2004 Home Page
Transcript from March 29, 2005 awards ceremony
Note that 'Guest1' is A. Bomire. I don't know who 'Guest3' was.

The entire ceremony lasted about an hour and a half.

> e

You pass under the wide archway.

Massive Auditorium

The crumbling stonework and marble arches are draped with streamers and slowly-deflating balloons, while confetti is scattered across the velvet seats. Columns covered in frescoes rise to the sky, and between them walk grumpy gladiators pushing brooms.

You can see: READ THIS PLEASE, xyzzy drinking game, Note for the Xyzzy awards

Players: BBBen, NewKid

Visible Exits: west

NewKid says, "I thougth that is what I heard."

BBBen says, "Yeah, I can't do that."

NewKid says, "Personally, I have only seen them on TV and a few movies."

BBBen says, "Circular breathing is beyond me."

JohnConnor sits in a plush velvet chair, eating jujubes.

NewKid says, "Yo."

JohnConnor says, "Practice with a straw and a half-glass of water. It'll come."

A__Ninny arrives from the west.

JohnConnor greets A. Ninny.

A__Ninny says, "hi everyone"

BBBen says, "Ah, Ninny has connected."

A__Ninny asks, "do you think we should make a general announcement about the ceremony to the whole MUD?"

BBBen greets A Ninny.

BBBen says, "Nah."

JohnConnor guffaws.

BBBen says, "People who want to be here will be."

NewKid laughs.

A__Ninny giggles

JohnConnor says, "That's funny. Now the AIF crew is elitist."

JohnConnor says, "snarfs on his cola."

A__Ninny asks, "anyone have any beer?"

JohnConnor is still getting the hang of the MUD commands.

NewKid says, "I can see a whole bunch of Mainstream IFers coming in and THROW FIREBOMB"

BBBen says, "Actually, I'm just worried about hecklers."

NewKid says, "I am drinking Kiwi Sauvingnon Blanc. But then I am old."

A__Ninny says, "I think you can 'gag' peeps."

A__Ninny says, "ooh. wine. good idea."

BBBen says, "And just because I'm elitist doesn't tar the whole community."

NewKid says, "Sorry, Ozzies, but the short, fuzzy sheepscrewers have it allover you in the booze dept...."

JohnConnor says, "I say make an announcement."

JohnConnor unveils a bar with Guiness on tap for those who wish to partake.

NewKid exclaims, "Tink!"

BBBen says, "I'm drinking cola too - speaking of which, I'm going to get a top-up. AFK"

A__Ninny says, "A. bomire sed he wouldn't be able to make it."

A__Ninny frowns

A__Ninny says, "shakes his fist in the air"

NewKid asks, "so any idea of who does plan to come?"

A__Ninny says, "nope."

JohnConnor is a bit sad.

A__Ninny says, "OEJ, hopefully."

A__Ninny says, "he better show up and collect all his damn prizes."

JohnConnor feels like the only non-author.

BBBen says, "Blast."

JohnConnor asks, "Someone's gotta applaud, right?"

NewKid says, "I hope RAP makes it, then he and I can fill up any awkward pauses with deathless prattle."

BBBen says, "Chris Cole may come, Lucilla Frost won't."

A__Ninny says, "you might have to prattle by yourself."

A__Ninny says, "the MUD is actually pretty cool."

NewKid says, "As all my games say {You can prattle on your own time, play the game!}"

BBBen thanks JohnConnor for coming, and for leading the humans against the machines.

A__Ninny joins BBBen in thanking JohnConnor

NewKid But Sarah Conner would be more fun, in an AIF setting...

A__Ninny whoops

A__Ninny says, "BBBen, next year we'll have to have an award for best beta-tester."

BBBen says, "Good idea."

A__Ninny says, "or most insane beta-tester at any rate."

NewKid exclaims, "A: NO fair creating categories for you to win yourself!"

A__Ninny laughs evilly

BBBen chuckles.

NewKid asks, "And not to sound cryptic, Ninny, but when do you expect to deliver another report?"

A__Ninny asks, "tomorrow?"

BBBen exclaims, "But that's the tradition of the Erins! What about the "Best Atmosphere" award!"

NewKid says, "Cool. I should be done with Bomire's by then."

A__Ninny says, "maybe that's why Timberwulf is deleting himself."

NewKid says, "Actually, Best Atmosphere would be cool. Very few games really produce one that I feel. Those that do are WAY cool./"

NewKid asks, "What is the deal with Timberwulf?"

A__Ninny says, "he decided that everyone at AIF should forget him."

NewKid says, "That confused me, but I never had time or energy to investigate."

BBBen says, "My watch puts us just about at the time to start..."

A__Ninny says, "mine too, but we can wait a few mins."

NewKid says, "Bad way to be forgotten. Just stop responding and you'll go away quite swiftly."

A__Ninny says, "yeah. when you make a big deal out of it, people just get more intrigued."

markaedw arrives from the west.

NewKid says, "What got me was how civil he was about it. Weird."

BBBen says, "I thought so, but he wanted his name wiped clean. Like the Soviet Union declaring him a non-person or something."

JFreebase arrives from the west.

A__Ninny says, "hopefully mark can find his way in here."

JFreebase asks, "Hello, am I late?"

NewKid says, "All he did was cement him in many of our minds."

A__Ninny says, "ya."

A__Ninny says, "no, JF"

BBBen says, "I suspect guilt about writing smut."

A__Ninny says, "we're just waiting to see if anyone else shows."

NewKid says, "Obviously, but why leave as he did? Just walk away."

A__Ninny says, "especially using his RL name all over the place. Not the way to make yourself anonymous."

BBBen asks, "Should we start around ten past?"

markaedw says, "I made it, I just need to figure out how to talk"

A__Ninny says, "greetings, mark."

NewKid says, "I'd wait a few more minutes. Say, 8:05 (CST, since we're enslaved to the whole Flyover State time zone as far as announcements go."

A__Ninny konks NewKid on the noggin

JFreebase asks, "Who are we talking about?"

NewKid exclaims, "M: Looks liek you figured it out!"

A__Ninny says, "timberwulf."

JohnConnor is back.

OEJack arrives from the west.

JohnConnor says, "Hello, world."

A__Ninny says, "hi OEJ"

JFreebase asks, "Didn't he have some kind of porn addiction or something?"

OEJack asks, "did I miss the strippers already?"

BBBen says, "Yeah, I think Timberwulf was going through some things we weren't privy to. Depression of some kind, possibly."

A__Ninny says, "Ask NewKid about the strippers"

NewKid says, "Heh."

JFreebase does a strip tease for OEJ.

NewKid says, "I suspect I'm going to be asked a lot about strippers in the month ahead..."

BBBen says, "Yeah, we told NewKid not to touch them..."

markaedw says, "gsharlak left a post, he's haveing trouble getting in"

OEJack says, "hot stuff"

A__Ninny says, "we'll wait another minute to see if he makes it."

NewKid says, "No strip club is worth it without a LITTLE touching."

BBBen asks, "How do we do a transcript?"

JFreebase says, "This java client sucks."

A__Ninny exclaims, "a little?!"

A__Ninny says, "i got the Pueblo client. much easier."

NewKid says, "SOME strip clubs are more than worth it."

OEJack says, "using telnet here... blows"

JohnConnor says, "MudWalker for OSX is nice."

JFreebase says, "I can't get Pueblo to connect to ifMud. It keeps giving me DNS errors."

A__Ninny says, "I'll get the transcript, BBB"

NewKid says, "SOme of us use Macintoshes. Much easier, but don't run esoteric litte prggies like your client."

NewKid asks, "MudWalker?"

NewKid says, "I'll check it out."

JohnConnor says, "Just found it, does just fine."

BBBen asks, "Mark, are you helping GSharlak to connect?"

JFreebase says, "I used to just use zMud."

JohnConnor says, "http://mudwalker.cubik.org/"

NewKid says, "THanks."

OEJack says, "I used to use zMud back in the day myself"

NewKid exclaims, "Typing with this brace is such a bitch!"

OEJack says, "Haven't been on a mud in like 10 years though"

JFreebase says, "Me neither."

JohnConnor asks, "Tennis elbow, NewKid?"

markaedw says, "how does someone sign in with out a username"

A__Ninny says, "tell him 'connect guest guest'"

BBBen says, "You know BBB was my original handle, but CHYOO required two more letters."

NewKid says, "Tennis, yes, elbow, no. I was playing against a MUCH more powerful player and his serve sprained my wrist."

JohnConnor winces.

NewKid agrees.

A__Ninny Imagines writing AIF with a sprained wrist. yikes.

JohnConnor says, "One of my coworkers has been out for two weeks with carpal."

OEJack asks, "doesn't everyone write AIF one-handed anyway?"

markaedw says, "anyone no anything at the pueblo"

JFreebase says, "Sad to think... I've been working on AIF for almost a decade, and I've only released one game. And it sucked."

A__Ninny laughs at OEJ

GrimmSharlak arrives from the west.

NewKid says, "OEJ is evil. Unfortunately I need fingers form both hands. Thus my unprolific nature."

A__Ninny says, "hi GS"

BBBen asks, "Sorry?"

GrimmSharlak says, "Hey everybody"

JohnConnor asks, "Which game, J Freebase?"

markaedw says, "I'm trying to"

OEJack says, "I can type 30 words per minute one-handed"

GrimmSharlak laughs

A__Ninny exclaims, "alright, I think we should start!"

BBBen says, "Stowaway"

NewKid says, "Cheers."

JFreebase says, "Stowaway. I wrote it in demo Adrift 4.0."

BBBen exclaims, "Yeah, lets get going. Play the music!"

A__Ninny says, "stowaway was pretty much an experiment with Adrift for you, too."

JohnConnor says, "The one on the ship? I liked the setting."

A__Ninny lowers lights in auditorium

A__Ninny cues music

NewKid says, "I think we need a musical number to pen the show."

JFreebase says, "I massively overestimated the limits that crippleware Adrift had to offer."

A__Ninny laughs at JF

NewKid says, "TADS is free."

OEJack says, "yeah I thougth Stowaway had potential"

A__Ninny says, "well, this is pretty freewheeling. I guess I'll start by thankingeveryone for showing up tonight."

JFreebase says, "I was working on it in TADS 3 first, but the file size was too big for the mini-aif contest I started it for."

JohnConnor gets back in his velvet chair.

A__Ninny says, "and thanking everyone who voted and who helped with the nominations"

JohnConnor applauds.

OEJack has his bodyguard applaud for him.

JFreebase cheers.

A__Ninny says, "and especially thanking Vachon's sister for finally fucking him and getting his mind off of AIF"

GrimmSharlak whoops

BBBen takes a bow.

JohnConnor snarfs on his cola again.

JFreebase laughs.

NewKid Ha!

BBBen laughs out loud.

A__Ninny says, "so, without futher ado..."

JohnConnor That's mean. But it's funny.

A__Ninny says, "(or something)"

OEJack says, "Vachon still manages to send me three virus laden e-mails a day though"

GrimmSharlak says, "It's funny 'cause it's true"

A__Ninny says, "it must be true."

JFreebase says, "Without further undo..."

NewKid says, "The Oscars would be so much more funny with heckling..."

A__Ninny says, "i guess we'll sort of go down the list. I'll make NewKid type all the nominations."

JFreebase goes home.

NewKid gives the finger to Ninny... painfully

markaedw says, "yea but they are to hibrow for this kind of fun"

A__Ninny slaps Newkid's wrist

NewKid exclaims, "Ough!"

NewKid exclaims, "Er...Ouch!"

NewKid rassle frassel

freeb arrives from the west.

A__Ninny says, "I'll just tell the runner up adn the winner, I guess."

GrimmSharlak says, "That'd be quicker"

A__Ninny says, "Ya."

GrimmSharlak says, "Post the full results later"

JohnConnor boos!

BBBen bites his nails in anticipation.

JohnConnor excalims, "Give us the nominees!"

JohnConnor throws jujubes.

NewKid says, "Let's the runner up have a moment to be cranky."

A__Ninny says, "the runner up for best male PC:"

A__Ninny says, "Caradoc from 'Hell in Highwater'"

A__Ninny exclaims, "wooop!"

GrimmSharlak golf claps

JohnConnor applauds.

A__Ninny says, "and the Erin goes to"

NewKid says, "If he had a bigger dick, he'd have won."

A__Ninny drum roll

JohnConnor listens to the drum roll.

A__Ninny exclaims, "Sam Shooter!"

OEJack says, "Boooooooo"

JohnConnor cheers.

NewKid exclaims, "Wheee!"

OEJack says, "he's a jark"

GrimmSharlak applauds

GrimmSharlak asks, "How does he do it?"

JohnConnor gets back in his chair.

A__Ninny asks, "BBBen, you have the list.. wanna present the next one?"

JohnConnor excalims, "Speech! Speech!"

markaedw says, "did any of the Brits show up"

NewKid exclaims, "Lame joke! Lame joke!"

BBBen says, "Satnic pacts."

A__Ninny says, "fuckin' middle of the night there."

OEJack says, "ok, um, I'd like to thank... myself"

BBBen says, "Okay."

JFreebase arrives from the west.

OEJack says, "and whoever was stupid enough to put "Cisco Red" on the market"

JFreebase sits back down.

markaedw says, "so all the people voted for you don't count"

A__Ninny says, "J freebase keeps having to go to the toilet."

NewKid asks, "Cisco Red?"

GrimmSharlak says, "Just what I was about to ask, NewKid"

OEJack says, "yeah try it some time, it's real cheap"

BBBen asks, "This would be for best female PC?"

A__Ninny says, "ah, whichever you want."

GrimmSharlak wolf whistles

JFreebase asks, "Did I miss anything?"

NewKid exclaims, "THe winner better have big tits!"

A__Ninny says, "I dunno."

NewKid says, "See? Much better with heckoing."

JFreebase is more of a leg man.

A__Ninny says, "we gave out one Erin."

OEJack exclaims, "I deman a recount!"

OEJack says, "demand even"

BBBen says, "Okay, well I am actually nominated for the award but here goes..."

Guest1 arrives from the west.

JohnConnor says, "Hello, guest1."

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Rigged!"

BBBen fiddles with the envelope...

OEJack is giddy with anticipation.

JFreebase is giddy with nitrous.

A__Ninny grooves to Ray Charles

OEJack can't go five seconds without typing something useless and annoying.

NewKid ditto

BBBen exclaims, "The runner up for "Best Female PC" is... Laurie from SSIV!"

Guest1 exclaims, "greetings all. Sorry I'm late!"

JFreebase knows the feeling.

A__Ninny says, "hi guest1"

JFreebase claps.

OEJack says, "boooooo"

GrimmSharlak hoots and hollers

A__Ninny farts audibly

JFreebase makes jacking off motions to show his enthusiasm.

BBBen exclaims, "And the winnner is... British Fox! Wow! What an amazing upset!"

markaedw says, "oej again"

GrimmSharlak cheers wildly

OEJack says, "sounds good to me"

NewKid says, "Nice game"

A__Ninny says, "Yay British Fox"

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Good choice, voters!"

JFreebase says, "That was a well made game."

JohnConnor applauds for those wacky Brits.

A__Ninny says, "I haven't even tried the TADS version yet."

OEJack says, "me neither"

BBBen says, "Lucilla's not here, so I'll accept the award on her behalf."

Guest1 exclaims, "Congrats to Lou!"

A__Ninny says, "Too busy beta-testing massive-ass games."

JohnConnor says, "A fine showing from a new voice."

NewKid asks, "Plural? You're cheatingon me?"

GrimmSharlak says, "It was her first game, to boot"

A__Ninny says, "Ok. picking at random, let's give out the best orgy Erin."

A__Ninny says, "Nah. Yours is big enough for two or three"

GrimmSharlak says, "The one we all came for"

GrimmSharlak says, "Uh, came HERE for"

NewKid says, "Orgy?? I'll haveto expand my repetoir in the next game..."

JFreebase says, "Not me. I came for the pie."

A__Ninny pulls envelope out of mid-air.

GrimmSharlak looks embarrassed

JFreebase eats a piece of pie.

A__Ninny says, "The runner up for best orgy:"

markaedw says, "i just thought o f something will port be allowed for next yr"

NewKid says, "Mmmmm. Pie. Thisone time, at Band Camp"

A__Ninny says, "Janey, Lin, Debbie and PC in 'Sleepover' by BBBen"

BBBen says, "Best threesome/orgy."

GrimmSharlak slaps BBBen on the back

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Well done!"

A__Ninny exclaims, "and the Erin goes to!"

JFreebase gives BBBen the thumbs up.

JohnConnor says, "Well done, BBBen."

OEJack says, "congrats"

BBBen applauds happily but secretly wishes he'd won.

A__Ninny exclaims, "Wendell the Elf, Mrs. Claus and Sara in 'Santa's Little Helper'!"

markaedw says, "bring on the babes"

OEJack says, "haven't played it yet though :("

A__Ninny says, "by A. Bomire"

JFreebase says, "woo."

JohnConnor whispers, "Though we need more Debbie and less Janey!"

A__Ninny says, "that scene went on forever"

GrimmSharlak applauds lustily

A__Ninny exclaims, "MORE DEBBIE!"

JohnConnor says, "SLH is a nice one."

JFreebase says, "I liked the other one, whatever her name was."

A__Ninny says, "ok, now for a very special unannounced award..."

GrimmSharlak asks, "Lin?"

JohnConnor cheers for non-ADRIFT games.

JFreebase says, "Sure."

Guest1 says, "Thanks to everyone who voted for me. ""

NewKid says, "Um. It's AIF. Can;t the player include moe Debbie, less JaneY? I didn't play it."

NewKid says, "Yet"

Guest1 says, "Sorry. Forgot how to change name from Guest1. This is A Bomire""

BBBen says, "I know that A. Bomire is grateful for his award."

A__Ninny says, "the inaugural Vachon award..."

JFreebase says, "Yay A."

NewKid says, "Yo, BO"

OEJack says, "Ooooohhh Me me me"

JohnConnor says, "Hey, I figure the author's here, I might was well give the feedback.""

markaedw says, "we figured that out"

JFreebase says, "Good god."

JohnConnor says, "What's the A. stand for?""

JFreebase says, "Awesome."

BBBen says, "Damn refresh rate."

GrimmSharlak says, "kissass"

JohnConnor smacks his forehead.

A__Ninny exclaims, "so speech!"

JFreebase says, "What? I like his games."

JohnConnor excalims, "Speech!"

Guest1 says, "I've forgotten.""

BBBen says, "Absent."

GrimmSharlak grins

GrimmSharlak says, "So do I, so do I"

BBBen says, "Absent Bomire."

Guest1 says, "I'm not much for speeches, but I will say thanks to everyone who voted."

JFreebase says, "Speech, or just thrust your hips at us. Either way.""

GrimmSharlak pats himself on the back

NewKid says, "Ewww."

OEJack says, "Dexter Dixon is the game that inspired me to write AIF"

Guest1 says, "I originally didn't plan on including Sara in the game"

A__Ninny exclaims, "so, I was saying - the inaugural Vachon award for worst game of the year!"

OEJack says, "I want this"

GrimmSharlak goes pale

JohnConnor winces.

Guest1 exclaims, "Thanks OEJ! I'm glad to inspire something other than...well, you know!"

BBBen says, "Whoops, sorry guest1."

JFreebase says, "Nah. It's what's his name."

JohnConnor says, "AB- it was a nice scene. Huzzah for Dongle."

BBBen says, "Refresh rate again."

A__Ninny exclaims, "goes to: Vachon!"

GrimmSharlak laughs

JFreebase exclaims, "Hisssss!"

A__Ninny swoons with surprise

OEJack laughs.

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Didn't see that one coming!"

freeb says, "nooooooooooooooooooooo"

NewKid asks, "Who?"

GrimmSharlak says, "I thought it was going to be that one that got banned"

JohnConnor asks, "Did he release one this year?"

BBBen applauds for Vachon.

JFreebase says, "Or that other guy."

OEJack asks, "does it matter?"

A__Ninny says, "he released a mini-comp entry that was just pathetic."

Guest1 says, "He was in the Comp last year.""

OEJack says, "he deserves it every year"

NewKid asks, "Seriously. I've got some time to kill. What's the game?"

JohnConnor observes a moment of silence for Vachon and all ADRIFT games everywhere.

A__Ninny says, "it's called 'Late Work'"

GrimmSharlak is an Adrift author

Guest1 says, "I know for a fact he wrote it in a week. Plays like it too."

JohnConnor won't hold it against you.

A__Ninny says, "you'll love it."

NewKid says, "ADRIFT is a crappy system that has produced some really nice games."

JohnConnor asks, "What's the, ahem, premise?"

OEJack says, "I wrote Sam Shooter I in 3 days :\"

GrimmSharlak looks stunned

NewKid says, "OEJ: Bullshit."

A__Ninny says, "the premise actually has some promise..."

JFreebase is all about the TADS. Or gamemaker. Or Java. Or ren'py. Or just python.

OEJack says, "now it takes me three days to write one room description"

BBBen says, "I wrote Normville High in a week and I won the comp. So there."

A__Ninny says, "you're working late and get interrupted by a sexy cleaning lady."

JohnConnor says, "Oh, right."

A__Ninny slaps BBBen upside the head

NewKid says, "AN: Oooo. I like that..."

JFreebase says, "With sexy results."

JohnConnor hasn't written any games.

OEJack says, "sounds sexy"

BBBen exclaims, "There was a deadline!"

markaedw says, "all of vach's games did there was just no follow up"

GrimmSharlak says, "wait for it..."

A__Ninny says, "ok, AB, wanna give out an award? You have the list too."

A__Ninny exclaims, "we had like six weeks!"

JFreebase says, "I'm pissed that my AIF Challenge board was such a collossal failure."

NewKid exclaims, "Six weeks? I can't write a single NPC in six weeks!"

Guest1 says, "I don't have the list in front of me. Sorry."

GrimmSharlak says, "Yeah, Breakout! took much longer and came out worse than Normville - but it was better than Late Work"

OEJack asks, "challenge board?"

markaedw says, "never heard of it"

NewKid says, "Challenge Board? AIF takes WAY to long to write."

A__Ninny says, "maybe if you wrote some games yourself JF"

GrimmSharlak says, "I always saw a message or two saying people were working on challenge games but nothing ever eventuated"

BBBen says, "I had been working on the idea for some time, mind you."

JFreebase says, "It was seasonal. Make a game for summer. Make it about (for example) ninjas. Go."

A__Ninny says, "OK. Well, then. Award for best female NPC:"

A__Ninny says, "(this one will be no surprise whatsoever, by the way)"

JohnConnor says, "JF, I was thinking about something similar."

GrimmSharlak asks, "There have been surprises so far?"

A__Ninny exclaims, "the runner up is Mrs. Claus from SLH!"

GrimmSharlak cheers

OEJack says, "I really got to play that one"

JFreebase exclaims, "Wooo! Claus!"

JohnConnor applauds.

A__Ninny says, "and the Erin goes to..."

A__Ninny exclaims, "Debbie from 'Crossworlds'!"

A__Ninny applauds

GrimmSharlak laughs

BBBen struts around in an obnoxious way.

freeb applauds politely, then trips

JohnConnor cheers.

OEJack cheers.

GrimmSharlak says, "More Debbie, indeed"

Guest1 says, "Congrats BBBen!""

JFreebase claps.

markaedw says, "wohoo"

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Congratumalations!"

A__Ninny asks, "Mark, do you have the list?"

NewKid exclaims, "I could never get that game to run!"

JohnConnor holds one end of the More Debbie Please Fan Club sign

markaedw claps

JohnConnor shakes BBBen's hand.

BBBen exclaims, "I didn't prepare any remarks, but I will say that female NPCs are the most important thing for me in AIF, so thanks to all who voted for Debbie!"

markaedw says, "who is that"

JFreebase says, "I think whenever an Adrift author wins, they should get an extra Erin for struggling against the language."

Guest2 arrives from the west.

GrimmSharlak says, "I second that motion"

A__Ninny cheers the long-struggling ADRIFT authors

freeb smirks

OEJack says, "I'm gonna write my next one comepletely in assembly"

Guest1 exclaims, "Opened the list in another tab. I love firefox!"

NewKid asks, "Hey, My wife just asked me. Is Huey Lewis dead?"

JFreebase says, "That would rock."

A__Ninny asks, "is he?"

A__Ninny says, "i have no clue."

freeb says, "we can only hope"

OEJack says, "the heart of rock and roll is still beating, as far as I know"

GrimmSharlak says, "I don't think so"

JFreebase says, "No. Just his career."

Guest1 exclaims, "Assembly? I guess a new found use for PUSH and POP!"

NewKid says, "Firefow rules., Of course, I'm in Safari right now..."

A__Ninny says, "Ok, AB. Present one whenever you're ready"

NewKid says, "FB: That was my though..."

BBBen says, "It's hip to be dead."

JFreebase plans to make AIF in Cobol.

Guest3 arrives from the west.

NewKid says, "BASIC"

A__Ninny says, "Nexcape has had tabbed browsing for a while. I suppose that is because FF and Netscape are all based on mozilla..."

JohnConnor cheers for Firefox.

GrimmSharlak says, "My next game will be for the Commodore 64 platform"


Guest1 asks, "Have we done best sex yet?"

GrimmSharlak says, "All the cool kids have it"

A__Ninny says, "nope."

JFreebase says, "Hey man... I started out in Basic."

Guest2 goes home.

OEJack says, "Assembly is the way to go, as soon as I figure out how to write "tit" in 1s and 0s"

freeb gets out his snare and plays a rimshot

NewKid says, "JF: SO, you are as old an I////"

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "I use Opera! Woo! Opera!"

JohnConnor says, "The C64 had some decent AIF- I first played Farmer's Daughter on a Commie."

A__Ninny plays the Browser Wars theme

BBBen asks, "Want me to give one out?"

NewKid says, "BRB: More wine."

A__Ninny says, "AB is giving one."

GrimmSharlak says, "Don't forget "Mad Party Fucker""

JohnConnor says, "Careful, we don't want to lose Chris Cole again."

Guest3 says, "I played that on a C64 Emulator."

OEJack exclaims, "CIsco Red baby!"

JFreebase says, "Someone should make an AIF about those OS-girls."

BBBen says, "Okay."

Guest3 says, "Although I had a few IF games for the C64 itself I think."

Guest3 asks, "OS Girls?"

JohnConnor says, "On the web, there is a Girls of C64. Somewhere."

Guest1 emote pretends to listen, but actually watching Amazing Race

JohnConnor asks, "Anybody remember the one about the sorority vampires?"

Guest3 says, "Oh, yes I think I downloaded a bunch of stuff from there."

Guest1 says, "Okay. The award for Best Sex...."

A__Ninny says, "AB is watching Amazing Race, so I'll give out the Erin for best sex"

NewKid exclaims, "Tin Roof White!"

A__Ninny exclaims, "ladies and gentlemen!"

NewKid exclaims, "Take that OEJack!"

A__Ninny says, "or just pervs"

NewKid asks, "What, you want us to pay attention?"

A__Ninny says, "the runner up for best sex is:"

A__Ninny says, "Mount Voluptuous"

OEJack says, "according to my ex-wife it's me"

A__Ninny cheers Chris

GrimmSharlak ooooohs

NewKid says, "BTW: This is my personal fave for best title ever..."

A__Ninny opens the envelope

JohnConnor cheers.

JFreebase says, "That's the only one of Cole's games I didn't finish, and I don't remember why."

Guest1 applauds loudly

OEJack says, "yeah that's a brilliant title"

OEJack says, "I haven't tried to play it yet though"

A__Ninny says, "the Erin goes to"

JohnConnor says, "You're missing out, OEJ."

A__Ninny exclaims, "Sam Shooter IV!"

Guest1 says, "Has a really amazing orgy at the end. I was surprised it didn't win."

OEJack says, "no"

JohnConnor is stunned.

BBBen says, "I've published a review of Mount Voluptuous in the latest newsletter."

GrimmSharlak applauds

JFreebase golf claps.

A__Ninny claps OEJ on the back making his drink come out his nose

JohnConnor applauds.

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Get that man more Cisco Red!"

Guest1 cheers wildly for OEJ

OEJack says, "okay, I'd like to thank all the voters this time (the checks are in the mail)"

NewKid exclaims, "The Cyclops wins!"

JFreebase says, "No suprise there. OEJ is one of the few authors who has actually HAD sex."

GrimmSharlak oooooohs again

BBBen tips his hat to OEJ.

OEJack says, "once upon a time anyway"

GrimmSharlak says, "That's a burn"

A__Ninny says, "JF, you made me spit my drink on my monitor."

JohnConnor says, "Congrats, OEJ."

Guest1 exclaims, "Hey! I've had sex! ...Oh wait, you mean with someone else. Never mind!"

NewKid exclaims, "JF: Piss off!"

NewKid says, "Heh, heh."

JFreebase grins real big.

A__Ninny says, "I have kids, so I don't have sex."

NewKid says, "AN: Ditto..."

OEJack says, "I've never had less sex than when I was married"

JohnConnor says, "Ow."

Guest3 says, "Hmm, maybe I should go, I just thought I'd drop by and see what's going on, since I have pretty much nothing else to do while I'm waiting for my newsgroups to download."

A__Ninny says, "well, BBBen will now choose an award and hand it out."

NewKid says, "Actually, marriage definitely has it moments...."

GrimmSharlak says, "Makes you feel bad for people who save themselves for marriage..."

A__Ninny says, "wedding night..."

OEJack says, "I must have slept through them all"

A__Ninny says, "uh..."

A__Ninny says, "hmm..."

NewKid says, "Stay married long enough, and you get these bursts.... Seriously. Wow."

JFreebase says, "Another untapped AIF niche; the wedding night."

A__Ninny laughs

OEJack says, "mine only last 9 months, so..."

BBBen says, "Okay. Best story then."

NewKid says, "Fifteen years."

OEJack says, "nice, congrats"

JohnConnor asks, "Perhaps a setting for the AIF Challenge? Wedding night?"

Guest1 suddenly has an idea for a game. Looks shifty and begins scribbling madly.

NewKid exclaims, "AB: Hey! I thoguht of that first!"

A__Ninny sneaks off to the bathroom while BBBen is giving out the best story award

BBBen says, "The runner up for "Best Story" in an AIF game goes to..."

Guest1 exclaims, "Prove it! Hah-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

JohnConnor waits patiently.

BBBen exclaims, "The Backlot, by A. Bomire!"

GrimmSharlak says, "They're transcribing this, AB"

NewKid folds hands and waits politely

JFreebase exclaims, "Woo! Backlot! In-Jokes!"

GrimmSharlak says, "Oooh, I thought that was gonna win"

Guest3 says, "Oh, before I go, anybody know a good server that lets you post to the newsgroups? I've tried to post to a couple groups in the past and it seemed to go through, but I guess nobody saw them or it got drowned out by other files."

JFreebase says, "Google."

OEJack says, "google works for me"

Guest1 looks sheepish.

BBBen exclaims, "And now, the winner of "Best Story" is... Hell in Highwater!"

A__Ninny congratulates A. Bomire

JohnConnor says, "Google Groups is free; I hear good things about easynews.com."

GrimmSharlak applauds

NewKid says, "Seriously, Backlot earns my highes praise: It was very playable."

JohnConnor cheers.

A__Ninny applauds

GrimmSharlak says, "It certainly was one of the most original games to come out last year"

JFreebase says, "Hell in Highwater was pretty good."

JohnConnor says, "One of the few I didn't get a chance to play."

Guest1 says, "Thanks. It was a labor of love, then hate, then just a labor. Finally, it was love once more."

A__Ninny says, "Backlot had a great story, IMO"

OEJack says, "haven't played it yet either"

markaedw asks, "how does google newsgroups do with pictures?"

Guest1 says, "Then it filed a restraining order and things got ugly."

JFreebase exclaims, "Psst! Talk about the winner!"

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "I was!"

NewKid says, "If a game never goes through the labor of hate stage, it obviously is going to suck."

markaedw says, "I think that was directed at me"

A__Ninny says, "Hell in Highwater had a very cool, dark story. Long-ass game, though."

Guest1 says, "Highwater was one of the most original games I played all year."

NewKid asks, "Thw winner???"

GrimmSharlak shrugs

JohnConnor says, "I think Highwater may have suffered because of Ho-town. Sort of like Deep Impact and Armageddon."

OEJack says, "Ho-town? haven't even heard of that one"

GrimmSharlak says, "Always good to see a longer game"

A__Ninny says, "Alright. moving on."

markaedw says, "how so"

JFreebase says, "Always good to see a game that has been adequately tested."

NewKid says, "I gotta go download highwater..."

OEJack says, "me too"

A__Ninny says, "The runner up for best male NPC goes to"

markaedw says, "it's called show down in Ho-Town"

NewKid exclaims, "They make MALE NPC!?!?!"

A__Ninny says, "Vrix, from 'Hell in Highwater'"

GrimmSharlak says, "Oh yeah, he's eeeeeeeevil"

GrimmSharlak applauds

A__Ninny says, "and the Erin goes to:"

JohnConnor applauds.

A__Ninny inhales

JohnConnor holds his breath.

A__Ninny exclaims, "Incubus, from Sam Shooter!"

OEJack wonders what the voters were thinking

Guest3 says, "o"

JohnConnor cheers.

A__Ninny drops confeti

Guest3 says, "hmm"

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Crikey! It's an SSIV sweep!"

Guest3 leaves the auditorium to the west.

NewKid says, "Titanic..."

BBBen says, "Stop taking all the awards, OEJ."

Guest1 says, "Congrats OEJ. A flaming homo Incubus. I loved it."

JohnConnor excalims, "Incubus was *fabulous*!"

JFreebase says, "A winner is you."

GrimmSharlak laughs uproariously

markaedw says, "has ther been some ballot stuffing in here"

OEJack says, "I didnt even vote"

GrimmSharlak says, "Vachon voted multiple times"

NewKid says, "For himself."

A__Ninny says, "damn BBBen voted for all his own games :p"

OEJack says, "and I murdered all my beta testers so I know it wasn't them"

Guest1 says, "I think something was stuffed, but possibly not ballots."

JFreebase says, "And he still lost."

BBBen hides his face.

GrimmSharlak says, "Zing!:"

NewKid says, "NO, Vachon won earlier...."

BBBen exclaims, "I was fair in nominations though!"

A__Ninny says, "BBBen nominated all his own games, too."

A__Ninny giggles

GrimmSharlak laughs

GrimmSharlak says, "He's drunk with power, that BBBen"

A__Ninny says, "ok, someone with the list give out the next award."

JFreebase says, "There should be a "Vapourware" award."

OEJack says, "anyone remember "Smoke""

NewKid asks, "COme on. You gotta nominate your own games! Why else write them?"

A__Ninny asks, "Maybe the BMA?"

GrimmSharlak says, "Too many nominees, JF"

BBBen says, "Anyway, Debbie won by heaps, so there."

A__Ninny says, "she did."

NewKid says, "I still get requests for my vaporware...."

OEJack says, "same here"

A__Ninny says, "A. Bomire will now present the Badman Memorial Award"

BBBen pokes his tongue out at A Ninny.

JohnConnor has a Pavlovian response to Debbie.

Guest1 says, "Damn! I was trying so hard to resist mentioning 'Wraith'""

A__Ninny drools at thought of Debbie

JFreebase says, "NewKid, your games got me into AIF authorship in the first place. You and Scarlet Herring, anyway."

OEJack says, "which one is Debbie? All this talk is making me wonder"

Guest1 says, "Okay. The Badman award..."

JohnConnor grins like Zaphod.

NewKid says, "Wraiuth still exists. I hope it will one day be released...."

JohnConnor says, "Debbie is the one with the rabbit."

OEJack says, "now im even more confused"

Guest1 says, "For those who may not remember, this award goes to the author we feel"

Guest1 says, "most contributed to the genre.""

OEJack exclaims, "VACHON!"

GrimmSharlak says, "This is a big one..."

A__Ninny says, "someone voted for Vachon, actually."

BBBen says, "Pink hair, big tits, flesh-tone nipples, goes off like a firecracker."

GrimmSharlak asks, "Vachon?"

JFreebase exclaims, "HA!"

OEJack asks, "we need examples of how not to do it, right?"

A__Ninny says, "someone in this room, actually..."

Guest1 says, "This year.. I'm happy to be able to present the award to the person who most influenced my own gaming style..."

Guest1 says, "The award goes to.... NewKid!""

NewKid exclaims, "You like me! You really, really like me!"

OEJack cheers for Newkid!

GrimmSharlak applauds wildly

A__Ninny cheers loudly!

BBBen says, "Someone did vote for Vachon, actually."

JFreebase lifts NewKid onto the stage.

JohnConnor applauds honestly and sincerely.

NewKid exclaims, "Watch your hands, Connor!"

BBBen cheers for NewKid.

Guest1 exclaims, "Congrats NK!"

A__Ninny says, "I'll just read our blurb on NewKid into the transcript here..."

JohnConnor looks at his hands.

NewKid says, "Thanks folks! This feels like a life-time acheivement award for the old geezer who's over the hill...."

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Now, c'mon, this award deserves a speech!"

JohnConnor looks confused.

A__Ninny says, "NewKid, author of Ideal New England Prep School (HI) and Generic New York Apartment Building (GNA) and other games, could possibly be considered the father of modern AIF. With HI he took the AIF community beyond its Xtrek phase and demonstrated that AIF games could be high quality and intelligent. His TADS "chick.t" library has aided other authors and his presence in the community has been an inspiration to many more."

NewKid says, "JC: You lifeted me onto stage...."

JFreebase says, "Hell yeah."

JohnConnor excalims, "Plus he uses a Mac!"

NewKid says, "Macs rule."

GrimmSharlak gasps in horr

GrimmSharlak horror, even

OEJack says, "horr is bad too"

NewKid says, "Virtual PC is a pain when writing in TADS3"

OEJack asks, "there's no Mac port?"

JohnConnor winces.

A__Ninny thinks NewKid needs a text editor with a spellchecker

NewKid says, "Seriously, thanks. I do appreciate the honor."

JohnConnor asks, "NewKid, have you looked at Yonk for Inform?"

JFreebase scoffs at Inform.

Guest1 says, "You deserve it."

GrimmSharlak nods in agreement

A__Ninny says, "yeah. I agree."

JFreebase says, "You're the man, NewKid."

NewKid says, "I feel my fame is more from sheer dint of having enough time to write large games, but I'll take it."

Guest1 says, "Tried Inform once. Didn't like it.""

BBBen says, "A long overdue award, if I may say so."

GrimmSharlak says, "Too true, BBBen"

JFreebase says, "Well, he vanished for awhile."

A__Ninny says, "ok, we still have a bunch of awards to give out."

OEJack says, "he just did that to make us all pine for his return"

A__Ninny says, "so I'll just fire a few off - its a work night after all."

OEJack says, "part of his master plan"

A__Ninny says, "runner up for best puzzles goes to"

NewKid says, "I'll be back... Soon."

JohnConnor scoffs at ADRIFT.

A__Ninny exclaims, "The Backlot!"

JohnConnor applauds.

BBBen says, "While we're releasing the details of my secret ballot, the first think I did was put NewKid on the lifetime achievement section."

GrimmSharlak applauds

A__Ninny says, "and the best puzzle erin goes to the puzzle master himself:"

NewKid asks, "Backlot is runner up?"

A__Ninny exclaims, "Will Shortz!"

JFreebase exclaims, "Man, when I saw NewKid sniffing around raif newsgroups, asking about TADS3, I was all WOOO!"

A__Ninny says, "oh, wait..."

GrimmSharlak asks, "Who?"

A__Ninny says, "the Erin goes to 'Santa's Little Helper!'"

GrimmSharlak laughs

JFreebase applauds

OEJack says, "gratz AB"

A__Ninny says, "(will shortz writes the crossword for the NYT.)"

NewKid applauds in understanding

GrimmSharlak says, "Ohhhh"

A__Ninny says, "its an AB sweep in the puzzle category this year, folks."

JohnConnor stands and cheers.

BBBen says, "That's why Backlot is runner up."

GrimmSharlak says, "Deservedly so"

A__Ninny says, "SSIV was third."

OEJack asks, "there were puzzles in it?"

JohnConnor asks, "Are you going to post final numbers?"

NewKid says, "Puzzles rule. Wish I could write some..."

A__Ninny says, "I'll post all the places, not sure about the voting tally though."

Guest1 says, "Thanks everyone. I designed SLH with puzzles first, and added the sex later. Believe it or not, took me a week to write the puzzle part, and almost 5 weeks to add in the sex."

OEJack says, "I get confused even when I think them up myself"

BBBen says, "Because SLH won."

GrimmSharlak says, "Good to see you focussing on the important things"

NewKid says, "AB: That's six weeks. SIX"

NewKid asks, "WEEKS!?!?!?"

JFreebase is afk.

A__Ninny says, "wishes for free time to write aif that fast"

JohnConnor muses on the design decisions of game first.

NewKid asks, "SIX FUCKING WEEKS?!?!?!?"

Guest1 says, "Well, for me, SLH was a relatively short game. Backlot took 18 months."

A__Ninny says, "next award for best m/f sex scene in a game."

NewKid says, "Humph..."

A__Ninny says, "the runner up is PC and Samantha in 'Normville High' by BBBen"

NewKid applause

GrimmSharlak applauds

OEJack cheers.

JohnConnor claps.

Guest1 says, "You can write fast if you concentrate on AIF and let other things like eating, sleeping, etc. slip to the side"

BBBen sniggers.

A__Ninny says, "and the Best het sex scene of the year was PC and Fairy from 'The Backlot'"

GrimmSharlak hoots

NewKid whoopeeee!!!!

A__Ninny congratulates A.B. again

OEJack cheers.

A__Ninny says, "BBB, will now present."

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Man, it's gonna be OEJ vs. AB for who wins the most awards!"

BBBen applauds A. Bomire.

NewKid says, "Actually, I reread that one a couple of times...."

OEJack says, "bah... my votes were all sympathy votes"

Guest1 says, "Wow! I am really suprised. I thought some of the other scenes in that game were much hotter."

BBBen asks, "How about best atmosphere?"

A__Ninny says, "ok."

GrimmSharlak asks, "Maybe it's because she's an old favourite from Dexter Dixon?"

A__Ninny says, "and she was so amazed with herself that it was palpable."

BBBen says, "The runner up for best atmosphere is..."

A__Ninny says, "came out in the scene."

BBBen exclaims, "Hell in Highwater!"

A__Ninny cheers Hell in Highwater

GrimmSharlak clap, clap, clapperoo

JohnConnor stomps in time.

OEJack says, "every time you write that name I keep thinking you're making an exclamation"

Guest1 congratulates J. Arthur. Then realizes he isn't here and feels foolish.

GrimmSharlak laughs

NewKid yay!

BBBen says, "And now, the winner of the award that I would most like removed from next year's Erins is..."

BBBen exclaims, "SSIV again!"

OEJack says, "Boooooooo"

A__Ninny applauds OEJ!

NewKid asks, "Btothe3, Why?"

GrimmSharlak asks, "Wait, why would you want it removed?"

JohnConnor grins.

GrimmSharlak bows to OEJ

Guest1 shakes hands with OEJ.

JohnConnor asks, "Yearly, right?"

NewKid feels the game was quite cool

A__Ninny asks, "did we do lesbian scene yet?"

OEJack says, "this time, I'd like to thank hoolywood legend Uwe Boll for his great inspiration"

GrimmSharlak chuckles

BBBen says, "I want a new award called "best writing" that deals with story and atmosphere (and other stuff)."

A__Ninny says, "well, you run the damn thing then."

NewKid says, "You are on an island.... There are non-heterosexual women everywhere...."

A__Ninny humphs grumpily

BBBen says, "No offense intended to the deserving winners."

GrimmSharlak says, "I think there's room for both best story and best atmosphere, as you can have a good story but little atmosphere and a good atmosphere within a shoddy premise""

NewKid exclaims, "AN: Not so fast my friend..... You are not getting out of runningthis so easily!!!"

A__Ninny says, "alright. best lesbian scene. The runner up goes to BBBen for Debbie and Tabitha in Crossworlds 2"

BBBen flicks a cocktail wiener at A Ninny.

JFreebase returns.

A__Ninny says, "rocking scene, BBBen"

JohnConnor cheers.

BBBen cheers for himself.

GrimmSharlak cheers

JohnConnor cheers for Debbie.

markaedw says, "ok bbb you can quit whinning now"

Guest1 says, "Good job BBBen.""

JFreebase cheers for everyone.

A__Ninny exclaims, "And the best lesbian scene of the year was Eve and Laurie in SSIV!"

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Oh hell yeah!"

JFreebase exclaims, "BAM!"

A__Ninny checks votes

JohnConnor hoots and hollers.

NewKid says, "NO! Really? I am so shocked. Or not... Uh..."

Guest1 says, "My favorite scene from SSIV""

A__Ninny says, "great job OEJ"

OEJack says, "my mother would be so proud *sniffle*"

NewKid says, "OEJ: I'm guessing she probably wouldn't...."

BBBen says, "A great scene by OEJ, I must say."

JFreebase exclaims, "Your mother? HAWT! Put her in a game!"

A__Ninny laugs at NK

Guest1 exclaims, "Hey...no mothers, man!"

A__Ninny laughs, even

OEJack says, "just cuz I write incest doesn't mean I LIKE it, haha"

A__Ninny asks, "did we hand out all the actor awards and sex awards now?"

GrimmSharlak has lost track

BBBen says, "And then get the Vachon award."

A__Ninny says, "BBB can do the multimedia next."

NewKid exclaims, "Why isn't Vachon here?!?!?!?!?!"

BBBen says, "Okay."

GrimmSharlak says, "I think I know who's gotten this one..."

OEJack says, "my restraining order"

markaedw says, "i think we messe dbest sex"

A__Ninny says, "He should be here, definitely."

JFreebase says, "I still have some art someone made me for Stowaway."

GrimmSharlak applauds OEJ again

markaedw says, "*missed"

NewKid exclaims, "HA!"

A__Ninny says, "no, we covered it MAE"

BBBen says, "The runner up for "Best Multimedia" in an AIF game is..."

JohnConnor pours some beer on the floor for Vachon.

BBBen exclaims, "Santa's Little Helper by A. Bomire!"

NewKid says, "JC: I will waste no wine before its time..."

JohnConnor says, "JF, you should share that art."

BBBen says, "And the winner is..."

OEJack says, "gotta tip one back for ma homie Vachon"

GrimmSharlak applauds

A__Ninny claps for game with pictures so hidden that nobody ever saw them

NewKid applauds mightily...

JohnConnor says, "Come on, NK, give a shout for V."

Guest1 says, "Thanks again, guys (and any gals out there). ""

JFreebase says, "JC: I'm saving it for the "Gold Edition" re-release."

BBBen exclaims, "Sexbot by Boiling Cauldron (same as last year's winner)!"

JohnConnor nods and digs it.

A__Ninny cheers Cauldron

JohnConnor excalims, "Huzzah!"

A__Ninny says, "dude can draw."

GrimmSharlak says, "Well, I was wrong, then - I thought Mount Voluptuous was going to win"

Guest1 claps wildly.

GrimmSharlak applauds anyway!

BBBen says, "Original artwork wins again."

A__Ninny says, "best tech next..."

NewKid says, "Damn, another one I've got to download......"

Guest1 says, "Boiling Cauldron used original art. Definitely gave him an edge...""

A__Ninny says, "it's a very short play, NK"

OEJack asks, "Boiling Cauldron?"

A__Ninny says, "more of an experiment with Hugo"

NewKid asks, "HUGO?!?! There is an AIF in HUGO?"

BBBen says, "Mostly about the pictures."

A__Ninny says, "ok, the runner up for best technical implementation and use of medium..."

JFreebase asks, "Shocker, no?"

A__Ninny says, "goes to Hell in Highwater by J. Arthur"

GrimmSharlak applauds politely

BBBen says, "He wrote "Plan 69 from Outer Space""

Guest1 says, "Whoo hoo!""

OEJack says, "ahhhh"

NewKid applauds, but wonders what this categoy means

OEJack says, "same"

A__Ninny says, "good question"

OEJack says, "I never understand this category"

A__Ninny says, "we gotta redefine it"

GrimmSharlak asks, "It means an ADRIFT game will never win?"

BBBen applauds J. Arthur.

JohnConnor uses the opportunity to make fun of ADRIFT.

A__Ninny says, "well, British Fox was nominated."

NewKid exclaims, "GS: HAHAHAHAHA!"

BBBen says, "This award will be changed somewhat for next year too."

A__Ninny says, "anyway, the winner is The Backlot by A. Bomire"

A__Ninny exclaims, "here ya go!"

JohnConnor applauds.

OEJack says, "sounds good to me"

A__Ninny claps

Guest1 blushes

JFreebase claps.

GrimmSharlak throws streamers on the stage

NewKid says, "OF course, I always thought this award was cogent and easily understood..."

BBBen says, "Divided into "Best technical quality" and "Most innovative game""

A__Ninny says, "three left: best humor, best ONS and best game (by my reckoning)."

Guest1 says, "Thanks once more. I feel like I should be thanking some people in New Zealand, but I don't know any."

BBBen pats A. Bomire on the back.

GrimmSharlak says, "Thank people in Australia instead - we're BETTER."

NewKid says, "I'l thank the folks at the Geisen winery...."

A__Ninny says, "BBBen will give out the ONS award."

NewKid says, "GS: Not in winemaking, you're not..."

GrimmSharlak says, "At cricket, anyway...""

OEJack says, "I'm gonna bust out some NIGHTTRAIN in a minute"

JFreebase's next game shall be "Vachon's Adventures in New Zealand.

BBBen says, "No we're not."

A__Ninny laughs

Guest1 says, "Okay. Thanks to all of you in Australia! Even though you play my games upside down...""

JohnConnor toasts the Ozzies.

NewKid asks, "I've got some MadDog 20/20, want it?"

BBBen says, "At cricket, maybe."

A__Ninny says, "and your shit goes down the toilet in the wrong direction."

OEJack says, "if it causes halucinations then yeah"

GrimmSharlak says, "Maybe you're wrong and you are all upside down, hmmm? :D"

BBBen says, "ONS, I can dig it."

NewKid says, "AN: NewKid busts a gut....."

OEJack says, "I once owned a Ford Falcon from Australia"

A__Ninny says, "there's more of us than there are of you."

JFreebase exclaims, "It's O N S, it's dynamite, it's O N S and it'll win the fight!"

A__Ninny says, "so we're right by affirmation."

BBBen says, "And the runner up for best One Night Stand/A Night With game..."

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Curses!"

JFreebase says, "Curses wasn't AIF."

A__Ninny exclaims, "Without objection, so ordered!"

BBBen exclaims, "Is Normville High, by me! Cheers for me!"

JFreebase exclaims, "Yay you!"

GrimmSharlak cheers to BBBen

A__Ninny cheers BBBen

NewKid exclaims, "You go girl!!"

GrimmSharlak laughs

Guest1 claps BBBen on the back.

OEJack says, "Mmmmhmmm girlfirend! *snaps fingers*"

JohnConnor snickers at the Curses joke.

BBBen exclaims, "And the winner is... that bastard A Ninny for Parlour!"

JohnConnor cheers for the winner!

NewKid exclaims, "Wheee!"

GrimmSharlak goes nuts

OEJack cheers.

JohnConnor says, "Good one, Ninny."

A__Ninny says, "I got to count the votes."

JFreebase says, "Creepy game. I loved the atmosphere."

OEJack is making a list of games he needs to play.

Guest1 says, "The comp voting for these two games was *very* close, so I'm not surprised that the same was true in this category."

A__Ninny says, "thanks all. damn layered sex commands took forever to write."

BBBen says, "Actually, I was secretly hoping Parlour would win."

Guest1 exclaims, "Good job AN. Loved Bones!"

NewKid asks, ""Layered Sex"? Don't you mean "Laying sex"???"

JFreebase says, "I was originally making Stowaway for that comp. Damn file was too big in TADS3, hadda start over in Adrift."

BBBen says, "Makes me feel less guilty about winning the comp."

A__Ninny laughs at BBBen

NewKid exclaims, "JF: You started a game over in another language just to control FILE SIZE?!?!?!?!"

OEJack says, "comps shouldn't have an arbitrary file size limit"

A__Ninny says, "I never understood that decision, JF"

OEJack says, "should be limited by rooms or NPCs or something"

NewKid says, "Cyclops: I wholeheartedly agree."

GrimmSharlak says, "It had a number of limiting factors, if I recall. File size was just one of them."

Guest1 winks, and places finger against nose.

JFreebase says, "It was limited by rooms, NPCs, and file size, though the file size was a bit informal."

BBBen says, "Take it up with A. Bomire and Chris Cole."

JFreebase says, "I'm not complaining."

OEJack says, "I've got my bodyguard waiting for them in the parking lot"

BBBen says, "File size was 150 kb (zipped). There could only be three rooms and one NPC."

Guest1 exclaims, "CC and I are planning a new comp. Will announce by end of week. No size limits, I swear!"

JFreebase cheers.

GrimmSharlak says, "Oh crap, I'll have to come up with an idea..."

A__Ninny says, "anyway (plug) if you haven't played Parlour yet, it lets you do more than one thing to the chick at a time, ie fuck her and rub her pussy simultaneously."

OEJack asks, "can I put my TADS gorseracing simulation in it?"

A__Ninny says, "On we go"

OEJack says, "err, horseracing even"

BBBen says, "I'm not complaining, I won that damn thing."

A__Ninny says, "for best humor, the runner up is"

NewKid says, "OEJ: Thanks for clarifying..."

A__Ninny exclaims, "Backlot!"

JFreebase exclaims, "Yay!"

GrimmSharlak laughs as a form of applause

JohnConnor asks, "Will it be based off of CC's Beach experiment?"

JohnConnor claps for Backlot

BBBen laughs at "The Backlot".

NewKid says, "Again! A robbery!!! Oh wait.. I should hear the winner first..."

A__Ninny says, "And the funniest damn game of the year is"

A__Ninny exclaims, "SSIV!!!"

Guest1 says, "I am really surprised by this. Backlot wasn't meant to be funny."

JFreebase cheers OEJ.

A__Ninny claps for OEJ

Guest1 whistles shrilly for OEJ

GrimmSharlak applauds the cycopian one

OEJack says, "I'd like to thank the man, the legend himself... Vachon. He who sits upon the peak of greatness which I can only dream of one day ascending to"

A__Ninny laughs at thought of Incubus

GrimmSharlak laughs

BBBen toasts Vachon.

NewKid exclaims, "Backlot was a scream. SSIV was a hoot, but I laughed much more at Backlot. Of course, one of my games was in it.... But really I lauhged elsewhere a ton!"

Guest1 exclaims, "In an odd way, Vachon's games *were* funny!"

OEJack says, "I laugh at funerals so it's hard for me to judge"

GrimmSharlak says, "Just not "Ha, ha" funny."

BBBen asks, "How is Vachon's name supposed to be pronounced, anyway?"

NewKid says, "OEJ: Ewww."

JFreebase says, "Well, Backlot was an inside joke... the closest to a "community game" we've got."

JohnConnor excalims, "Va-SHON! Mai ouis!"

JFreebase asks, "Ba shon?"

JohnConnor snickers.

A__Ninny drinks to Vachon!

OEJack says, "I always thought is was VA-SHON too"

NewKid agrees, a toast to Vachon!

JohnConnor says, "It sure as hell doesn't rhyme with bacon."

GrimmSharlak toasts Vachon.

A__Ninny toasts Sly Dog while we're at it.

JFreebase Vachons toast.

NewKid exclaims, "To Vachon! The Ed Wood of AIF!"

JohnConnor says, "Poor Sly Dog."

JFreebase says, "Lets not start that."

OEJack says, "I have yet to play a Sly Dog game"

BBBen says, "Good analogy, NK."

NewKid asks, "Whre would Hollywood be without EdWood?"

JohnConnor asks, "Vachon or Glenda?"

Guest1 says, "Shouldn't someone start remarking about Rachel's Bad Day? It's been almost two days since someone bitched about it and I'm feeling withdrawal."

A__Ninny asks, "should I read all the nominees for best game, BBB?"

A__Ninny laughs at AB

BBBen says, "Read the next newsletter for more on the Sly Dog issue."

GrimmSharlak says, "There's MORE?""

BBBen says, "Go for it, AN."

markaedw says, "you can survive 'till then"

NewKid asks, "There is a "Sly Dog Issue?"

JFreebase says, "I hope it doesn't get personal."

JohnConnor says, "RBD has a good setup and good story- a fair amount going for it."

A__Ninny says, "ok"

GrimmSharlak says, "I'd almost say there's a "swissmilitant" issue but that would require me admitting that I paid attention to it all."

A__Ninny says, "5th place for best game goes to Mount Voluptuous"

JFreebase claps.

JohnConnor cheers MV!

NewKid scream hoorah!

GrimmSharlak claps

A__Ninny says, "4th place goes to Hell in Highwater"

JFreebase claps twice.

Guest1 claps politely

JohnConnor claps.

GrimmSharlak's hands are getting sore

Guest1 claps a little louder

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "from clapping!"

A__Ninny asks, "um, as an aside, does anyone have the entire ceremony still on their screens?"

BBBen asks, "Gee, I wonder who will win?"

JohnConnor says, "I think I do, AN."

Guest1 says, "GS: Sure..we believe you."

GrimmSharlak says, "Nope""

markaedw says, "nope"

BBBen says, "No."

A__Ninny says, "can you copy/paste it for me? I lost the beginning and this client only lets me grab one screen at a time anyway"

GrimmSharlak says, "Oh oh""

OEJack says, "I do but I'm not sure if I can paste from telnet"

Guest1 says, "Nope. Using the web client. It sucks, BTW"

JohnConnor says, "I've got it under control, AN."

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "It sure does!"

A__Ninny says, "thanks, JC."

A__Ninny wipes sweat off brow

JohnConnor will lead humanity to a new future.

A__Ninny carrying on

A__Ninny says, "3rd place for best game was earned by The Backlot"

JFreebase claps and THINKS about whistling, but decides against it.

OEJack says, "make sure to touch up all my comments so I seem more witty than I reall am JC"

GrimmSharlak laughs while applauding

JohnConnor says, "More witty than me? Not likely."

A__Ninny applauds The Backlot

NewKid asks, "JC: Sure but who else but your mom will allow humanity to FUCK SARAH'S TITS?"

Guest1 takes a polite bow

A__Ninny says, "The runner up for best game of the year..."

A__Ninny says, "goes to..."

JohnConnor says, "That is the last time you mention my momma's titties."

A__Ninny says, "British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions by Lucilla Frost"

BBBen says, "Take out the stuff about my ego."

JFreebase exclaims, "Just replace every line with "VACHON SUX ROFL LOLOL!!!11!"

JFreebase says, "Cheers."

Guest1 whistles and claps wildly.

A__Ninny spits on monitor again because of JF

GrimmSharlak wildly applauds Lucilla Frost

NewKid says, "JC: Just you wait."

A__Ninny cheers Lucilla!

JohnConnor snarfs on his cola again.

A__Ninny says, "and the best game of 2004:"

JFreebase says, "Snarfs, eh? Time for Thundercat AIF."

JohnConnor would play a Terminator game.

A__Ninny lights dim

A__Ninny a hush falls over the crowd

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Eeek! Dark!"

JFreebase is likely to be eaten by a Grue.

A__Ninny says, "(except for GS, who can't help but scream when it gets dark)"

A__Ninny exclaims, "Sam Shooter IV!"

A__Ninny exclaims, "WOOT!"

Guest1 laughs at JF

OEJack says, "you have GOT to be kidding me"

GrimmSharlak screams some more

JFreebase uncorks the Champaign.

JohnConnor applauds.

OEJack asks, "you mean I satyed up all night writing this concession speach for nothing?"

Guest1 shakes fist at OEJ, notices others looking and turns it into a polite wave

JohnConnor excalims, "Speech!"

BBBen says, "Talk to the voters, OEJ."

markaedw http://newsletter.aifcommunity.org/

GrimmSharlak asks, "How many Erins is that for OEJ this year?"

OEJack says, "wow, I am truly even more shocked than I was last year"

markaedw says, "there you go adam"

A__Ninny says, "seven erins this year."

GrimmSharlak gasps

NewKid says, "OEJ: That is NOT how to be humble"

A__Ninny says, "a sweep"

OEJack says, "I am undeserving slob"

JohnConnor rasies his glass.

JFreebase says, "Wow. The rest of us had better get off our asses and make some descent games, so AB and OEJ don't sweep next year."

JohnConnor excalims, "Here's to good games!"

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "To good games! And to OEJ!"

A__Ninny drinks to good games

NewKid exclaims, "OEJ: Come on! Let it out! YOu know you rocked the world this year! Say it: I'm king of the world, Ma!"

JFreebase drinks to just about anything.

A__Ninny anticipates a sweep by NewKid next year

OEJack says, "let me be serious for three seconds and say "Thanks everyone""

Guest1 raises his glass to OEJ and drinks to good games.

OEJack says, "ok, three seconds are over"

JFreebase exclaims, "Bring out the whores!"

NewKid says, "AN: Sweep?!?! COme on.... The spelling errors alone...."

GrimmSharlak says, "Thankyou for a great game, OEJ"

A__Ninny says, "I'm the friggin' spelling nazi."

A__Ninny giggles

NewKid says, "AN: Thank you."

OEJack says, "I'm doubtful I'll even have a game in the next one"

NewKid says, "AN: And I thought RAP was bad...."

GrimmSharlak hears the AIF community breathe a sigh of relief. Now we're in with a chance!

OEJack asks, "what's the deadline for the next run?"

BBBen says, "I must say, I thought British Fox would do a little better, but I don't think any of the winners were undeserving (apart from me)."

JFreebase says, "Next year."

Guest1 exclaims, "British Fox was a remarkably good game, esp. for a new author!"

A__Ninny says, "10/31/05 is the deadline"

OEJack says, "there should be a best new author award"

BBBen says, "The deadline is Novemberish this year."

A__Ninny says, "good idea, OEJ"

JFreebase says, "THere should be a "Best New Author" award. Unless there is, then good."

NewKid says, "A_Ninny, seriously, great work. We shoud all thank you and company for your hard work."

A__Ninny says, "oh ya. thanks."

JohnConnor toasts the organizer

JFreebase toasts to that.

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Yes, cheers to the organisers!"

OEJack says, "yeah thanks to all the people who did the work"

NewKid raises glass of Kiwi Plonk!

BBBen says, "You know, I was a new author this year and I got as many awards as she did (and more 2nd places)."

JFreebase toasts the three or four people that voted.

OEJack riases a bottle of good ol ROTGUT!

A__Ninny exclaims, "now lets trash this joint!"

BBBen pouts.

Guest1 says, "Yeah AN. You did a fantastic job. For once, I don't think anyone was thinking "We'll do better next year"

NewKid says, "SMASH TABLE"

A__Ninny rips down curtains!

GrimmSharlak smashes his chair


Guest1 throws glass into corner and turns over a table

GrimmSharlak tosses bottles of beer randomly

A__Ninny says, "glad to do it. It was fun, really. And I had a lot of help."

JFreebase says, "BLOODY NEWKID""

NewKid shits on.... oh wait. that's just nasty...

JohnConnor lights his guitar on fire.

BBBen says, "I've thanked A Ninny in my article this month."

A__Ninny says, "whew. you guys made this ceremony a lot of fun."

A__Ninny says, "I was actually a little nervous, especially about using the MUD"

NewKid says, "Cheers guys. The Hot Wife is waiting..."

JFreebase smells a Wumpus.

OEJack exclaims, "and nobody got banned!"

A__Ninny exclaims, "thanks Newkid!"

NewKid says, "OEJ: Yet..."

JohnConnor says, "I think the MUD was a good idea."

freeb says, "tis not too late to be baaanned"

BBBen says, "And thanks to the man who is with us in spirit: Vachon."

JFreebase says, "We should hold monthly meetings here. Or something."

JohnConnor excalims, "Mainstream acceptance, here we come!"

NewKid says, "Looking forwardto the trnscript...."

NewKid says, "Bye"

GrimmSharlak says, "I don't think enough things happen here in a month to warrant it"

NewKid goes home.

GrimmSharlak fears how he comes off in the transcript...

JFreebase asks, "So?"

BBBen says, "I think this worked. We can have it here nex year, no problem."

A__Ninny says, "yeah. I think so too."

JFreebase says, "Good."

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "I'll be here!"

GrimmSharlak says, "I just gotta get the time right, next time"

A__Ninny says, "alright. the emcee should give a witty closing remark"

JFreebase says, "I may have the damn game I'm working on finished by then."

Guest1 says, "This was a great idea. I'm glad I could make it."

BBBen says, "I was a little concerned, but it turned out fine."

OEJack says, "sorry I showed up naked"

freeb says, "that was nasty"

GrimmSharlak says, "This has inspired me to finally finish OM&M: Salvation"

A__Ninny says, "ha. i don't think I can top that."

GrimmSharlak plug plug

Guest1 refrains from pointing out to OEJ that no one noticed....or cared.

BBBen says, "Sorry I didn't bring a date, but I couldn't get one since I'm an AIF author."

A__Ninny says, "your emcee will shortly put on his pants and go upstairs to where his wife is probably already asleep."

A__Ninny laughs at BBBen

JFreebase says, "I've got to finish the John Hughs-esque coming of age story I'm working on."

JohnConnor says, "Make her call you OEJack."

GrimmSharlak asks, "Wait, put ON his pants? Is anyone here wearing pants?"

JohnConnor is wearing a tux.

OEJack says, "I've got one sock on"

freeb looks, shrugs

JFreebase says, "I"

GrimmSharlak says, "Huzzah for pants"

JFreebase is nekkid.

freeb wakes up and applauds madly

BBBen says, "I have to finish Crossworlds 4 and win the award for Debbie again."

freeb goes home.

A__Ninny asks, "johnconnor, can you e-mail me the transcript?"

A__Ninny faints at the thought of having to fix it up

JFreebase says, "So many projects, so little time."

JohnConnor feels overdressed.

Guest1 says, "Fellas...its been fun, but I really must go. See ya!""

OEJack says, "welp, it's past my bedtime, gotta get my fourteen hours of sleep"

A__Ninny says, "good night AB"

JohnConnor says, "Sure thing, Ninny."

GrimmSharlak says, "Goodnight guys"

OEJack says, "later everyone"

A__Ninny says, "thanks"

OEJack goes home.

JohnConnor toasts the winners and the guests.

JFreebase asks, "BBBen, was it you interested in Dating Sim style games?"

Guest1 goes home.

A__Ninny says, "thanks for coming everyone. great time was had."

A__Ninny exclaims, "gnight!"

A__Ninny goes home.

markaedw leaves the auditorium to the west.

GrimmSharlak exclaims, "Well, this room is emptying - time to hit the after party!"

GrimmSharlak leaves the auditorium to the west.

JohnConnor starts turning out the lights.

GrimmSharlak arrives from the west.

BBBen says, "I put up a thing about hentai games, if that's what you mean."

GrimmSharlak goes home.

JFreebase says, "have you checked out Ren'py? It's a dating sim engine."

BBBen says, "Never heard of it."

JFreebase says, "http://www.bishoujo.us/renpy/"

JFreebase says, "I was messing about; thinking of making a game in it a while back."

BBBen says, "I'll check it out."

JFreebase says, "Well, got to go."

JFreebase goes home.

JohnConnor says, "Nearly done."

JohnConnor says, "Cheers to you, BBBen."

BBBen goes home.

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