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Warning: Slight Adult Content. Minors should leave immediately.


This years rules for The Erins were posted on the AGX by Softiron on the 10th of October, 2003.


"Following is the format for the the 2003 Erins. Timberwulf, feel free to create the website and post this schedule if you have the time. EVERYONE, direct all questions, requests, to TheSecondErins@hotmail.com.



To start giving the Erins some fanfare and to give next year's writers some incentive, prizes will be awarded for this years Erins. Real prizes. Of course this assumes that winners are willing to give out their home addresses, and donators are willing to ship whatever prize they donate. I know prizes would seem to fit more with a competition than a yearly awards show, but I have some things cluttering my closets I want to get rid of :)

Prize donations can be anything, including money, games, ben wa balls, flavored condoms, etc. Please e-mail TheSecondErins@hotmail.com with any donations. After the prizes are awarded, I'll notify each donator of where to send their prize.


I am donating four prizes, all computer games:


MYST Trilogy--Sealed and never played

Ghost Recon--Sealed and never played

Pool of Radiance--Sealed and never played

NASCAR 2002--New, played once


Prizes will be awarded preferentially to those in the "Best Game" category. In other words, the winner of best game will be allowed to choose their prize and so on. Depending on the number of prizes, winners of other categories (such as "Best Sex") may be awarded.



October 15th--Cutoff day for games to be submitted for judging. If you submit a game to Orgun by the cutoff date and he hasn't posted it yet, e-mail me at TheSecondErins@hotmail.com and let me know. I'll bug Orgun to get it posted as quick as possible.


October 31st--Last day to request to be a judge. Last day to donate prizes. <Was Pushed Back>


November 1st thru 7th--I will be organizing the judges and categorizing the games with Timberwulf's assistance. Many categories will have all games eligible, but some have exhaustive lists, such as "One Night Stands" and "Best Orgy". The judges will be given a ballot of every possible selection for each category and the game associated with each nomination. <Was Pushed Back>


November 8th--Voting begins. Mail nominations to TheSecondErins@hotmail.com <Was Pushed Back>


November 26th--Tentative awards date, depending on the reliability/expediency of my voters and my personal schedule. I plan to have the awards show held in a chat room, and make for a fun evening. As this is Thanksgiving weekend, I may push it back a week if the following Sunday works better for more people. <Tenative in the first place, but Pushed Back for good measure>



Anyone who wants to judge will be allowed to, INCLUDING THOSE WHO HAVE GAMES ELIGIBLE (read below for an explanation). In the EXTREMELY UNEVENTFUL event that there is a tiebreaker, I will break the tie, as I will not be voting otherwise <In such an event, the game that loses this vote is named "Runner Up" and recieves an equal Erin banner to the winner>. E-mail me at TheSecondErins@hotmail.com if you want to judge. Please make EVERY EFFORT to play all of the games from the past year. Of course, if you found a game so horrible or buggy that you couldn't finish it, that's acceptable. Walkthroughs are available for most of the games so you can trudge through the ones you haven't had time to play fully yet.



Runoff voting will be implemented for this year's Erins, thus eliminating the need for two rounds of voting. Also, THOSE WITH GAMES IN THE COMPETITION WILL BE ALLOWED TO VOTE.


With runoff voting, judges make out their ballot preferentially. They vote for their favorite in the #1 slot. Their second favorite in the #2 slot. Their third favorite in the #3 slot, and so on. Let me show an example of five voters in the 2000 presidential election, if it had been done by runoff voting.


Voter 1 and Voter 2

1. George Bush

2. Al Gore

3. Ralph Nader


Voter 3 and Voter 4

1. Al Gore

2. George Bush

3. Ralph Nader


Voter 5

1. Ralph Nader

2. Al Gore

3. George Bush


As you can see, Bush and Gore each have two votes, while Nader has one. Nader is the worst vote-getter, so his name is dropped off the ballot. Voter 5 now is voting for his second choice, and that's Al Gore. Al Gore now has 3 first place votes to Bush's 2, and wins the election.


Runoff voting will ensure that people can vote for their favorite game in a particular category, but be rest assured that if their obscure vote doesn't win, their second or third choice still has a shot. Also, those with games for nomination can vote for their own games, but if their own game doesn't win, they'll still have a vote placed for another game. After all, the president of the United States still gets to vote for himself. I highly encourage authors to vote. The more judges we have, the more accurate the votes will reflect the opinions of the population. If Christopher Cole wants to vote his games #1, #2, #3, and #4 in every category (which, knowing Chris, I doubt he will), he won't have any more advantage than Vachon if he does the same thing."

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