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2004 Erin Winners
Male PC Female PC Male NPC Female NPC
m/f Sex Scene f/f Sex Scene Orgy Scene Overall Sex
Story Atmosphere Multimedia Tech
Puzzles Humor ONS Game of the Year
Badman Memorial Award
Blurbs by BBBen, A. Bomire and A. Ninny

Best Male Player-Character

Sam Shooter (Sam Shooter IV: Children of the Damned by One-Eyed Jack)
One-Eyed Jack’s third Best PC Erin for Sam Shooter should come as no surprise to AIF fans.  Sam is becoming more fully rendered with each game and in SSIV he’s as acerbic, jaded and irreverent as ever.  SSIV delivers Sam into Hell, where his fuck-all attitude isn’t abated one bit as he wrangles with a veritable host of female demons and comes face to face with Satan himself.

Runner-up: Caradoc (Hell in Highwater by J. Arthur)
The name of the PC in Hell in Highwater (Caradoc) isn’t used much in the course of the game, but he is a well developed PC with very certain character traits.  Like Sam Shooter, he is on a quest concerning his very soul, and the way he treats his conquests show us the versatility that J. Arthur possesses in creating convincing AIF.
3rd Place: Bones (Parlour by A. Ninny)
4th Place: Wendell (Santa's Little Helper by A. Bomire)
5th Place: You (Mount Voluptuous by Christopher Cole)

Best Female Player-Character

British Fox (British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions by Lucilla Frost)
British Fox plays extremely convincingly as superheroine in jeopardy.  Her adventures in Lucilla Frost’s British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions lead her to delve the depths of her psyche through numerous torture and rape scenes so difficult that she often refers to herself in the third person.  This survival instinct has visceral quality that the player can easily grasp.  Despite all her difficulty, she’s extremely sexy, extremely well rendered and she participates in a few really classic sex scenes.

Runner-up: Laurie (Sam Shooter IV: Children of the Damned by One-Eyed Jack)
Laurie shares the player-character role with Sam Shooter in SSIV, and is also a return character this year.  She previously won a female non-player character Erin for her role in SSII.  She is one of the sexiest characters of all time and is extremely fun to play.  Her adventures in SSIV are extremely hot and worth replaying.
3rd Place: Janey (Janey's Diary by BBBen)
4th Place: Samantha (Dear Diary 2: Prom Night by Wotan-Anubis)

Best Male Non-player Character

Incubus (Sam Shooter IV: Children of the Damned by One-Eyed Jack)
Incubus is the demon in One-Eyed Jack’s SSIV.  It is just OEJ’s twisted sense of humor that would take a demon whose sole task in life is to rape thousands of women and make him a flaming homosexual.  The scene with Incubus and Laurie is about the funniest thing to come out in AIF this year and the writing of this character is a big reason why.  He’s a very worthy winner in this category.

Runner-up: Vrix (Hell in Highwater by J. Arthur)
Vrix is the demon in J. Arthur’s Hell in Highwater.  Rather than having a large role in the game, he is a constant shadow in the lives of the player-character and every non-player character you encounter. The writing for your encounter with him sets up an emotional state for you that remains very consistent throughout the entire game.
3rd Place: Dongle (Santa's Little Helper by A. Bomire) 
4th Place: Eugene (British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions by Lucilla Frost)

Best Female Non-player Character

Debbie (Crossworlds series by BBBen)
Debbie from the Crossworlds series is a runaway landslide winner for best female NPC this year.  BBBen is extremely skilled at writing female characters and of the three recurring characters in Crossworlds, Debbie is the one that really comes to life – she’s the wild, crazy pink-haired bombshell you can’t take home to mother but wish you could spend every waking moment with.

Runner-up: Mrs. Claus (Santa's Little Helper by A. Bomire)
A. Bomire’s Mrs. Claus came in a distant second in this category, but certainly deserves recognition.  Her everlasting sex scene at the end of Santa’s Little Helper is extremely hot and delivers a very healthy mix of sensual and smutty sex.  Her sex scene with Sara and Wendell won the Erin for best orgy.
3rd Place: Grace (British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions by Lucilla Frost)
4th Place: Jenna (Escape Pod by LoveLettersToLove)
5th Place: Lynne (Santa Baby by Christopher Cole)

Best m/f Sex Scene

PC and Fairy (The Backlot by A. Bomire)

The best scene of the year is that in A. Bomire’s The Backlot between the PC and the Fairy making a return from her original role in Dexter Dixon: In Search of the Prussian Pussy. The Fairy is an amazing partner in this scene as her amazement at her own body is incredibly palpable and this adds to her excitement lends extra heat to the entire encounter.   A. Bomire’s sex writing, always strong, is in rare form here, making this scene a worthy Erin recipient.

Runner-up: PC and Samantha (Normville High by BBBen)
The scene between the PC and Samantha at the end of BBBen’s Normville High earned second place in this category for offering a much-needed fulfillment of your desire for Samantha that grows overwhelming as you play through the game.  BBBen wrote the scene to carry on for a long time, with different sex acts available in different rooms.  He also implemented more body parts than you usually get in a sex scene.
3rd Place: PC with Nila (The Tale of the Unlikely Harem Girl, Prologue by BlueGreen)
4th Place: Bones and Ruby (Parlour, by A. Ninny)
5th Place: PC with Yulia (Mount Voluptuous by Christopher Cole)   

Best f/f Sex Scene

Eve and Laurie (Sam Shooter IV: Children of the Damned by One-Eyed Jack)
Part of the success of the Sam Shooter series of games lies not only with One-Eyed Jack’s unique (some may say twisted) world view, but with the rich characters he has developed. Among these, the obvious runawayfavorite has been Laurie – she is the only character besides Sam who has appeared in every game. Is it any wonder that joining her with the popular Eve from SS III would lead to an award winning encounter?

Runner-up: Debbie and Tabitha (Crossworlds Part 2 – The Flower Opens by BBBen)
BBBen earns a much deserved runner-up for his encounter between Debbie and Tabitha the guard in Crossworlds Part 2 – The Flower Opens. One incredible thing about this scene is that it is viewed from Debbie’s point of view, but she’s not the player-character.  Instead, you channel her experience through a magical conduit.  In any case, BBBen’s sex writing is particularly poignant and his affection for Debbie is clearly on display in the scene.
3rd Place: British Fox with Grace (British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions by Lucilla Frost)
4th Place: PC with Nila (The Tale of the Unlikely Harem Girl, Prologue by BlueGreen)
5th Place: Samantha with Erin (Dear Diary 2 – Prom Night by Wotan-Anubis)

Best Threesome/Orgy Sex Scene

Wendell the Elf, Mrs. Claus & Sara (Santa's Little Helper by A. Bomire)

Wendell the Elf, Mrs. Claus and her friend Sara get it on for ages at the end of A. Bomire’s Santa’s Little Helper.  Every conceivable position is attempted and the action moves all over Santa’s underground recreation room.  This scene particularly deserves the Erin because, as we’ve come to expect from A. Bomire, the vast variety of sex permutations are all technically clean and fully implemented.

Runner-up: PC, Janey, Lin and Debbie (Sleepover by BBBen)
The foursome with Lin, Janey and Debbie in Sleepover gives us our introduction to the three of them as they begin their adventures in BBBen’s multi-game AIF world.  The scene begins with a game of spin-the-bottle and quickly degrades into a massive four-way sexfest.
3rd Place: British Fox with Grace and Eugene (British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions by Lucilla Frost)
4th Place: PC with Bettie, Chloe and Nadine (Mount Voluptuous by Christopher Cole)
5th Place: PC with Lynn and Stacy (Santa Baby by Christopher Cole)

Best Sex Overall

Sam Shooter IV: Children of the Damned (One-Eyed Jack)
One-Eyed Jack’s sex writing is without peer.  In SSIV, he neatly balances violence, sensuality and out-and-out smut in every scene.  His scenes are much more than “join part A with part B - repeat”; they have an individualness and personality all their own.  Considering how many sex scenes there were in SSIV, it is amazing that he has made them all unique and none less than sizzling hot.

Runner-up: Mount Voluptuous (Christopher Cole)
Mount Voluptuous gives us Christopher Cole’s best, most detailed sex writing in any of his games to date.  The women you get it on with are all super-busty models gleaned from the Internet, and Chris gave extra attention to his NPCs’ mammoth assets during the sex scenes.
3rd Place: British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions (Lucilla Frost)
4th Place: The Backlot (A. Bomire)
5th Place: Crossworlds Part 2 - The Flower Opens (BBBen)

Best Story

Hell in Highwater (J. Arthur)

Hell in Highwater has a sprawling map, extremely detailed descriptions, great puzzles and vivid characters.  Combine these with the overarching ‘reclaim your soul’ quest and it adds up to an amazingly immersive gameplay experience.  The story alone makes the game worthwhile, even without the sex; the sex is skillfully incorporated, though, and enhances the story nicely.

Runner-up: The Backlot (A. Bomire)
One of the most unique story ideas of the year comes to us from A. Bomire in his The Backlot.  We are transported to a behind-the-scenes world where interactive fiction games are made like movies, and must find our way home.  As a fun touch, the game incorporates famous characters and settings from both IF and AIF.  The concept is extremely clever and the telling convincingly realized.
3rd Place: Sam Shooter IV: Children of the Damned (One-Eyed Jack)
4th Place: British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions (Lucilla Frost)
5th Place: Ghost Justice & Ghost Story (Purple Dragon)

Best Atmosphere

Sam Shooter IV: Children of the Damned (One-Eyed Jack)

In Sam Shooter IV: Children of the Damned, you wander through Hell, trying to find your way back home.  One-Eyed Jack has taken classic pictures of Hell from various religious backgrounds, and filled it with characters both familiar and yet still new (see the incubus for Best Male NPC). You can almost hear the wind screaming across the desolate landscape, or feel the heat as you wander through the appropriately…well, hellish, environs.

Runner-up: Hell in Highwater (J. Arthur)
Hell in Highwater is set in an amazing alternate universe, part medieval and part machine-age. It is a richly-described, dark, desolate world full of shadowy locales peopled (sparseley) with paranoid figures who shrink into the endless night.
3rd Place:  British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions (Lucilla Frost)
4th Place: The Backlot (A. Bomire)
5th Place: Crossworlds Part 2 - The Flower Opens (BBBen)

Best Use of Multimedia

Sexbot (Cauldron)

Cauldron wins his second Mulimedia Erin, this time for “Sexbot”, a small game written in Hugo about robots whose job is to pleasure humans.   Cauldron hand-drew extremely stylish images of the characters and their exploits.  He also included some nifty Java-like scrolling text effects that help create the setting for the game.  There is very little textual description of sex in the game; fortunately, the drawings are able to carry the day.

Runner-up: Santa's Little Helper (A. Bomire)
The still images (pornographic photos of women) in “Santa’s Little Helper” are buried deep within a secret compartment of the game, but once found, are presented in a clever ‘video’ format with text story providing narrative linked to a series of images providing the visuals.  This was a unique and very interesting way of using multimedia in AIF.
3rd Place: Mount Voluptuous (Christopher Cole)
4th Place: Birthday (Johnny Reb)

Best Technical Implementation / Use of Medium

The Backlot (A. Bomire)

One thing that A. Bomire is known for is his technical ability.  He writes technically clean games, he tests them thoroughly, and he is always willing to help other authors with their technical questions.  He also, and this is important, patches his games post-release to fix any bugs found, even picayune ones.  The Backlot is not only clean, it is incredibly ambitious, with a huge map, tons of  characters, lots of extremely detailed sex scenes and cleverly layered puzzles.  In all, a solid Erin-winning performance.

Runner-up: Hell in Highwater (J. Arthur)
J. Arthur’s Hell in Highwater isn’t as clean as The Backlot, but it is a worthy runner-up for the category for its ambitions.  Its sheer size, the number of characters, the competent puzzle-tracking and the mass of information (all neatly consistent) all combine to impress mightily.
3rd Place: Parlour (A. Ninny)
4th Place: Santa's Little Helper (A. Bomire)
5th Place: British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions (Lucilla Frost)

Best Puzzles
Santa's Little Helper (A. Bomire)

Runner-up: The Backlot (A. Bomire) 
That both the winner and runner-up in this category are games penned by A. Bomire shows how clever he is at devising puzzles for his games.  That the two games garnered 16 of the 25 first place votes also shows what considerable respect and admiration the AIF community has for him.  Both games feature a series of object puzzles that are challenging, yet logical.  In Santa’s Little Helper you must solve all the puzzles before having any sex, but you don’t mind this because the puzzles are plain good fun.  In The Backlot, the puzzles are more interspersed with sex scenes, but the overall puzzle is solved piecemeal throughout the game, giving an interesting layering effect of puzzles within puzzles.  Another strength of both games is that A. Bomire helps you keep track of your puzzles in such a way as to avoid leading you into unwinnable situations.
3rd Place: Sam Shooter IV: Children of the Damned (One-Eyed Jack)
4th Place: Hell in Highwater (J. Arthur)
5th Place: Breakout (Grimm Sharlack)

Best Humor

Sam Shooter IV: Children of the Damned (One-Eyed Jack)

Nobody comes close to One-Eyed Jack for comedy in AIF.  SSIV won this category by a landslide.  OEJ also won this category for SSIII and was runner-up for SSI.  His characters are so crazily outrageous and their adventures so outlandish that you can’t help but laugh out loud constantly, at least when you’re not enjoying his ‘best sex’ of course.

Runner-up: The Backlot (A. Bomire)
Backlot is worthy comedy runner-up.  The game’s setup (behind the scenes on AIF production lot) is very clever, and the characters play their roles as moody/ditsy actors and actresses or grumpy high-powered IF execs extremely well.  As a result, the game consistently works on an extremely funny level.
3rd Place: Santa's Little Helper (A. Bomire)
4th Place: British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions (Lucilla Frost)
5th Place: Crossworlds 1 & 2 (BBBen)

Best One-night Stand Game

Parlour (A. Ninny)

Parlour contained interesting, unconventional (for AIF) characters and heavily layered sexual actions. Parlour was tied for second place in the 2004 mini-comp, and the fact that it then went on to win this award demonstrates that the “Best ONS” category is worthwhile. Parlour clearly proved to be memorable.

Runner-up: Normville High (BBBen)
Normville High took first place in this year's mini-comp. It best accomplished its own goals and at the same time stayed within the spirit of the comp. It is a small game that quickly establishes the story's background, plot line, characters and the motivations for those characters. It also has very hot, immersive sex.  It doesn’t feel like a fragment of a greater game, nor a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am quickie, and was a worthy winner for that award and runner-up for this one.
3rd Place: Escape Pod (LoveLettersToLove)
4th Place: Oval Office (Faraday)
5th Place: Stowaway (Johnny Freebase)

Best Game of the Year

Sam Shooter IV: Children of the Damned (One-Eyed Jack)

Best Male PC.  Best Male NPC.  Best Lesbian Sex Scene. Best Sex Overall.  Best Atmosphere.  Best Humor.  Runner-up for Best Female PC. Plus, several additional Erin nominations for SSIV and Badman nominations for its author. Is there any wonder it is winning the Best Game of the Year Erin as well ?

Runner-up: British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions (Lucilla Frost)
An amazing effort for a rookie author, British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions has it all: incredible sex, wild adventures, fantastic settings, great characters and challenging puzzles.  It was nominated in eleven Erin categories, amazing for any game (let alone an author’s first release). Though it only received one Erin, British Fox and her creator instantly earned the community’s respect and admiration.
3rd Place: The Backlot (A. Bomire)
4th Place: Hell in Highwater (J. Arthur)
5th Place: Mount Voluptuous (Christopher Cole)

Badman Memorial Award


NewKid, author of Ideal New England Prep School (HI) and Generic New York Apartment Building (GNA) and other games, could possibly be considered the father of modern AIF. With HI he took the AIF community beyond its Xtrek phase and demonstrated that AIF games could be high quality and intelligent. His TADS "chick.t" library has aided other authors and his presence in the community has been an inspiration to many more.


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