidW cheers
BBBen asks, "Is TotalDirt here?"
abomire claps for TotalDirt.
One-EyedJack exclaims, "Congratulations to TotalDirt, who lives up to his name by not even showing up for his goddamn award!"
Guest2 Newkid cheers happily.
chriscole laughs
One-EyedJack says, "just kidding, I love you all"
abomire says, "I think you are thinking of 'Totally Dirty'"
BBBen asks, "But me especially, right OEJ?"
One-EyedJack Winks at BBBen
BBBen blushes.
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>That's not LOVE, BBBen..."
BBBen says, "You don't understand us."
abomire asks, "Is it wrong that I'm turned on by that?"
One-EyedJack says, "what we have transcends love"
GrimmSharlak says, "To close the show: heartfelt duet with OEJ and BBBen."
BBBen says, "Debbie didn't show - I'm projecting onto other people."
<A_Ninny> A_Ninny has connected to ifMUD.
A_Ninny arrives from the west.
DavidW says, "hey A_Ninny"
BBBen exclaims, "Ah, Ninny!"
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Well, about damn time!"
chriscole waves at Ninny
A_Ninny says, "whew"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Ah, the organiser!"
A_Ninny says, "made"
A_Ninny says, "it"
abomire exclaims (at A_Ninny), "Howdy!"
BBBen says, "We've only done two awards, and some flirting."
A_Ninny exclaims, "FLIRTING! WOOHOO!!"
One-EyedJack says, "The next category is for the MEAT of AIF. The things that keep you coming back until your palms are raw and erotic synonyms are emblazoned on your pupils"
One-EyedJack says, "the NPCs"
chriscole says, "please no more homosexual jokes while I'm watching wrestling"
A_Ninny waves
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>BBB and OEJ have done the flirting, ABomire has matusbated furiously during it all."
A_Ninny says, "figures."
BBBen laughs at Chris Cole.
DavidW asks, "olive oil wrestling?"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Dammit, Cole, we don't get to watch wrestling here for another 24 or so hours!"
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>And BTW, MEat is not nominated."
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>Damn shift key."
chriscole says, "I'll stay mum about the results"
One-EyedJack says, "Best Male NPC is up next"
PurpleDragon says, "I'm going to try this once and see if it works.  Cutting and pasting the nomminees.  If it doesn't, please forgive.  -   -   -   1. Professor Stone (Ideal Pacific Coast University)-"
PurpleDragon says, "oops"
PurpleDragon says, "sorry"
BBBen says, "Unusual award, best male NPC."
BBBen says, "Oh, LoveLettersToLove seems to be here."
chriscole says, "this should be a close race"
One-EyedJack says, "Coming in third place, we have Jim from the Sex Artist"
A_Ninny says, "BTW, I forgot to bring home my list of the winners, so I'm going to be as surprised as everyone else :p"
GrimmSharlak says, "I think there's a place for them, especially with more female PCs"
DavidW claps for Jim
A_Ninny exclaims, "yay Jim!"
A_Ninny says, "I knew he could do it."
One-EyedJack says, "remember horn-dogs, not all NPCs have to be sex related"
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>Hey, some of us wated a lot of time, er, put in a lot of time on thse guys."
chriscole says, "I enjoy a well-written male NPC (in a non-sexual way)"
GrimmSharlak applauds Jimbo
abomire gives a thumbs-up to A. Ninny.
BBBen says, "What about Bruno in CW3? Not even a nomination."
BBBen pats A. Ninny on the back.
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Don't worry about the results, CC, I get read the recap's to see if it's WORTH watching!"
One-EyedJack says, "The runner up, is Sir Richard, from Weekend"
DavidW claps
One-EyedJack says, "by Pierre, btw"
A_Ninny applauds
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>Ooooh. Adam speaks again."
GrimmSharlak applauds politely.
abomire whistles.
GrimmSharlak says, "That Adam is a tormented soul, indeed."
LLTL arrives from the west.
One-EyedJack says, "And the Male NPC, who comes HARD for the Win"
A_Ninny says, "Hiya LL2L"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Greetings, really long name!"
BBBen welcomes LLTL
GrimmSharlak guffaws.
chriscole wave at LLTL
One-EyedJack exclaims, "Calamaro, from Tomorrow Never Comes!"
abomire nods politely to LLTL
chriscole exclaims, "wahoo!"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Hail to the villain!"
DavidW says, "cool!"
BBBen cheers for A. Bomire.
LLTL says, "hello A_Ninny"
One-EyedJack says, "Congrats again Bomire"
Guest2 NewKid applauds.
GrimmSharlak says, "Bomire off to a strong start..."
A_Ninny says, "Congratulations, AB"
GrimmSharlak says, "Congrats again, AB"
abomire says, "Thanks again everyone! Calamaro was a character I really enjoyed writing."
LLTL says, "Hello everybody.  Sorry I'm late."
A_Ninny cues sinister music
PurpleDragon says, "Villians are always fun."
One-EyedJack says, "I liked him but his name always reminds me of that time I ate bad squid at a sushi bar"
chriscole says, "it reminds me of the big truck from Simpsons"
PurpleDragon says, "Well, he did have an underwater lair."
Guest2 asks, "<NewKid>Bad squid? You mean there is good squid?"
One-EyedJack says, "Good point"
abomire says, "I stole the name from squid - I think it is 'squid' in Italian or Portugeuse. I can't remember."
chriscole says, "I think a good squid fought Godzilla one time"
GrimmSharlak says, "I enjoy calamari, dammit..."
One-EyedJack says, "The Next category is something near and dear to all of our hearts, or maybe, more aptly, a different part of our anatomy"
A_Ninny says, "and there was a big squid motif in his lair of bad-doing"
One-EyedJack says, "Best FEMALE NPC"
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>It's Calamari."
BBBen hoots.
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>But Calamaro sounds more sinister."
GrimmSharlak says, "Brrrrrrring on the laaaaadies."
chriscole says, "Admiral Ackbar was a Mon Calamari"
A_Ninny <-- stomach rumbling at the thought of calamari
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Woot! Woot!"
One-EyedJack says, "Tramping up third place, we have Claire from the Sex Artist"
GrimmSharlak ooohs.
chriscole stares at the cleavage of all the nominated female NPCs
GrimmSharlak says, "She was... Awesome."
DavidW ahhhs
A_Ninny says, "the dame of the opera..."
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Woot! Again I say, Woot!"
One-EyedJack says, "Walking into second with a sultry sway, we have Debbie from Crossworlds, part III"
A_Ninny says, "... and the vacuum cleaner"
BBBen says, "See - second place. THAT's why Debbie stood me up."
DavidW says, "ha"
LLTL says, "Congrats about Claire A_Ninny"
abomire asks, "Maybe she'll be at one of the after parties?"
GrimmSharlak asks, "Where's the "More Debbie Please" fanclub this year?"
chriscole says, "she's come a long way"
Guest2 asks, "<NewKid>Who told her in advance?"
BBBen says, "She'll be at ALL of the after parties."
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>No, she's come a lot of ways..."
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Congrats to Ninny and BBBen!"
One-EyedJack says, "and Screwing her way to the top of the charts and the bottom of our hearts, we have Gertrude from IPCU"
abomire congratulates Ninny.
LLTL says, "Debbie is great."
One-EyedJack says, "Congrats Newkid"
abomire congratulates BBBen as well.
DavidW claps!
GrimmSharlak bows to NewKid.
A_Ninny says, "Congrats NewKid"
BBBen cheers Newkid.
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>Thank you."
abomire says, "Congrats from me as well, NK. Good job on a really well written character!""
chriscole congratulates all the losing NPCs backstage, privately
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>She started as a throwaway. But I just kept expanding her role."
LLTL clap
BBBen says, "As she expanded your..."
A_Ninny guffaws
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Heh!"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Can't get enough double entendres!"
abomire says, "Odd how some of the best characters work out that way."
GrimmSharlak chuckles along...
BBBen exclaims, "In-you-end-oh!"
One-EyedJack says, "The next category is something we all know and love... or even if you don't know it, you still probably love it"
Guest2 asks, "<NewKid>BBB, I don't do that in my games, remember?"
BBBen says, "Good point."
One-EyedJack says, "I mean, the way a man and a woman physical express
themselves when they are in love, or come to a mutually satisfying financial arrangement"
BBBen points to his good point.
One-EyedJack says, "I mean, the best hetero sex scene in AIF"
GrimmSharlak cues up the 70's porn music.
chriscole says, "I just wanted to be the first one to say 'cock'"
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Yay! Vanilla Sex!"
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>It can be so spicy@"
abomire laughs at GrimmSharlak.
A_Ninny says, "you can't say 'cock' here"
A_Ninny gives Chris a SUH
One-EyedJack says, "heating up the third position, we have the PC and Mona, from IPCU"
chriscole says, "I don't know the word 'cock'"
BBBen exclaims, "You just said cock. Oh no! I said cock! Aarg!"
A_Ninny says, "I don't think there's any need for language like that."
GrimmSharlak reflects on the memories...
chriscole exclaims, "Mona!"
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Wow, my random blowjob generatron unit get some recognition!"
BBBen says, "My games don't give that message any more."
abomire congratulates NewKid.
BBBen cheers for Newkid.
abomire exclaims, "Heh-heh....you said 'unit'!"
One-EyedJack says, "Breaking the bedsprings at #2, we have Buzz and Claire from the Sex Artist"
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Srpoing!"
chriscole says, "I don't know how to stick your cock in her ass"
BBBen cheers slightly louder for A Ninny.
chriscole exclaims, "Claire!"
abomire says, "Good job, Ninny!""
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Or, more accurately, Sproing!"
LLTL fidgets.
GrimmSharlak cheers the runner-ups. Both excellent scenes!
A_Ninny says, "thanks, everyone"
PurpleDragon says, "congrats AN."
One-EyedJack exclaims, "and the premier pinnacle of pussy pounding, the winner of best Heterosexual Sex scene, we have the PC and Gertrude, also from IPCU!!"
A_Ninny says, "that was a fun scene to write - I just wish I had more time before the comp deadline to make it better"
BBBen cheers for Newkid again.
A_Ninny says, "WOOHOO! YAY NK"
DavidW applauds!
One-EyedJack says, "congrats to NewKid"
chriscole claps loudly
chriscole asks, "BTW, how many voters did we have this year?"
abomire says, "Yay NK!""
Guest2 asks, "<NewKid>Well now, you folks really liked Cheyenne, now didn't you?"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Almost a given after she one best NPC, but well deserved anyways!"
A_Ninny says, "we had 30 voters"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Urgh, can't spell!"
BBBen asks, "What's that? About 6 more than last year?"
A_Ninny says, "About."
chriscole says, "4000+ members at the archive, 30 voters"
LLTL applauds.
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>I actually thought I was gonna be sunk in this category, with two noms."
abomire exclaims, "Wait...I voted for Cheyenne, not Gertrude!"
GrimmSharlak says, "Sweet, by 2050 we'll have 100 voters..."
A_Ninny says, "I think about 100 peeps downloaded the ballot"
GrimmSharlak notes: calculations may not be accurate.
BBBen says, "Bollocks to the non-voters."
A_Ninny says, "that just makes us actual voters louder."
BBBen asks, "Were there any hanging chad issues?"
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>Hey, I didn't vote myself. I was nominated too much, and had not played enough games."
One-EyedJack says, "While I can't say I've ever experienced the next category, and can sure as hell say I do LIKE IT! And never let it be said that the AIF community doesn't support alternate lifestyle, especially when that lifestyles..."
LLTL says, "Wow, that's a worse voter turnout then U.S. elections."
One-EyedJack says, "especially when that lifestyle involves two hotties going down on each other in a hot tub"
A_Ninny giggles at LL2L
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>We need more Iraqis..."
BBBen exclaims, "Yeeehaaaw!"
abomire asks, "What fun is it to vote if you can't vote for yourself at least once?"
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>AIF could give new meaning to the Pruple Finger....."
One-EyedJack says, "the Next Category is for best Lesbian sex scene"
BBBen exclaims, "Hotties in hot tubs!"
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Lesbos, Lesbos....!"
GrimmSharlak asks, "Hmmm, 80's porn music or 90's...?"
chriscole exclaims, "hot!"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Got it!"
abomire asks, "Uh..hottie tubs?"
GrimmSharlak cues up the Xena: Warrior Princess theme.
chriscole says, "1690's porn music"
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>Go with 90s"
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>NO, that's better!"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Holy crap that's an old joke, I apologise!"
One-EyedJack says, "Coming long, and coming hard, into third place, we have Lauren and Ashley from Lauren's awakening"
GrimmSharlak hooty hoo's.
BBBen applauds.
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>Coming long and hard doesn't work for this. Coming repeatedly in theird place..."
chriscole says, "I'd buy that for a dollar"
abomire aplauds for TotalDirt, then see he didn't show and stops.
Guest2 NewKid pants heavily.
chriscole nods languidly
BBBen exclaims, "Yeah! Robocop reference! Good job, CC!"
chriscole exclaims, "Robocop rules!"
One-EyedJack says, "They had to munch a lot of carpet to get there, but reaching number 2 we have Heidi with Alanna in Pool Party"
BBBen says, "I'm such a nerd. Maybe that's why Debbie didn't show."
chriscole says, "holy shit"
LLTL quietly sneaks away from podium.
A_Ninny says, "Congrats AB and CC"
BBBen cheers for the masters, AB and CC.
Guest2 says, "Oh, I'da voted for that one if I had voted...."
GrimmSharlak is surprised this is the first appearance of Pool Party.
abomire says, "Good job, CC (who wrote that scene)."
LLTL cheers.
chriscole says, "I was a little surprised by how much Heidi was nominated."
One-EyedJack exclaims, "And lapping up the juices of love at #1, we have Betty and Veronica from Archie's Birthday!!!"
BBBen withdraws his congratulations for AB, who has enough acclaim as it is.
A_Ninny says, "Rochelle probably should have gotten a nod."
chriscole says, "my most homely character"
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Why? Heidi rocks!"
One-EyedJack says, "Congrats Purple Dragon"
DavidW says, "yay B&V"
A_Ninny exclaims, "Congrats Purple Dragon!"
BBBen says, "I liked Heidi."
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Congrats, Purple Dragon!"
PurpleDragon says, "Thank you all"
A_Ninny exclaims, "Yeah, but Rochelle is the MILF!"
BBBen cheers for Purple Dragon.
LLTL says, "She was a good character, Chris."
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>A Good year for Betty and Veronica. They were in IPCU as well."
chriscole says, "Betty and Veronica fantasies finally fulfilled"
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>Just not nearly as interestingly."
chriscole says, "film at 11"
abomire exclaims, "Hooray for Purple Dragon!"
BBBen pats Purple Dragon on the back.
PurpleDragon says, "Maybe one day we'll see them in a hetro scene."
A_Ninny asks, "How's the next chapter coming along, PD?"
LLTL says, "Good work PD."
DavidW says, "That's chapter 2"
A_Ninny holds out his tape recorder
BBBen says, "We'd better."
One-EyedJack says, "We of the AIF community honor history, and in this next category, we recognize the admirable legacies left behind by such Luminaries as Caligula and Aleister Crowley"
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>Please."
PurpleDragon says, "Slowly"
BBBen asks, "Is this thing lagging for anyone else?"
GrimmSharlak says, "Yeah, I'm definitely hanging out for the rest..."
PurpleDragon says, "Yes"
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>yep."
A_Ninny says, "A bit of a lag there"
GrimmSharlak says, "It was, but it's okay now."
One-EyedJack says, "I'm talking about best Orgy or 3-some"
BBBen exclaims, "Oh my god! Orgies!"
GrimmSharlak gasps.
A_Ninny exclaims, "WHERE!"
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>I love these. When someone else writes them!"
One-EyedJack says, "Same here Newkid"
A_Ninny says, "oh, orgies.  I thought you meant ogres"
PurpleDragon says, "Didn't get a lot of feedback on that one but there is a 3-some in the works anyway."
Guest2 asks, "<NewKid>HOw about an ogre orgy?"
One-EyedJack says, "HOT"
chriscole says, "orgies are definitely headache inducing"
BBBen laughs at A Ninny.
A_Ninny asks, "Wasn't that the deal in timberwulf's game?"
abomire says, "Coming up in 'Shrek 3'"
Guest2 asks, "<NewKid>You mean Shrek 3Some?"
chriscole asks, "is that a 10 foot club in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"
One-EyedJack says, "Circlejerking their way into third place, we have Malcolm with Verrin and Hensley from Escape Pod"
A_Ninny spits coke on monitor
abomire exclaims, "Uh...I do now!"
BBBen says, "I wrote an mfff once. Orgies are difficult."
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>Too easyt. Soemone had to do it."
One-EyedJack says, "Congrats LLTL"
BBBen cheers for LLTL.
A_Ninny says, "alright, LLTL way to go"
LLTL listens intently
DavidW claps
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Congratulations!"
BBBen says, "I've always been a fan of the escape pod."
abomire claps for LLTL.
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Top work, LLTL!"
LLTL exclaims, "thanks everybody!"
chriscole says, "LLTL is LLCoolJ's younger brother"
Guest2 Newkid laughs!
One-EyedJack says, "In second place, we have the Man with no name with Tina and Tonya, from IPCU"
LLTL laughs
One-EyedJack says, "congrats NewKid"
chriscole claps loudly
BBBen says, "A pity you've said you're not writing any more, LLTL."
A_Ninny says, "congrats to the cheerleaders"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Does that mean the T stands for Too- I won't say it !"
chriscole says, "great scene"
abomire claps for NewKid as well.
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>Thank you. Thank you."
GrimmSharlak leads a cheerleaders chang
GrimmSharlak chant
chriscole says, "I thought you meant the Chinese cheerleader"
BBBen is getting tired of cheering for Newkid.
GrimmSharlak laughs.
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>I'd have never tried that scene, but the idea got in my head and I had to rub it out..."
One-EyedJack exclaims, "And filling up the top of the podium with lots of free love, we have David with Lori and Kim from Fever Cabin!!"
chriscole laughs
chriscole says, "I got a fever of 103"
A_Ninny says, "Congrats to GoddoG wherever he is"
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>Now that is the definitive AIF threesome."
BBBen cheers for Goddog/~3~
A_Ninny says, "no holds barred whatsoever in that one"
DavidW claps!
abomire exclaims, "Wow! That scene - just wow!"
One-EyedJack says, "Congrats to Goddog on the hot groupsex"
PurpleDragon says, "It was almost too much sex . . . Almost."
BBBen asks, "CC, what's the name of that song?"
chriscole asks, "um, "hot blooded" or something?"
One-EyedJack says, "Hot Blooded by Foreigner"
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>It was a pain to play, but it hurt so good."
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "That was a hella long scene, must have been a bitch to write!"
Guest2 asks, "<NewKid>Hurts So Good?"
GrimmSharlak says, "So even more kudos Goddog's way."
LLTL says, "I thought it was very thourough.  Perhaps too thourough.  I got a case of FF."
BBBen says, "I'm hot blooded. Check it and see."
PurpleDragon says, "Thank you, no.."
Guest2 asks, "<NewKid>Has anyone ever finished a threesome scene and nmot immediately swore you'd never try another?"
LLTL says, "Good scene though."
Guest2 asks, "<NewKid>Any writer, I mean?"
A_Ninny laughs at NewKid
chriscole says, "the main problems with threesomes and moresomes is that you can get very repetitive"
BBBen says, "I wasn't burned out after the threesome in CW2."
One-EyedJack exclaims, "the Next Category is for the BEST SEX scene. The Hottest of the Hot. I mean, so Hot that you spontaneously ejaculate all over your keyboard before the title screen even loads. THAT'S FUCKING HOT!"
A_Ninny exclaims, "OW!"
LLTL says, "I was going to write another, some day.  If I write another game."
chriscole asks, "like Halo 2 you mean?"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Keep it under your hats, but the reason OM&M Salvation is yet to be released is because the final multiple person scene is taking ages to write!"
BBBen asks, "Actually, isn't best sex overall?"
abomire exclaims, "Chris: How'd you ever write that 4-some (or was it a 5-some) for Mount Voluptuous? Would have driven me crazy!"
chriscole says, "4-some. It took forever"
One-EyedJack says, "Err, yes, Best Sex Overall"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Either way, HOT!"
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Well, get on the with hot sex!"
One-EyedJack exclaims, "Steaming up the pool in third place, we have POOL PARTY!!"
chriscole blushes
LLTL performs drumroll.
A_Ninny claps
Guest2 NewKid woots
BBBen exclaims, "Poooool party!"
A_Ninny jumps right in
chriscole says, "awesome, thanks everyone"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Party hardy!"
abomire says, "Thank you all."
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Hurts So Glub!"
One-EyedJack exclaims, "In second place, making the art of Kama Sutra look like crayon doodle, we have the SEX ARTIST!"
A_Ninny faints dead away
chriscole exclaims, "woohoo!"
BBBen exclaims, "Ugh! Gotta go in 20 minutes!"
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Hurrah!"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Wooooo! Sex Artist!"
PurpleDragon says, "yeah, AN"
abomire says, "Congrats Ninny."
DavidW says, "claps"
A_Ninny says, "thanks everyones"
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Ninny! Ninny!"
BBBen cheers for A Ninny!
One-EyedJack exclaims, "and proving that nothing is hotter than banging random co-eds at the nearest college campus, our winner is Ideal Pacific Coast University!!!"
BBBen is not going to cheer for Newkid any more.
One-EyedJack says, "congrats to NewKid once more"
GrimmSharlak laughs!
DavidW says, "woo!"
A_Ninny applauds loudly
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "NewKid, sweeping the awards!"
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>Hmmm. Memo to self. THe fanboys like the quantity....."
LLTL says, "congrats."
abomire exclaims, "Whoo-hoo! Way to go NewKid!"
Guest2 says, "<NewKid>Thank you all."
A_Ninny says, "Not to give too much away about the voting, but that category was a bit of a rout."
chriscole says, "the god of idols proves again that god's writting, sex... smack... idol aif (shuts up and drains rum and coke)"
GrimmSharlak says, "Wow, I would have thought that one would have been one of the closest."
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>LOL!"
LLTL Cheers!
Guest2 asks, "<NewKid>CC, What as that? Or wierd itinerant friend?"
One-EyedJack says, "The next category is one that to me, personally, is probably my favorite. Without good writing, even the best premise is just a bunch of ideas slapped together."
Guest2 exclaims, "Gotta go guys. Sorry!"
One-EyedJack says, "It's the words that forms the images in our minds that we remember, so lets celebrate the top writing in AIF"
A_Ninny toasts good writing
Guest2 exclaims, "<NewKid>Thanks for all the fish!"
PurpleDragon says, "Take the money and run."
One-EyedJack says, "later NewKid, you ungrateful bastard"
PurpleDragon asks, "Money?"
chriscole says, "and so long"
Guest2 goes home.
BBBen says, "bye, Newkid."
abomire says, "See ya' NK."
GrimmSharlak says, "Seeya, ya lucky..."
A_Ninny says, "Bye, NK."
LLTL says, "See you later, NK."
A_Ninny says, "and a pall falls on the room"
One-EyedJack says, "Coming in at third place, proving that even words can be works of art, we have the Sex Artist"
BBBen says, "It's outrageous that Erin Awards day isn't a public holiday."
LLTL says, "Write more."
A_Ninny exclaims, "quick! cue the band!"
BBBen applauds A Ninny.
A_Ninny says, "Thanks once again."
chriscole plays tuba
A_Ninny says, "I owe it all to Puccini"
abomire claps again for Ninny - perpetual bridesmaid.
LLTL applaud
One-EyedJack says, "In second place, we have the game IPCU which was written by some bum who likes to take his awards and run away"
GrimmSharlak slaps the editor on the back!
BBBen says, "I call my dog Puccini sometimes."
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "He slipped out just in time to not win one!"
abomire thumbs his nose at NK now that he is gone.
A_Ninny spits his drink all over the place
LLTL exclaims, "Ha! Ha!"
chriscole says, "did Vachon write IPCU? (lame Vachon joke)"
abomire asks, "Shouldn't that be Pooch-ini?"
A_Ninny laugs at CC
BBBen says, "Exactly."
One-EyedJack says, "And the Winner of Best Writing... the work of AIF that would make Shakespear and Hemmingway gnash their teeth in jealousy..."
One-EyedJack exclaims, "Tomorrow Never Comes, by A. Bomire!!"
chriscole says, "excellent choice, congrats AB"
BBBen cheers for AB. Again.
A_Ninny exclaims, "Hooray AB!"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Hooray for TNC! Hooray for AB!"
abomire blushes wildly.
A_Ninny says, "definitely the right choice for this one."
chriscole exclaims, "Hooray for Captain Spaulding!"
LLTL says, "You deserved it, AB."
GrimmSharlak says, "It really was a great setting, great characters..."
PurpleDragon says, "Great game."
abomire says, "Thanks again everyone. I'd like to thank the Academy, my agent of course, and I know I'm forgetting someone..."
chriscole says, "vachon"
LLTL says, "I'm getting ahead of the contest, but I really liked the use of multi-media."
A_Ninny summons forth a rimshot from the can, appropriately complimenting that wacky joke.
GrimmSharlak asks, "Lucilla for Brit training?"
One-EyedJack says, "I'm trying to make it through the whole thing without saying the V word..."
abomire says, "Ah yes...I'd like to thank Vachon."
BBBen asks, "Vagina?"
One-EyedJack says, "no, the BAD V word"
BBBen asks, "Venereal?"
chriscole asks, "mulva?"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "I thought we couldn't get through one of these without that word, BBBen!"
abomire removes rubber mask to reveal he is actually Vachon.
LLTL Snickers.  Elbows Chris Cole playfully.
GrimmSharlak gasps!
A_Ninny says, "push gasp button"
A_Ninny pushs a button on the can, and you hear the audience gasp.
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Dun dun dunnnnnn!"
A_Ninny says, "whoops"
One-EyedJack says, "Okay, I'm trying to think up a clever and amusing
introduction to the next category, but I got nothing"
chriscole says, "AB, and you would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for us wacky kids"
One-EyedJack exclaims, "Best Technical Implementation!"
A_Ninny says, "meddling kids"
BBBen says, "Okay, let's do the ones I'm nominated for before I have to go..."
chriscole says, "oh yeah, meddling"
One-EyedJack exclaims, "In third place, we have the technical marvel of Fever Cabin!"
A_Ninny applauds
LLTL panics, runs head first into a pillar, and forgets what A. Bomire just did.
BBBen cheers for GoddoG!
One-EyedJack says, "In second place, we have the deserters game IPCU which I suppose was pretty good even if the guy who wrote it is an ingrate"
abomire claps for GoddoG.
GrimmSharlak says, "Certainly a massive game, and a great effort from Goddog."
chriscole says, "very interesting game, and atmosphere created surrounding the game"
abomire claps for NewKid as well.
GrimmSharlak now boos all NK references!
BBBen boos Newkid.
chriscole says, "yay, NK"
One-EyedJack says, "And the WINNER IS..."
A_Ninny applauds NK in absentia
A_Ninny provides drumroll
One-EyedJack exclaims, "Tomorrow Never Comes, by Va.... err, A. Bomire!!"
BBBen cheers for the predictable winner.
chriscole claps loudly
A_Ninny applauds rowdily
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Ha ha! Two in a row for Bomire!"
DavidW cheers
Note: BBBen was asked privately what awards he was nominated for, but couldn’t work out how to respond back privately. What an idiot. Actually, this is BBBen writing this right now – don’t you hate self-haters like me?
BBBen says, "I think Best Humour is the only one that I'm nominated for that we haven't done."
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Wow, that identity change has really helped Vachon!"
abomire says, "For this one, I have to thank my beta-testers."
A_Ninny blushes
abomire says, "Especially A. Ninny - the CSI of beta-testers.""
One-EyedJack says, "The next category is for the games that push the envelope. The games that dare to probe the deepest, darkest, and dampest of orifices in the world of AIF"
GrimmSharlak applauds the two A's
chriscole says, "just call him Gil"
One-EyedJack says, "I'm talking about the most innovative game"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Ah, this one should be interesting!"
BBBen exclaims, "Orifices!"
BBBen thanks LLTL.
Again, BBBen was responding publicly to a private message.
One-EyedJack exclaims, "Delving its way into third place, we have Fever Cabin by Goddog!!"
BBBen exclaims, "Oh, innovation!"
A_Ninny says, "I should say - to the last compliment by AB, that it helps when you have an excellent game to work with."
BBBen cheers for GoddoG!
GrimmSharlak applauds, but thought it'd go higher.
abomire whistles for GoddoG.
One-EyedJack exclaims, "He could have coured cancer, but lucky for us, instead David Whyld placed second with Choices!!"
A_Ninny cheers DW
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Ah yes, the innovation of the gamebook. Well done, DW!"
DavidW says, "er, that's not me."
DavidW says, "But I'll also clap for him."
GrimmSharlak whispers "Just take the credit anyway, DW!"
chriscole exclaims, "it's Vachon!"
One-EyedJack says, "and the winner of most innovative game, the game that will cook you bagels and even do your laundry if you find the right buttons..."
abomire pulls of yet *another* mask to reveal he is David Whyld!
BBBen says, "Sure thing, LLTL."
Yes, BBBen still hadn’t figured out this private message business.
One-EyedJack exclaims, "Tomorrow Never Comes, by A. Bomire!"
A_Ninny faints again
chriscole woohoos
DavidW says, "cheers"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Wow, that must be one crowded keyboard at AB's place... Oh, and congrats!"
LLTL asks, "Wait, can everybody hear me when I whisper?"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "TNC coming home strong!"
abomire faints as well.
BBBen says, "Stupid Tommorow Never Comes. Winning all the awards."
PurpleDragon says, "dum de dum dum - dum dum dum - dum de dum dum - dum dum dum - The band is starting to tire of this song."
One-EyedJack says, "who exactly A Bomire had to blow for these wins will not be revealed until much later"
GrimmSharlak says, "I couldn't - my whisper was an emote..."
GrimmSharlak could never get tired of the Bond theme...
BBBen says, "I don't know to whisper."
BBBen says, "let me test it"
abomire says, "Thank you everyone who voted. Especially OEJ who told me exactly who to bribe and blow to get the awards."
PurpleDragon says, "just put your lips together and . . . no wait thats not it."
One-EyedJack says, "Hey, I learned from experience"
A_Ninny zips up his pants
chriscole lols
A_Ninny tosses tissues in trash can
chriscole asks, "say wha mofo?"
One-EyedJack exclaims, "A picture tells a thousands words... especially when it's a picture of BOOBIES! All right! The next category is for Best Multimedia in an AIF game!"
chriscole asks, "did someone say boobies?"
GrimmSharlak says, "Alright, I think we can guess this one..."
DavidW says, "he did. he did say boobies."
LLTL says, "you just type "whisper" followed by the name of the one you whisper to followed by an equal sign followed by the message."
A_Ninny says, "This one was a bit of a rout as well, voting-wise."
abomire looks around for boobies.
A_Ninny says, "Actually, you just do a dot.  LIke this.  .LLTL message"
LLTL says, "I think I know who will win this one."
PurpleDragon says, "I shoud hope so."
One-EyedJack says, "Coming into third place, we have X-Men, First Day at the Institute by Captain Cranky Pants"
GrimmSharlak applauds.
A_Ninny cheers CCP
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Oh Captain, my Captain!"
abomire claps for the Cap'n.
chriscole says, "gotta love the x-(wo)men"
LLTL gives a polite golfer's clap.
One-EyedJack exclaims, "In second place, we have Fever Cabin making another strong showing for Goddog!"
BBBen apologises to everyone and wishes everyone good luck, but he has to go to work now.
One-EyedJack says, "And the winner is..."
A_Ninny says, "Farewell BBB"
chriscole says, "seeya BBBen"
abomire exclaims, "See ya', BBBen!"
One-EyedJack says, "the Multi-Media extravaganza..."
BBBen exclaims, "This has been fun, see you all later!"
LLTL gives a polite golfer's clap.
One-EyedJack exclaims, "see ya BBBen!"
BBBen goes home.
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Seeya BBBen!"
abomire claps for GoddoG.
LLTL says, "see you later BBBen."
One-EyedJack says, "The Winner is... Tomorrow Never Comes, by Bomire of course"
A_Ninny says, "congrats, AB.  Again."
DavidW cheers!
One-EyedJack says, "Congrats AGAIN A. Bomire"
LLTL says, "I knew it!  I'm psychic."
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Hurray for AB!"
abomire says, "Thanks again. I was a little hesitant with this game – multimedia in a text game always seems iffy. But I felt I had to in order to get the right 'feel'."
chriscole asks, "who is this A Bomire guy you all keep mentioning?"
One-EyedJack says, "I'm totally gonna roll Bomire in the parking lot after the show and pawn of all his Erins for drug money"
LLTL cheers.
A_Ninny asks, "Is that what you did with your own Erins last year?"
chriscole laughs
One-EyedJack says, "I'm not crazy about MM mysef but Bomire did it tastefully, I must admit"
LLTL asks, "What's the street value of an Erin?"
One-EyedJack says, "It'll get you a paper bag and a tube of glue if you look in the right place LLTL"
GrimmSharlak says, "It works best when it's not all about unlocking the next picture."
chriscole says, "one doobie butt"
LLTL asks, "Can I get rent money for a third place?"
chriscole says, "I don't mind it as an aid"
LLTL says, "That is to say, a third place award not a third place to live."
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "See if you can sell 'em to Goddog - he's come close to soooo many!"
One-EyedJack says, "the next category is for people who like em LONG and the like em HARD. They want to STRAIN till they are overflowing with the challenge..."
One-EyedJack says, "I'm talking about best puzzles, of course"
A_Ninny says, "I'm starting to think we have too many categories."
abomire asks, "Are we still talking about awards?"
GrimmSharlak asks, "There are MORE?"
One-EyedJack exclaims, "Confounding its way into third place, we have The Reunion!"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Well, as I was saying to BBBen earlier, I suck at writing puzzles, so I appreciate this award going to those who can!"
LLTL says, "Just a few."
chriscole says, "this is always a hard category for me as I suck at puzzles"
One-EyedJack says, "I suck at them too. I usually don't even try"
chriscole says, "suck at writing them and solving them"
abomire claps politely.
GrimmSharlak says, "You just described me perfectly, CC."
LLTL asks, "AIF isn't known for it's tradition of puzzles, is it?"
One-EyedJack exclaims, "Befuddling its way into our hearts and the runner up position, we have Tomorrow Never Comes, which finally doesn't win!"
A_Ninny asks, "How about this one: which body part to interact with next?"
GrimmSharlak cheers for TNC passing the torch!
chriscole exclaims, "hoorah for not winning!"
abomire pouts and flips everyone the bird!
DavidW says (to LLTL), "maybe not, but puzzles are still interesting"
LLTL is amazed.
GrimmSharlak says, "Women are a puzzle, so it makes sense to me *rimshot*"
One-EyedJack exclaims, "and the most mind-bending of AIF games, the Erin goes to IPCU, by NewKid!!"
A_Ninny cheers NewKid
DavidW applauds politely
chriscole exclaims, "hoorah for walkthroughs!"
A_Ninny says, "That game gave me a brain-ache."
GrimmSharlak cheers a great puzzler!
One-EyedJack says, "there is a walkthru for it? Cuz I'm totally stuck in that game"
A_Ninny says, "I kept trying to solve the chick on the lawn."
abomire grudgingly aplauds for NewKid.
One-EyedJack says, "Success is going to Bomire's head I think"
chriscole says, "I'm not sure if there's a walk for it, but I needed the walks for his older games"
GrimmSharlak says, "The chick on the lawn will be the 'Aeris can be ressurected'
of AIF."
A_Ninny hopes he didn't spoil anything for anyone
A_Ninny wishes, oh yes he does
chriscole says, "speaking of old games, I still think Moist should win
everything every year"
A_Ninny toasts Moist
GrimmSharlak says, "I hear if you get two stones, rub them together under a full moon will singing "hey nonny nonny" backwards, she strips and appears in your room.:"
abomire says, "I know I voted for it in several categories."
GrimmSharlak asks, "Can there be a lifetime achievement award for a game?"
chriscole asks, "didn't Vachon write Moist?"
PurpleDragon says, "I just replayed Moist again.  Don't do that with many games."
One-EyedJack exclaims, "We live in an enlightened society where adults can talk about sex in a mature and frank manner. I say fuck that bullshit and give me potty humor and crude sex jokes any day!"
A_Ninny keeps mum.
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "That's why his later efforts were so disappointing, CC!"
chriscole laughs!
One-EyedJack says, "And now for Best Humor in an AIF game"
PurpleDragon says, "oh, how the mighty have fallen."
A_Ninny says, "I need to go in a few minutes, unfortunately."
One-EyedJack says, "in third place, we have Crawler's Delight, by A.Troll..."
A_Ninny claps
One-EyedJack says, "who shares the same name as Mr Bomire it seems"
GrimmSharlak applauds.
LLTL says, "Moist!  First AIF I ever got hooked on."
One-EyedJack says, "same here, Moist is an absolute classic"
A_Ninny says, "I think all of us did, LL2L"
abomire says, "He and Ninny and I are brothers."
PurpleDragon says, "very disturbing game. crawler, not moist."
DavidW says, "First AIF for me was Softporn Adventure."
chriscole says, "I think I'll change my name to A.Hole"
LLTL says, "You know, Ilsa was my major inspiration for Verrin."
One-EyedJack exclaims, "The runner up for humor, is IPCU!"
One-EyedJack says, "and the winner of the Erin for Best Humor..."
One-EyedJack exclaims, "Crossworlds Part III!!!!!"
abomire exclaims, "Hooray for NK!"
LLTL says, "I'm thinking of the right name aren't I?  It's been a while.  Need to play it again."
A_Ninny says, "OK, All.  I need to flee.  My wife wants me to actually talk to her.  Go figure. Thanks for a great time."
chriscole exclaims, "just in time for BBBen to miss it!"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Oh, poor BBBen! Here for everything but the award he won!"
One-EyedJack says, "too bad BBBen had to leave, but congrats anyway"
chriscole says, "see ya Nin"
abomire exclaims, "Double-hooray for BBBen!"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Seeya Ninny, good work with the awards!"
A_Ninny Waves!
One-EyedJack says, "bye Ninny"
DavidW claps for the absent BBBen
A_Ninny says, "Thanks all."
GrimmSharlak says, "BBBig ups for BBBen"
A_Ninny goes home.
</A_Ninny> A_Ninny has disconnected from ifMUD.
abomire laughs at GrimmSharlak.
LLTL Cheers for the absent BBBen.
One-EyedJack says, "And now for best New Author of AIF. I'm going to name all four who got votes since they all deserve some recongnition"
GrimmSharlak asks, "No, no, AB, laugh WITH me, okay?"
GrimmSharlak says, "Most definitely, the more new authors the better."
One-EyedJack exclaims, "In 4th place, we have Captain Cranky Pants!"
chriscole says, "it was a good year for new writers"
abomire claps for the Cap'n.
PurpleDragon says, "Yes, a couple of REALLY good first atempts."
One-EyedJack exclaims, "Cruising into a solid third place, we have
GrimmSharlak says, "Oh Captain, my ... well, you get the idea."
LLTL says, "Oh!  A. Ninny left.  I missed it."
GrimmSharlak applauds Fellatrix. Casting was throroughly enjoyable.
abomire exclaims, "Yay for Inform!"
LLTL fidgets.
One-EyedJack says, "Wowing his way into the runner-up position, we have
abomire whistles for Moriarty.
One-EyedJack exclaims, "who happens to have the same name as the last name of the very first person I ever beat up!"
PurpleDragon asks, "huh?"
One-EyedJack says, "nothing... never mind"
PurpleDragon says, "k"
GrimmSharlak says, "You knew someone named Moriarty? Awesome."
chriscole says, "and Holmes' arch nemesis"
One-EyedJack says, "yeah I punched him in the nose in second grade"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Moriarty has actually infiltrated the AIF scene for... REVENGE!"
chriscole says, "so you punched him in 'elementary'... interesting"
LLTL says, "OEJ is a brilliant but addled person."
One-EyedJack says, "and the winner of the Erin for best new Author is...."
One-EyedJack exclaims, "Goddog!!!"
DavidW says, "huzzah!"
One-EyedJack says, "who didn't show up, the bum"
GrimmSharlak applauds Goddog finally getting one!
One-EyedJack says, "Well deserved noetheless"
abomire claps wildly for GoddoG for a well deserved win!
LLTL asks, "Goddog, what did he do, agian?"
GrimmSharlak says, "Definitely, that many nominations alone were a sign of the quality of Fever Cabin."
DavidW says, "Fever Cabin"
LLTL says, "That's right.  Congrats."
PurpleDragon says, "did anyone here get anywhere close to max points."
One-EyedJack says, "the next category is a new one (I think)"
abomire exclaims, "Not even close - and I beta-tested it!"
PurpleDragon says, "lol"
DavidW says, "I'm still trying to bag Miss Brown in Archie's Birthday."
GrimmSharlak says, "Two guys worked together to do it, I do believe."
One-EyedJack says, "While beta testers are certainly important, after looking at the nominess, I'm suspecting the Erin's committee created this category just so
they could pad their win totals"
GrimmSharlak laughs.
LLTL Throws toilet paper.  Then realizes this isn't "Rocky".  Looks embaressed.
One-EyedJack says, "Coming in third place for best beta tester, we have a tie"
GrimmSharlak says, "Oooh, conflict!@"
One-EyedJack says, "Richard Gillingham, Germ Waster, Rob Loggie, and Emily James can all pat each other's back over a job well done"
One-EyedJack says, "the probably only lost because of vote gouging anyway"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Yay for EJ, she helped test Abduction!"
chriscole says, "Rob Loggie is the god of beta testers in my experience"
LLTL exclaims, "Yay, Germ Waster!"
One-EyedJack says, "second place goes to A Bomire who must have cheated or something"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Damn straight!"
abomire exclaims, "I 'beta-tested' the results - that's how won all those awards!"
One-EyedJack says, "and the winner of the Erin for best Beta Tester, goes to the guy who ran out before he could face the music"
chriscole says, "A Bomire is great to work with"
One-EyedJack exclaims, "Mister A. Ninny!"
chriscole exclaims, "Ninny rules!"
DavidW says, "yay!"
GrimmSharlak cheers for the best damn beta-tester around!
One-EyedJack says, "and now for the big moment"
LLTL says, "What's still left?  I forgot my program."
abomire says, "I've said it before and I'll say it again - working with Ninny is like working with one of those guys on CSI. He has special lights and stuff to see into the corners."
LLTL shuts up.
chriscole asks, "best tits?"
DavidW says, "Best Game and Badman Memorial are left, I think."
One-EyedJack says, "now for the top of the tops"
One-EyedJack says, "The best damn game of them all"
GrimmSharlak says, "Now we're getting to the meat and potatoes..."
abomire says, "I think NewKid said 'Meat' wasn't nominated."
One-EyedJack says, "since this is such a big category, I'l list all five placers"
One-EyedJack exclaims, "Coming in at 5th place, we have the collaboration of Pool Party!"
chriscole exclaims, "wahoo!"
LLTL tips a gladiator.
One-EyedJack says, "I enjoyed that game"
LLTL claps.
abomire says, "Thanks everyone."
GrimmSharlak says, "Definitely a top game."
One-EyedJack says, "Cruising into fourth place, we have A Ninny's opus, The Sex Artist"
chriscole says, "considering the other nominees, it was an honor to be
GrimmSharlak cheers for Buzz.
LLTL says, "Well deserved."
abomire claps for A. Ninny.
PurpleDragon says, "any one of the five could have won this in privious years."
One-EyedJack exclaims, "Muscling into third place, we have newcomer GOddog with his debut, Fever Cabin!"
chriscole says, "great accomplishment"
abomire whistles for GoddoG.
GrimmSharlak applauds Goddog!
DavidW says, "applause"
One-EyedJack exclaims, "And the Runner up for Best game, goes to A. Bomire and Tomorrow Never Comes!"
GrimmSharlak says, "It's really been a great year, we've been blessed."
LLTL claps.
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Huzzah for more Bond-action!"
chriscole exclaims, "wahoo AB!"
DavidW says, "yay Tomorrow"
chriscole exclaims, "I bet I know who wins!"
One-EyedJack says, "And since there can be only one winner"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "I got it, it's actually Agent Bomire!"
abomire says, "Thanks again.""
GrimmSharlak tunes up the band.
chriscole asks, "Highlander?"
GrimmSharlak laughs
One-EyedJack exclaims, "congratulations to NewKid and Ideal Pacific Coast University for winning the Best Game Erin!!!"
DavidW says, "woot!"
chriscole says, "no room left on his mantle"
LLTL waits breathlessly.
abomire exclaims, "Whoo-hoo! Yay NewKid! Thanks for coming out of
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "NewKid back from retirement with a corker!"
One-EyedJack says, "and the final moment"
LLTL applauds.
One-EyedJack says, "the Badman Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award"
One-EyedJack says, "I wrote something up but I'm not sure if it does justice to the recipient"
LLTL performs drumroll.
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Read it anyway, OEJ!"
LLTL Continues drumroll.
One-EyedJack says, "It's one thing to be prolific, another altogether to be both prolific and GOOD, which is exactly what Christopher Cole is"
One-EyedJack says, "His writing is sharp and inspired, evoking powerful images with just the right amount of words to let the imagination run wild while the eyes lay riveted to the screen."
One-EyedJack says, "His characters are vivid and the situations he creates sit just on the edge of fantasy, here everything feels like it really could happen to you on some very, very fine day."
One-EyedJack says, "There was a time when Chris Cole carried AIF on his back. A time when he was essentially the only person writing AIF, keeping the genre alive when evil unnamed forces would have buried it beneath steaming piles of ineptitude."
One-EyedJack says, "And he also helped usher in a "new age" of AIF by creating numerous support and discussions communities where the scene has thrived ever since."
LLTL cheers!
One-EyedJack says, "So congratulations to Christopher Cole, a true AIF stud."
GrimmSharlak rises to his feet.
chriscole says, "holy shit, boys"
GrimmSharlak gives a standing ovation.
DavidW cheers mightily.
abomire stands and cheers, clapping Chris on the back!
chriscole says, "I'm speechless (except for saying I'm speechless, and this bit in parentheses)"
GrimmSharlak says, "Long overdue, really. We wouldn't be here today, unless...
*sniff*... *sniff*"
GrimmSharlak breaks down.
PurpleDragon says, "Congrats, Chris, It's high time."
LLTL says, "Yeah I remember when he was the only game in town.  A good game too."
chriscole says, "wow, really thanks guys. This is awesome"
GrimmSharlak says, "The Encounter Series, Camp Windy Lake 1 & 2..."
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Not to mention Pool Party, of course!"
abomire exclaims, "Gamma Gals and Camp Windy Lake are all time classics!"
One-EyedJack says, "Camp Windy lake is one of my all-time favorites"
GrimmSharlak says, "Oof, how can I forget Gamma Gals? Top game as well."
chriscole says, "gee wiz talk about a swelled head"
One-EyedJack says, "I loved the Tomb Raider one too, even though I've never played any of the games"
LLTL says, "I'm glad you started writing again.  You were missed when you left."
One-EyedJack says, "and Mount Vuluptious was the best name for any AIF ever"
PurpleDragon says, "If it wern't for you, I wouldn't be the pervert I am today. Ah, well, yeah, congrats anyways."
chriscole laughs
abomire says, "I would still be the same pervert - just less happy."
PurpleDragon says, "ok everybody, group hug."
GrimmSharlak says, "Awwwwwww...."
chriscole says, "Well, hopefully I can get some of these new ones finished"
One-EyedJack says, "are you sure you want to hug me? I'm not wearing pants"
PurpleDragon says, "good point."
abomire asks, "Who will OEJ hug now that BBBen is gone?"
One-EyedJack says, "hey I'm not picky"
LLTL holds out arms in an offering gesture.
GrimmSharlak leaps in for the group hug.
LLTL joins group hug.
(From abomire) Everyone hugs and pats each other on the back, snuffling and wiping at the eyes.
PurpleDragon says, "How about a round of applause for One-Eyed Jack everyone?
Great job."
LLTL says, "I like things that involve human contact and the word "group""
One-EyedJack says, "That ass doesn't deserve it"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Here's to the MC!"
abomire exclaims, "Good job One-Eyed Jack! Hip, Hip hooray!"
chriscole starts group hug with Mimi Rogers, Alyssa Milano, and Nadine Jansen
DavidW says, "cheers"
LLTL Joins in cheering the MC.
PurpleDragon asks, "When did they sneek in?"
abomire exclaims, "Also a big cheer to A. Ninny for all of the work on the awards!"
chriscole says, "hooray for OEJ"
chriscole says, "they in my limo homey"
PurpleDragon asks, "Can I have a ride home?"
One-EyedJack says, "Yeas, I forgot to mention that. Special thanks to everyone involved with the Erin voting, tallying and organization"
GrimmSharlak raises a glass to all the organisers.
chriscole says, "theree's enough room for everyone (who didn't leave early, tee hee)"
chriscole says, "good job all, and again thanks so much for the Badman award. I am truly honored"
One-EyedJack asks, "You wouldn't happen to have Kate Beckinsale in there too, would you?"
chriscole says, "I think she's driving"
One-EyedJack exclaims, "I CALL SHOTGUN!"
LLTL asks, "Wait, so who won the Vachon award?"
DavidW says, "No Vachon award this year."
PurpleDragon says, "We got rid of it."
DavidW says, "It was mentioned in the newsletter not to do that one."
One-EyedJack says, "It's funny but just a bit cruel I think"
chriscole says, "kind of mean spirited I guess"
LLTL says, "ahh..."
abomire says, "The award committe did away with the Vachon award. Didn't want to focus on what is wrong with AIF."
GrimmSharlak says, "It's not the kind of spirit we want around any more. More encouragement, less ridicule."
chriscole says, "was there one last year? I forget"
One-EyedJack says, "not that I mind cruelty but the community is small enough"
LLTL says, "I thought I might win one."
GrimmSharlak says, "Too bad, it would've been nice to get a nomination ;)"
PurpleDragon says, "NONE of the games this year were bad enough anyway, IMHO."
chriscole says, "Vachon can just have a Vachon lifetime underachievment award or something."
chriscole says, "man, I'm on the poor guy tonight"
GrimmSharlak says, "The only game I really didn't like was Rachel's Bad Day, but I found that more distasteful than anything."
chriscole says, "Sly Old Vachon"
One-EyedJack says, "Vachon still sends virus laden e-mails to one of my old accounts"
chriscole says, "good grief"
LLTL says, "I couldn't figure out how to get anywhere in that mass transit game by the sneaky canine."
abomire says, "Well gents (and any dames out there), it's been fun but I must go."
One-EyedJack says, "I don't recall even getting past the first room in that Rachel game"
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Congrats again, AB!"
One-EyedJack says, "farewell Mr. Bomire"
LLTL says, "Yeah, I think I'll head out too."
GrimmSharlak says, "I played the Inform port, which was slightly better."
abomire waves politely around a handful of awards.
chriscole says, "so long AB. I'm afraid I must be off as well"
abomire leaves the auditorium to the west.
One-EyedJack says, "yup, past my bed time too"
PurpleDragon says, "Goodnight all."
LLTL says, "byt bye Bomire."
GrimmSharlak says, "I guess we'll see the final count later."
LLTL leaves the auditorium to the west.
GrimmSharlak asks, "Who's transcribing this...?"
chriscole says, "everyone, good night and good luck"
One-EyedJack says, "the bot is"
GrimmSharlak says, "Goodnight all."
GrimmSharlak says, "Ah, alright then."
chriscole goes home.
One-EyedJack says, "take care friends"
PurpleDragon leaves the auditorium to the west.
One-EyedJack goes home.
GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Well, I guess I'd better stop talking about dirty text games and get back to work. Bye all, it's been fun!"
GrimmSharlak leaves the auditorium to the west.

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